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WinMx World News / Re: Alexa ... - What Music Drivers Ask To Hear In Their Cars
« Last post by Pri on October 13, 2018, 04:40:41 pm »
I found the same problem with streaming in general. I tried Apple Music for a while (since it was free for the first three months) and I found it really hard to discover new music. It kept suggesting music I already owned, the lack of unique curation and discovery really turned me off the service. Spotify is a bit better but I found it's really easy to mess up your recommendations.

For example, I had a sick kid and I played a lot of chilled out ambient music like rainfall for her while she tried to sleep through a fever. Now all my recommendations are that stuff and it just wont fix itself. Very frustrating.
WinMX Lyte / Happy Spooktober
« Last post by White Stripes on October 11, 2018, 05:51:41 am »
Happy Spooktober Everyone!

WinMx World News / Alexa ... - What Music Drivers Ask To Hear In Their Cars
« Last post by GhostShip on October 06, 2018, 01:57:13 pm »
This is an in depth and interesting article from the BBC, well deserving of a read  :)
A closer look at Alexa's most-popular albums reveals behaviour that may concern the music industry.
When people use voice commands to stream music, they consistently ask for songs they already know, with new artists largely frozen out of the picture.

The Alexa chart highlights a known problem with voice-activated listening - that there's a significant barrier to discovering new music.

"If you're looking at Spotify on your phone or your computer a lot of stuff is presented to you, so you might go, 'Oh, so-and-so's got a new album out, I'll give that a go'" says Mark Sutherland, editor of Music Week.
"But if all the decision-making is put upon you, and you have to tell Alexa what to choose, then inevitably you're likely to go for tried-and-trusted, more familiar music."

About 5 million UK adults now have a smart speaker at home, according to Ipsos Mori; while research from the US says that 90% of owners use the devices listen to music at least once a week, and they are poised to overtake mobile phones as the most common way of accessing their favourite songs.

I think this report highlights the issues I often rant about in regard to copyright extremism, if folks dont get any new musical "flavour" to wet their musical taste buds (using youtube, p2p or whatever method to check out tracks), then they default to the older and more popular tunes that require little effort to remember, when this happens tracks can  then hit the "over exposure" barrier and the music becomes so saturated folks dont buy it simply because you can hear it all the time just about anywhere and it ceases to have the same emotional impact, both situations are a lose-lose for the recording industry in terms of future sales and as always its the folks who enjoy music that search out new material on readily available platforms be they legal or illicit, those same searchers have always been proven to be the most prolific purchasers of recorded music.

In the end it seems where folks initially hear any respective music track is of minor importance, ensuring they hear a track and providing an opportunity to hear both more and newer material and allow folks to purchase that material at reasonable prices is the real key to continuous growth in the music market place, being greedy and simply offering digital downloads that cost more per track than purchasing the equivalent CD is simply ripping off those whom try to "do things the right way", digital downloads have no resale value unlike the CD, this should alert customers to the scale of the rip off.

I hope someone in the recording industry gets the message, being short sighted and greedy will simply cut into your profits.
WinMx World News / Ex-Nafta Now USMCA (In US) A Source Of RIAA Annoyance
« Last post by GhostShip on October 06, 2018, 12:29:21 pm »
This sounds like good news  :-D

RIAA Comment On New USMCA Trade Agreement

“Unfortunately, the agreement’s proposed text does not advance adequate modern copyright protections for American creators. Instead, the proposal enshrines regulatory twenty-year-old ‘safe harbor’ provisions that do not comport with today’s digital reality. These provisions enrich platforms that abuse outdated liability protections at the expense of American creators and the U.S. music community, which provides real jobs and is one of our nation’s biggest cultural assets.

“Modern trade treaties should advance the policy priority of encouraging more accountability on public platforms, not less.  We are hopeful that the Administration and Congress will redouble their efforts to further this priority going forward, which is front and center in the national dialogue today.  We look forward to working with both USTR and Congress to ensure that this text serves not as a precedent but a launching pad for future negotiations toward a framework that works for everyone in the digital marketplace, including creators.”

It seems a good thing when the RIAA dislikes a trade agreement of any sort, it usually means consumers will get a great deal without having to pay multiple times for the same content, a constant wet dream of such copyright zealots as the RIAA, MPAA & their global affiliates.

Most consumers purchase music or movies that they enjoy, the profits created by hollywood and the recording industries globally demonstrate this simple rule and yet vast profits seem to mean nothing when further booty can be seen to be had simply for the political asking (or more commonly bribing "persuading" with free holidays, gifts for "consultations" or simple campaitgn contributions as well as the usual threats to relocate plant and employment out of non compliant areas), this is the stock in trade of the copyright zealot and they take no prisoners, neither should the public.

We all enjoy youtube and such offerings not simply to watch adverts btw but to explore for new images, learning, meaningful sounds and creative events.

What bit about folks not buying music they havent heard of do such organisations not understand ?
15 Strategic Directions / Re: OURMX "The New Client"
« Last post by GhostShip on October 02, 2018, 05:31:19 am »
I share your sentiments regarding the latest offering as while it does offer some path ahead its not really in the style of what we have become used to, in some areas its a retrograde step even, if that changes we can all look at it again but for now my money and time is still on the WPN,

I'm sorry to hear of your bereavement MinersLantern, when you have lived with another person for a long time it really does feel like the world has become a foreign place without them  :(

16 Strategic Directions / Re: OURMX "The New Client"
« Last post by MinersLantern on October 02, 2018, 03:35:31 am »
I tried tixady or whatever you want to call it. Not impressed. Old original unimproved WinMx is still ahead.

