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Loser 999

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Trouble with everything
« on: January 23, 2007, 03:57:46 pm »
 :( Hello I'm using Windows XP vs 2002 Service pack 2m, A d'link DL 784 router, All downloads time out - some can go longer at slow speeds than others but will slowly fade to time-out

 - all uploads time out. I've tried every possible combination of buttons & connections.   The problem has been getting worse slowly over two years - but has now become irritating. I time out - my connection seems to get disconnected the minute something is queued up or starts to download - if I can find it in the first place. (Only had the router 5 months)  I'm hot wired through it tho. Windows firewall allows WinMX - Norton allows WinMX.         

When I  use Limewire stuff comes in at hundresd of kb/s .  I don't like that program all I find in searches is porn or garbage so i prefer not to use it.

What have I got set so wrong. I also was tolld to re-route my router - that didn't work either. I think I have a dynamic server (whatever that is)?

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Re: Trouble with everything
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2007, 04:19:28 pm »
hi Loser 999,

Welcome to the site...
Im sorry to have to tell you this but all this configurations that your going to the trouble of I suspect wont help this issue.  Your Using Shaw Cable and they are throttling WinMX.  The reason your not seeing this with Limewire is they are not doing this to all p2p's just select ones, seems they know as well MX is best one..

I wish I had some great advice like changing ports or something to get around this but most companies that are doing this, Shaw included, are using software that picks up on and works based on WinMX Packets sent.  They usually lie to the customers if you call and ask unless your very presistant..

At this time the only way to fix this and use WinMX is to change ISPs, which for many is not possible.  They tend to like to do this in areas where there is no choice for service and can get away with it.  Here is a thread that has similar content, Rogers and Shaw I believe are owned together...,1044.0.html

 :( :(

Updated by Stevi 05/27/2011: Updated link.

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