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WinMx World News / Swedish Police Pounce On Pirate Bay Domain Names
« Last post by GhostShip on January 01, 2018, 02:48:34 pm »
Yet another twist in the never ending saga of the pirate bay  :ugly:

Police in Sweden have filed a formal request with domain registrar Binero to take ownership of two Pirate Bay-related domains. The move follows a decision from the Supreme Court which determined that domain names constitute property that can be seized by the Swedish state.

“The Supreme Court declares that the right to domain names constitutes property that may be forfeited as the Court of Appeal previously found,” its judgment reads.

Since the decision was handed down, things have been moving quickly. Kjetil Jensen of Online Group, the parent company of domain registry Binero, informs TorrentFreak that the police have already moved to take over the domains in question.

“Today Binero,, (registrar for and received an executive request from Swedish Police to take over ownership of the domain names and because the Swedish Supreme Court now allows the domain names to be seized,” Jensen says.

“The WHOIS of the domain names shows that the domain names no longer have any active name servers and the next step in this process is that the Police will take over the ownership of the domain names.”

Whilst this is the end of the bog standard pirate bay domain name the site will live on through its more than numerous clones, variants and TOR versions, the bigger the hammer the more the spread of the underlying material, how very apt.

(.org Anyone  :whistle:)
WinMX Lyte / Re: Happy...
« Last post by GhostShip on January 01, 2018, 12:26:08 pm »
Having access to all ths stats across the years I can state that whilst theres few characters posting new materials the old stuff is still providing help and assistance to users , lets be fair theres not too much new material required to use WinMX  although I have a few new ideas for this year to keep the wheels turning albeit slowly, what is missing is staff/volunteers to help forment ideas new avenues of travel and encourage users in how best to enjoy the freedom we enjoy on this network, that really is the hidden gold that sustains our interest.

I will be making more time available to the forum this new year to upgrade and update materials across the range and will be happy as always to add anything folks require that can be of assistance, as most of you know my real time work and other things have been consuming nearly all of the free time I normally devote to here but that cant continue forever so its only fair the priority order changes for this new year, lets get back to having some fun and worthwhile discussion  :)

Happy new year to you Stripes and as always a happy new year to the rest of you that visit here, your patronage is always a source of joy, and before I forget the most important folks of all a big happy new years greetings goe to all those whom operate the peer caches and other infrastructure, thank you again for your continued and necessary commitment to the community  :-D :-D :-D
WinMX Lyte / Re: Happy...
« Last post by White Stripes on January 01, 2018, 08:09:42 am »
happy 2018 unused forum..
94 Strategic Directions / Re: OURMX "The New Client"
« Last post by GhostShip on December 22, 2017, 06:50:23 am »
Merry Xmas to you N1775L  :D

Our reduced network user count has had an impact on the quantity of users left and able to deliver the development in a reasonable amount of time, i was previously able to spend a lot of time on in but due to real life work commitments its pretty much at a snails pace and often held up due to there being no one to run tests against, normally one of the testers will run the mx sniffer and collect a dump of the traffic to allow for bugs and improvements to be made but with no one to undertake even that basic role it puts the brakes on some important areas of what is trying to be acheived, we have more than the bare bones in the bank thats for sure but we need folks to band together as has always been the case on mx and make the magic happen with teamwork, until others get involved in the project in any way they can we are most certainly not going to be on the fasttrack for some time and thats pretty disappointing for me knowing we could acheive so much and have done in the past given a few willing hands to carry the hopes of the community forward, all that aside work will continue to be undertaken even if its simply to please myself.

95 Strategic Directions / Re: OURMX "The New Client"
« Last post by N1755L on December 21, 2017, 01:28:58 am »
Pri's strategy was probably, initially, to get you pissed at WinMX users...

Sorry Pri, I meant Rossi, but since I couldn't find any way to edit my post, I'm having to post the correction here.

So... Rossi's strategy was probably, initially, to get you pissed at WinMX users... see previous post.
96 Strategic Directions / Re: OURMX "The New Client"
« Last post by N1755L on December 21, 2017, 01:05:16 am »
Pri's strategy was probably, initially, to get you pissed at WinMX users for being such ignoramuses, but due a deficit of cerebrum, he pursued his ill-thought tactic to excess, revealing his trolling ways.

Most of us appreciate the developers' efforts and understand that the workload is substantial while thankless, the pay is abhorrent, the effort required is great, and the journey is lonely.

I hadn't used WinMX in years (since it had fallen apart nearly a decade ago... or has it been a decade already?), and just recently thought to look for it to see if it were still alive. 

To the WinMX developers, Thank You for all that you are doing for our benefit.  We await patiently, and if it ultimately proves to be too great a burden to overcome, while we will be disappointed, we will understand.
Nice To Meet You! / Re: Hello from an OLD user
« Last post by GhostShip on December 13, 2017, 06:29:11 pm »
Hi Birchy65,  you will need to include a third party file to connect to the new independent peer cache network, the file is called the community patch and you can get it with the newest copy of WinMx from the following location:

The nework is smaller following some major anti p2p attacks but its now normal service and many of the old faces are still here enjoying themselves, welcome back  :)

Nice To Meet You! / Hello from an OLD user
« Last post by Birchy65 on December 13, 2017, 12:55:00 pm »
Hi there
I used WinMX for a number of years until around 2006 so it's been a while since I was on there.
Either I've forgotten how to install the program or something has changed because it used to load up and log in straight away, now I find it sitting there "connecting" all the time. There used to be 1000's of chat rooms on it when I was last it worth me keeping trying or is it a dead duck now??

WinMX Lyte / Re: Happy December!
« Last post by nylly444 on December 03, 2017, 03:31:25 am »
well then....

* nylly444 digs out the snow and points to top of page...

...Happy December!
WinMX Lyte / Happy December!
« Last post by White Stripes on December 02, 2017, 05:40:47 am »
Happy December folks!  .... now where is my snow?
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