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WinMx World News / Spotify Share Offering - Sink Or Swim Time
« Last post by GhostShip on April 03, 2018, 05:16:06 am »
This will be interesting..

Shares in the music streaming firm Spotify will be publicly traded for the first time later on Tuesday when the firm debuts on the New York market. The flotation marks a turning point for the firm, that, after 12 years, has not yet made a profit.

Spotify's listing, which could value it at $20bn (£14bn), is unconventional: it is not issuing any new shares.
Instead, shares held by the firm's private investors will be made available.

One of the thorniest issues for Spotify in the past has been a backlash from artists who say only the biggest stars make enough income from the streaming subscription model.

"At the moment it's all about record labels. Spotify doesn't have a place for artists," says Mark Mulligan.
"The bigger bolder things post [the share listing] will be doing something very clear for artists."

He thinks in time Spotify could start offering places for artists to build their own creative spaces and profile pages - so that there are ways to bypass the record labels and go straight to Spotify to reach fans.

As some of you know many of the actual shares are held by  the recording industry so this is in effect a way for them to pay themselves a dividend and increase the value of the stock they retain.
As the article mentions Spotify is simply set up to serve the recording industry and actual artists dont figure anywhere in the business model, this I feel is a direct consequence of the ownership of the business and hopefully will change one some of the shares are no longer held by the monopolists, I dont see any reason however to buy such shares given that other platforms with deeper pockets are waiting in the wings to see the dust settle before making their own moves into the streaming-for-cash marketplace.
WinMX Lyte / Re: Happy Easter
« Last post by Pri on April 01, 2018, 08:10:00 pm »
Happy easter :)
WinMX Lyte / Happy Easter
« Last post by White Stripes on April 01, 2018, 04:15:36 am »
WinMx World News / Re: Hacked Spotify App Users Being Tracked By Spotify
« Last post by Pri on March 31, 2018, 10:53:54 pm »
I've found using the web player with uBlock installed works just as well as the subscription plan.  You can even hide the tab and use the desktop client to control the playback too.

I'm guilty of doing this :P
WinMx World News / Re: Hacked Spotify App Users Being Tracked By Spotify
« Last post by Will on March 30, 2018, 12:39:08 am »
I've found using the web player with uBlock installed works just as well as the subscription plan.  You can even hide the tab and use the desktop client to control the playback too.
WinMX Adventures / New channel on the network for SciFi fans
« Last post by Pri on March 27, 2018, 02:23:14 am »
I'm not really sure where to post this, I was thinking the channel hosts subforum but I think only us who host rooms can see that section so I thought I'd post it here instead.

My friend SpotofBorg has opened a new channel called "The SciFi Channel" address: The SciFi Channel_C82C09B00FA4

The topic is: For all your SciFi needs, TV Shows, Movies, Books and More!

I'm sure we have a lot of SciFi fans on here. The channel is being hosted from a dedicated server with a static IP Address and I'd like to welcome everyone who enjoys SciFi to partake. Usually I wouldn't make a post for a new room opening but I thought y'all would welcome some positive WinMX news, new room opening with some good features.

The room does have a few servers inside taking requests and the hope is to have a new channel with conversation about current SciFi being released, it seems we're having a resurgence of the genre of late.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you there!  :nerd:
An interesting statistic.

MUSO, the global authority on digital piracy, reports that global piracy rose by 1.6 percent over the course of 2017, identifying 300.2 billion visits to piracy websites across music, TV and film, publishing, and software.

“There is a belief that the rise in popularity of on-demand services – such as Netflix and Spotify – have solved piracy, but that theory simply doesn’t stack up. Our data suggests that piracy is more popular than ever,” said Andy Chatterley, co-founder and CEO, MUSO. “With the data showing us that 53 per cent of all piracy happens on unlicensed streaming platforms, it has become clear that streaming is the most popular way for consumers to access content, whether it be via legitimate channels, or illegitimate ones.

Much of the data shows that mobile phone based apps are the new threat to the old style business models with folks consuming content on their hand held devices in ever increasing numbers, I am always suprised however that folks actually watch content using the same method.
WinMx World News / Hacked Spotify App Users Being Tracked By Spotify
« Last post by GhostShip on March 24, 2018, 06:57:43 am »
Revenue protection again  :gum:
People who access Spotify using hacked apps that remove some of the restrictions placed on free accounts are receiving warning emails from the company. Noting that "abnormal activity" has been observed from the user's software, Spotify warns that future breaches could result in suspension or even termination of a user's account.

How many people use these hacked versions of Spotify isn’t clear and up to now, it’s been somewhat of a mystery as to why Spotify itself hasn’t done something about them. During the past few days, however, there have been signs that a crackdown could be on the way.

The writing is on the wall it seems for this particular method of obtaining aural enjoyment.
This is worth a read.

For the past few years, there's been a dedicated effort by some to get mandatory filters into EU copyright rules, despite the fact that this would destroy smaller websites, wouldn't work very well, and would create all sorts of other consequences the EU doesn't want, including suppression of free speech.

One of the many problems with this is that the people who demand these things tend to have little to no understanding of how the internet actually works. They get upset about finding some small amount of infringing content on a large internet platform (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) and demand mandatory filtering. Of course, both YouTube and Facebook already have expensive filters. But this impacts every other site as well -- sites that cannot afford such filtering.

I suspect the answer to my question posed above is that this agenda is being pushed by the same old folks taking "donations", "gifts" and other incentives to act in an anti democratic way, theses people shy away from open scrutiny of their plans and are likely to make backroom deals that serve no one except those whom make their revenues from operating monopolies or cartels akin to a mafia, is this what we expect from EU commisioners ?

This is the face of the effort to attack our open internet in the EU zone, keep your eyes on him  :alien:

As with most things in our universe for each force in a specific direction there is an opposite force

We can rest easy for a bit I feel but what about when retirement looms for such gladiators,do we have to face poorly thought out legislation every few years simply because bureacracy is more important to the EU that the privacy and well being of the massed public whom they claim to represent ?

WinMx World News / Re: Disconcerting Issue With New Network
« Last post by wonderer on March 19, 2018, 05:35:57 pm »
there are still some rooms with more than a few members and I have been down for a few hours due to a needed modem reset, to factory status was needed according to the technician, anyway I was almost immediate pointed at the fact my room was down :)
digging through code and deep into memory to open proper ports again.
Also, the far east part of the winmx network seems to be rather busy but no new developments there
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