17 Strategic Directions / Re: OURMX "The New Client"
« Last post by MinersLantern on October 02, 2018, 03:25:08 am »
maybe something like a tunneling protocol. Im no expert in networking traffic, but it would seem to be possible.
18 Strategic Directions / Re: OURMX "The New Client"
« Last post by MinersLantern on October 02, 2018, 03:21:35 am »
I went thru a hard time in real life, so I dont talk much anymore.
Lost my other from cancer.
But I would think that forget the 2 gig limit. I have infinity gig limit. Do partials and reassemble them. It takes all of a fraction of a second.
Does everyone need super huge files at 4k? No. Most files that exist are nowhere near that limit. A long time trader and room host.
On slow assed, overpriced DSL over the phone line just to keep ports open.
I found a better, cheaper faster internet, even out here in hillbilly land rural, where there is little choice on internet service.
using cell access, via a hotspot. It works nicely even on the real computer network.
$100/month Vs. $30/month. old style DSL has a top speed of 1.5 gig (bits) per second.
New way has more like 7 gig bytes/sec.
After this last storm, my real DSL speed is under a half of what dialup is.  lol
Its been slowing down more and more thru the years.
I have decided to drop the real internet and the landline phone and go over to cell signals instead.
Cheap and ungodly fast. Storms hit, doesnt matter. It stays connected and at full speed.
One tiny little issue is that ATT has figured out a demonic way to stop any idea of opening ports to the outside.
It would be nice to host my silly little room, but not nice enough for me to pay all that money, just to have horrifiaclly slow service.
Cant the system be altered just enough to fake a primary? Pretty much make that not relevent?
WinMx when its working just fine like now, requires a lot of setup to get things done. If a way could be found to effectively open ports to the outside by whatever method, as long as its free and point/click simple would be nice.
I imagine such a thing would also change the WPN to the point where attacks by the former method become impossible.
Just saying. People can bitch and complain or whatever as they wish. Im used to that now. After my loss, go bounce bullets off kevlar.
WinMx World News / WinMX Independence Anniversary - Happy 13th Year
« Last post by GhostShip on September 23, 2018, 08:10:08 pm »
As always another year of network operation has passed successfully, this makes it a full 13 years since the network was restored by the users for their own independent use following the disasterous and unexpected shutdown of WinMX Technologies (aka Frontcode Technologies) during 2005.

I personally have seen many thousands of folks arrive, leave and often return to speak to old friends over the years, I'm sure many of you have the exact same experience, especially the room hosts or their admins and mods whom are often the most busiest folks of all dishing out help and advice and going the extra mile to act as goodwill ambassadors not just for their room but for the network in general.

We have seen a stabilisation of the number of rooms during the last few years and thats all down to folks holding firm during darker times, thankfully we are looking to the future from a better relative position for the year ahead and with the cessation of any stupidity we can perhaps reach the 14th anniversary without any further mention of such things,  there are currently no emergencies, no attacks and only minor aspects of  third party data mining bots to focus our attention on, this is of course beneficial for the open source project but on the other side of the coin we could do with some more help on the site here to bring some topics, tutorials and  tools up to date to ensure we remain a place for folks to check when something is required, this of course benefits the entire community and allows all of us to show off our knowledge and share it with others, that sharing is another key ingredient in the p2p glue that holds this network together so lets all be proud that we have maintained the network by simply being part of it and keeping a friendly greeting ready for new faces as well as keeping the faith during the many years we saw so many folks dissappear from our ranks due to network disruption, if you have been using WinMX  since the client was simply for the opennap network then you have been here longer than myself  and I salute you  :-D

We at WinMxWorld are still committed to the support of the WPN and activities that support that aim for the coming year and look forward to finalising new materials and pages of content for you, if you are impatient and want something done a tad faster drop us a line and we will see if we can jump the matter or topic to the front of the que, thats our commitment for the year ahead folks, your commitment remains as always down to you  however we look forward to posts, feedback and any help or news that you want to share with the rest of the networks users, this is after all a forum and not a blog.

On a more solemn note, each year a few of our number pass on and leave a gap thats hard to fill and in such times the best thing we can do is to chat about the person and share a few tales of their exploits and fun sayings, death is something we will all have to deal with in our lifetimes and I am sure being remebered with a smile for some quirky chat room behaviour beats a wall of depressing silence, our friends only really disappear when we forget them.

Our thanks go out once again to the site staff and the network support team whom silently keep the peer caches operating without fanfare & also the folks whom take the time to share their time and knowledge for the benefit of us all, thank you also forum visitor for being here with us to celebrate another milestone.

Take care folks and enjoy another year of fun 8) 8) 8)
WinMX Client / Re: The original WinMx developer is building a New Network
« Last post by GhostShip on September 21, 2018, 09:24:52 pm »
As we are on the topic and I know folks enjoy some trivia it may be that KH is simply directing the work as I remember an ad "tixati" placed for a coder a while ago, this corresponds to some data I was able to extract from the program itself that has another name embedded in it. I'll leave it to you good folks to find that out for yourself  :P
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