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Author Topic: Anniversary Of Official Closure Of Winmx  (Read 4835 times)

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Anniversary Of Official Closure Of Winmx
« on: September 19, 2008, 02:19:34 am »
Yes folks its that time again when we take the time to remember those who did more than their bit to keep us all together as a thriving community.

Three years ago, 19th september 2005 the vital connection Peer Caches fell slent and ceased to allow anyone to connect to the network, this was totally unexpected and for most users a dramatic and terrifying jolt of reality check, the network was not as some believed fully decentralised, over a million users had discovered the hard way that the nework was overnight no more  :cry:

Many news sites covered the closure with large but fairly detail lacking stories that contained much speculation and little fact, there was after all little information to reveal as the Canadian president of Frontcode Technology (aka WinMX Technologies) had become a shadow and has to this day made no public comment on the closure or the threat he faced that caused him to close the network he had devoted many years of his time creating, for basically little reward.
It must have been a soul crushing decision, with over a million users relying on him alone, Kevin Hearn was pushed into a corner that left no room for manouvere.

The community was one of alternately mixed emotions following the suprise event, anger and despair took hold of many of the regular users, but for a hard core the desire to right the perceived "wrong" was strong and slowly they sought out each other to discuss technical solutions to the puzzle that had presented itself.
This they did and in a remarkably short space of time, with the best technical minds across at least 8 different countries the solution to the puzzle took a mere matter of days, 3 days in fact.

Most of you know the rest of the legend that forms the basis of the continued user operations and the subsequent unfortunate efforts by various groups to take the community in opposing directions, this 3rd year of user operation of the network heralds a major initiative to bring together the community once again.

I ask you to join me in saying once again our thanks to those who worked around the clock in keeping the WinMX community alive, not just the tech folks you all know but the lesser known folks, those who made posts and worked in spreading the message to the internet of keeping faith that a solution would be found, users who answered the same question thousands of times without complaint, and those few thousand who kept their WinMX connected at any cost to ensure there was something left of the network to connect to,  without the team work and support of literally thousands the breakthroughs and final solutions may not have been possible, without the faith of you all in each other we would not be the community we are today.

I salute you all this day for your help in keeping WinMX alive and our treasured community a place where people are treated as people and not as customers, this is the WinMX spirit and may it live on in our hearts and minds for many more years.


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Re: Anniversary Of Official Closure Of Winmx
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2008, 06:41:47 am »
Ah the beauty of nostalgia. Here is my story, like anyone cares.

I came to WinMX from another program. I do not remember why I changed over, but I remember that I only found WinMX by accident after leaving the other. Back in those days I did not share anything because I felt that I had nothing to offer (only files from the web that anyone could find and download faster than from me and MP3's that I had coded myself which I considered illegal to share, so I wasn't going to do it). I also would only join long enough to search and download a single small file or two and then leave, so I reasoned that being obligated to stay connected because someone was downloading from me was a bother. I was a dial-up user, so any activity was an obvious drain on my speed, and I wanted all of what little I had to myself.

Then, one time I was not able to connect to WinMX at all. This had happened before for short periods, so I just waited. Several waiting periods and attempts later I still couldn't connect. A few days had passed, so I did a search for answers. I came across an article that described WinMX and what had happened. This was followed by the encouragement that no sooner than WinMX had shut down, two patches had been created by different groups to get it up and running again, and here they are in this news article. I first tried one, then the other a month or so later after having to reinstall, then the first one again after joining this forum.

Today, three years later, I do not stay connected all of the time, but I do stay connected regularly for lengthy periods providing free-for-distribution files of several types, and maybe it is because people see that I am a dial-up user when they search but I discovered that allowing people to download from me was not nearly as bad as I expected. Some days no one downloads anything and other days it is as if a group of people are all looking for the same file.

The point of this long and boring story is that I am grateful for all of the hard work that was put into bringing back WinMX and keeping it going, even improving upon it in a way over time so that we can continue to share files freely as was originally intended by the creators of the program itself. Also, if someone on my slow speed can share without feeling restricted, anyone can.

So anyone reading this, get sharing!
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Re: Anniversary Of Official Closure Of Winmx
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2008, 04:33:29 pm »
my story? heh... since this seems to be a thread of such...

after trying the bloated kazaa and hating every minute of it i sought out a P2P client that would be lite on its feet compared to everything else... and winmx fit the bill... running -very- smoothly on my then windows98 machine with 48mb of ram (72pin no less) and 133mhz pentium (first gen)... dont remember what version i started out with but i remember updating at least twice (being informed by the status bar) then downloading the beta manually (it didnt have an installer... had to install the last stable then drop in the new winmx.exe from a zip file).... i used to and still do let it run 24/7 (or back then as long as win98 would run) and all of a sudden after a reboot i didnt have a MX connection anymore... get my winmx working again... well.. every one knows that story.... what they dont know is i never used the 'chat' function till -after- the shutdown.... "hey! there are some cool ppl out there!"

long story short? ive still got my 'lite' (which is very 'lite' on newer hardware) P2P app that still finds nearly everything i want... and now ive got a forum of folk to thank for it and of course a new bunch to chat with.... dunno if the shutdown was a curse or a blessing....

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Re: Anniversary Of Official Closure Of Winmx
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2008, 10:15:50 pm »
I'm loving the stories folks...

More more more...

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Re: Anniversary Of Official Closure Of Winmx
« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2008, 10:46:05 pm »
Hopefully things will stabilize now. Can't wait to try out the new patch...
damn proxies.. :(

Cheers :P
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Re: Anniversary Of Official Closure Of Winmx
« Reply #5 on: September 20, 2008, 02:10:17 am »
Happy Anniversary. I remember that day so well. All I could think of was "What about all the chatroom people? They have LIVES there. Friends. Woah."

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Re: Anniversary Of Official Closure Of Winmx
« Reply #6 on: September 20, 2008, 06:24:37 am »
well it's not much of a story really since i had only just installed WinMx on a friends laptop comp running xp a few days before the shutdown.  i never could get the winmx group site to load on my old win 98 comp and at the time i didn't know about winmxworld.  it was about a week after the shutdown that i found this site and tried many of the suggestions to get WinMx up and running again but nothing worked.  finally after uninstalling and getting a new coppie of the program, and unistalling again this time cleaning the registry as well then rebooting then reinstalling i finally got it up and running again.  It was another 2 years after that before i started going into the chat rooms and now i host a couple, times have really changed.

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Re: Anniversary Of Official Closure Of Winmx
« Reply #7 on: September 20, 2008, 11:20:42 am »
I remember being away on the actual day.
When I came home in the evening I couldn't connect but could still get to the chatroom I was - and still am - hosting.
In there my roomies told me about the shutdown and we were all very worried about what would happen to our group of friends.
Till then I hadn't been involved in the winmx community although I knew about this and other sites.
I started hanging around in the major chatrooms to find out if there were any news.
After correcting a german translation on this site I got roped in to help out with stuff here and now I'm quite involved in things as most of you may know  :)
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