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Author Topic: Nostradamus Of P2P ?  (Read 2379 times)

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Nostradamus Of P2P ?
« on: May 23, 2005, 12:44:38 pm »
I saw this old but interesting paper sponsored by microsoft.
It describes the futility of DRM and attacking p2p network infrastructure, I wish some Cartel folks would read it as it seems to be right in most of its predictions.  :)

People have always copied things. In the past, most items of value were physical objects.  Patent law and economies of scale meant that small scale copying of physical objects was usually uneconomic, and large-scale copying (if it infringed) was stoppable using policemen and courts.  Today, things of value are increasingly less tangible: often they are just bits and bytes or can be accurately represented as bits and bytes.  The widespread deployment of packet-switched networks and the huge advances in computers and codec-technologies has made it feasible (and indeed attractive) to deliver such digital works over the Internet.  This presents great opportunities and great challenges.  The opportunity is low-cost delivery of personalized, desirable high-quality content.  The challenge is that such content can be distributed illegally.  Copyright law governs the legality of copying and distribution of such valuable data, but copyright protection is increasingly strained in a world of programmable computers and high-speed networks.


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