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New Gun In Town
« on: July 21, 2005, 10:12:49 am »
Looks like we might have a friend in court folks  :)
The new appointee has previously sat on one of the Cartels cases .

In its opinion, the panel dismissed arguments by the RIAA that P2P services are simply an extension of the central-server technology that was around when Congress approved the DMCA in 1998. The DMCA subpoena requires Internet service providers to turn over the identity without a judge's order. The panel rejected one of the RIAA's key arguments that the subpoenas were legal even if the P2P technology wasn't invented when the DMCA was approved.

"The RIAA argues that the definition of 'Internet' service provider (in the law is) applicable to an ISP regardless what function it performs with respect to infringing material -- transmitting it ... caching it ... hosting it ... or locating it," Judge Douglas Ginsburg wrote for the panel. "This argument borders upon the silly."

Hopefully we will see some fair and just rulings that demonstrate justice over big bucks in future perhaps ?

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