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Author Topic: Media Defender screw up  (Read 3307 times)

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Re: Media Defender screw up
« Reply #20 on: October 12, 2007, 05:46:39 am »
Easier to just post the links but here's a snippet from one at this addi.  8)
Observe these keys to preparation for Fantastic Four (to Torrents).
Grab/rename movie files from the Leaks Server.
Use Public trackers as well as the MD tracker mentioned above.
Post to Fox sites as well as any other flood-friendly torrent site.
Burn decoy files to CD/DVD (to Torrents).
These copies will be distributed/transferred to voluntary Seeders.
Seed from home/various machines.
Send torrent links to Mark for tracking.

If that don't make you nervous you got ice in your veins, lol. No wonder these assholes are afraid of a jury! They're even burning the fakes to cd/dvd so that any file info makes it look like a real rip I suppose. Some of this stuff they're doing is so illegal I believe. Reckon they'll see any kind of legal action against them. In that snippet technically they admit to spamming a website.
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