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Author Topic: is there a fix?  (Read 1398 times)

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is there a fix?
« on: November 13, 2013, 06:17:17 pm »
   I have been using the service for years but in the last couple of years I have come across a very annoying problem; everytime I try to search for a particular file I get a load of other files not even remotely related to the search. Now I have nothing against other persuasions but when I do a search for say Monty Python I shouldn't have to wade through hundreds of other movie titles, songs, pics, and porn up the yazoo!
   Is there any fix to this? Is it a virus that someone infected winmx with? I am hoping for some sanity in searching. :help:

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Re: is there a fix?
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2013, 07:44:00 pm »
Hi Jagster57
For a while now the network has been suffering poisoning type attacks that are simply spoofed data injected into the network, this was only made possible because one of the former third party developers publicly released the data necessary to do this, that developer has since left the community but his mistake has left us in a semi-unprotected state , you can read about the situation here.

We have been working on a long term solution and have made a lot of progress but its meant having to build a clone client from scratch, we have released a beta for that client (OurMX) but its not yet ready to carry the whole network due to not being completely finished.

Heres some information about that.,12702.0.html

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