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Slow to RE-Connect
« on: August 14, 2005, 11:02:38 pm »
[XP Pro, Sygate (XP FW disabled), 56k, 3.54, MxMonitor, Peerguardian 2, Secondary connection, Incoming TCP on port 16699, In/Out UDP on port 16257]

Whilst first off connection is almost instantaneous (ie open connection, start Wmx and bang - connected), if the ISP connection FAILS Wmx is exceedingly slow to RE-connect, (ie auto redial, ISP hooks up, Wmx Connection Status Indicator blinks yellow for up to 3 mins, finally status goes green).

This began quite suddenly about 6 weeks ago. Prior to this there had been no problem (ie ISP drops connection, auto dial, ISP reconnects, bang Wmx hooks in - no delay). It seems to make no difference whether I hit Wmx's Refresh or Disconnect, or just let it sort its self out.

Except it IS faster to exit/restart Wmx as it will then instantly find a connection no problem. Which to me indicates a problem within Wmx rather than O/S, ISP, firewall etc. (But then if I knew all the answers I wouldn't be posting :)

Download speeds and other operations all remain good (in fact completed DLs have increased of late - see postscript).

I was running Wmx 3.35 when this problem first started, so I systematically tried each of the following:

Checked through set up steps as per website
Reinstalled Wmx 3.35 over existing 3.35
Turned off XP FW also did a reinstall of Sygate  
Clean installed Wmx on C: (Wmx previously on D: ) - and no thats not a smiley with a hat on)  
Formatted C Drive (coincidentally, not just for this), so reinstalled drivers & Apps
Upgraded to Wmx 3.54 beta
Upgraded Mozilla & tried Opera (though clash was unlikely).

Whilst looking for possible answers I found and installed MxMonitor & Peerguardian 2 - (as both of these were installed after the problem presumably they can be ignored).

Basically I'm stumped, normally a search of old posts will provide enough clues for me to stumble my way to a solution. But not this time...

So any suggestions either inspired or insane, all will be warmly welcome :)

PS. An obsevation on sharing: I have taken careful note - and when an UL kicks in my DL speed consistantly STAYS THE SAME!!! Plus I am enjoying greater success than ever since I trebled my shared files to 5.5 Gigs!!!


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Slow to RE-Connect
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2005, 01:55:21 pm »
its probably due to how long the connection is down for, winmx checks with the peer cache and gets a list of primary users

if it fails, then after a few tries it assumes something is wrong (correctly...) so rather than sit there hammering away trying to connect it waits a bit, then it tries again in a bit

clicking on the secondary option again should reset the timer so it'll reconnect faster (as if you were changing it to secondary mode, even though it is already in secondary mode)


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Slow to RE-Connect
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2005, 09:44:05 pm »
Thanks KM,
That's logical and I must say very well explained, definitely a good tip which could greatly reduce the downtime, I'll keep you posted. Unfortunately though I am not always present to carry this out, and my focus can be very much elsewhere 8|.

I have history with this App - been using Wmx since 2.mumble was released (ie it was a dear dear friend and brought me so many wonderful sounds. But the first YOUNGER more attractive version to happen by and that sucker was dumped in a New York minute. SO gone, SO forgotten. [OK I have a lamentable attitude to long term relationships with complex structured binary transformations]).

The point is there is a definitely a before and an after, the inevitable random loss of connection and time taken to re-connect with the ISP remain consistant, but previously Wmx could handle it, regardless of version. Now it is being petulant and needs to be coaxed to come back and play. Somewhere a click or a crunch became the point where Before became After.

We all know the subtle and infuriatingly complex interplay between combinations of Apps and settings, heck its like marriage but with a modicum of logic. I have done all I can think of to eliminate contributing factors (after formatting C: Wmx was run before anything other than basic Apps were reinstalled [Mozilla, Sygate, Avast]. Now I'm hoping someone has battled through this and can display a dazzlingly simple solution such as to make me think "Jeez now why couldn't I think of that".



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Slow to RE-Connect
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2005, 11:11:44 pm »
Took the opportunity to try Re-clicking secondary option - but sad to say it does not have the desired effect.

I would like to try a run without a firewall, but I'm just not brave enough. My understanding of ports is far from deep enough so I need to ask - how crutial are the port selections?
I had to change them from defaults to cure blanket timeouts (4 months ago) and have formed the impression that as I'm getting good speeds they can not be the problem...

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Slow to RE-Connect
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2005, 11:06:09 pm »
Okay, humm.....

Yea thats sad thats my first thought....but i do have a few suggestions, and they do not include turning off that fine firewall of yours.  I love Sygate and it loves WinMX so I dont see any need to be drastic yet.

The only thing you didnt mention is any adware and spyware removal programs you might be using.  Being an ex-56ker myself its very important that you run those on a regular basis.  
Spyware can  compete for the connection of WinMX, and cause delays.
I think you prolly already are running sumpin, but just incase. .we love Adaware and there are a few good spyware removers..I use both regularly.
Here are some if you dont have any already.
Utilities Links

Best to run those in safemode to get rid of nasties that might be competing for your connection.

Well unfortunately this concludes the great advice for now.. (subject to whether it works or not)..
Because you seem to have done almost everything that could fix this I suspect a change in your ISP connection.. what changes I cant speculate.
On  final note.. your ports shouldnt be an issue as you said your downloads and uploads are working well..

Let me know if you run those and it helps ya at all.. and I will keep thinking...


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Slow to RE-Connect
« Reply #5 on: August 21, 2005, 09:58:56 pm »
Cheers Me Here,
Yep you're right I am running AdAware & SpybotSD. They get a work out about twice a week or whenever there is event the slightest hint of sluggishness. Have never run them in safe mode before though (good thought), so I did so, but only after re-checking for updates on both. Result three caught, but they were so negligible that AdAware seemed almost embarrassed to mention them :)

Actually I don't know what that smillie was for because this means that the problem still exists...

Has anyone ever noticed that intense learning just breeds super intense problems?!?

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  • We came, We Saw, We definatly Kicked Ass!
Slow to RE-Connect
« Reply #6 on: August 22, 2005, 12:20:07 am »
onto plan...  :roll:  humm.. cant member which plan were onto now.. let's just call it plan 'S'...

Have you run a system file scan on that pc to make sure no system files have been damaged?

It's easy to do but if there are problems it will ask you for your operating disk to fix them.

Sometimes the problem can be caused by system file damage, to do a scan of your system files go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Command/Msdos prompt,  and enter 'sfc/scannow' ..

Give  that a shot, I'll be thinking of plan 'T' just incase....



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Slow to RE-Connect
« Reply #7 on: August 26, 2005, 12:43:15 am »
OK Me Here - Sorry about the delay to reply

Ran scannow but "The song remains the same..."

The re-connection delay seems to pretty consistant, I never manage to time it precisely but appears to be 3 mins each time.

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