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WinMx World News / Re: On This Day Back in 2005 ...
« Last post by GhostShip on September 24, 2017, 09:01:56 am »
If only we had some geniuses whom could port the ourmx src to other platforms ... one can but dream eh  :tired:
Audio Help / Re: cheap mp3 players
« Last post by GhostShip on September 24, 2017, 09:00:05 am »
You rotter Stripes  :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was just following your instructions mentally and read the last few lines, I believe the short text for this is to remind folks that there other formats available and that they should give them a try before settling on MP3..
WinMx World News / Re: On This Day Back in 2005 ...
« Last post by White Stripes on September 24, 2017, 05:50:30 am »
it was more of a joke on microsoft than anything... i dont know any win10 users either... every time they belch out an update it breaks something so the only win10 thats usable is win10 enterprise.... and i really dont want to know what that version costs...
Audio Help / cheap mp3 players
« Last post by White Stripes on September 24, 2017, 05:46:51 am »
do you have one of those cheap mp3 players? you know the kind.. they have around 1 to 4gigs of flash.. cost about 10$ at most... use either a single AAA cell or have a tiny lithium-ion that gets around 5hrs of play time.. and you mostly use it in your car... or at the gym...

this will be much more handy to those with the 1gig units than the 4 but every little byte counts...

mp3 has severe aliasing problems with any frequency above around 16khz .. the same cutoff point that the FM radio broadcasts to you... so in encoding it very much 'muffles' those sounds and completely does away with the highest frequencies... with a high-end hi-fi you'll notice.. in a car? not so much... after all the radio stations are getting away with this trick ;)

ok so whats the point? to save data and cram more music on that cheap little player in a way that sounds not half bad...

specifically we feed this to the 'lame' mp3 encoder;  lame -h -V 5  --resample 32000 --lowpass -1 input.wav output.mp3

what? ok heres the breakdown.... '-h' is for high quality... you should add this to any encoding.... '-V 5' is the variable bitrate range of around 96 to 112kbit we can get away with since we are cutting the frequencies above 16khz with '--resample 32000' and since we are cutting those frequencies the lowpass filter can be disabled with '--lowpass -1'

the lowpass filter being disabled gives better quality highs on a 32khz file compared to the 44khz file where disabling the filter presents aliasing effects even into 320kbps ... variable bitrate saves data overall allowing more music to be crammed into the player... in my own experimenting i saved around 900kb to 1mb per 4mins of music encoded... and this does add up... given the bonus that the music sounds better its win win overall...

why did i write this? well.. i was really bored... and tinkering with the lame encoder trying to rid it of both filtering and aliasing... this was the only way i found to do that and stay in the mp3 iso spec.. just so happens it saves quite a bit of disk space in the process.. so those really old 'thumb drive' mp3 players still have a use...

oh... and as for a 44khz file without aliasing... well... that would be;

lame -h --freeformat -b 640 -m d --lowpass -1 input.wav output.mp3

sounds perfect... but takes up about half the space of the flac file i encoded it from and doesnt work in all decoders... actually doesnt work in most decoders... and yes, thats 320kbit per channel... same as a mono 320kbit... ..its just wasteful and something mp3 cant really do... ..tho if you try this and find that your mp3-only portable player can actually decode it then.. well.. enjoy :P
WinMx World News / Re: On This Day Back in 2005 ...
« Last post by GhostShip on September 24, 2017, 02:36:55 am »
I dont share "the end of the world is coming" viewpoint as regards the so called updates that in many cases weaken the security of folks operating systems, where any programs of Joshes fit into such a weighty topic is far beyond my comprehension given the fact that if theres no winmx then it too is redundant for its designed application.

I prefer to deal with the here and now rather than talk down what we have, things work and as long as they do theres nothing to get worried about, all the talk about the sky falling in on this or that date is pretty much a self fulfilling prophecy as it encourages folks to jump ship when things in fact still work as they always did and likely always will, when something really does break down its also likely that a fix will appear as it always has done in the past, folks may be lazy but they soon hop to work when they want things to stay running from my experience.

As an aside I dont know of a single win10 user, perhaps its just as well given how poorly thought out and unstable the builds are, this must be the case as they keep changing them  :P
WinMx World News / Re: On This Day Back in 2005 ...
« Last post by White Stripes on September 24, 2017, 01:20:37 am »
it was ment for 95 or it would support 4gig file transfers vs 2gig... and had there been a mac version as well as the windows one the windows one would be the only one that still worked... the poor folks that bought into mac... depending on when they bought into mac... have been through 3 cpu architectures now... 4 if you count the 24bit bugs when jumping from 68000 to 68020+ ... so.. yeah.. m68k to ppc to intel32/amd64 and supposedly apple is thinking of jumping from amd64 to arm... but thats rumor mill only afaik...

win10 does arm too but thats for embedded systems with the RT and .NET runtimes.. win32 is there... i think...  its just an arm version of win32 for some odd reason... ...interestingly while winmx wouldnt run on that version joshes channel rejoiner would :P

its just my gut thinks the longer win10 exists the less likely win32 is to stick around as users and devs migrate to RT/.NET apps on the windows 10 platform...

i say this cos vista died april of 2017... win 7 dies january 2020 and windows 8.1 dies january 2023... ...well 'dies' may be a bit extreme since they will still run but they wont be getting any security updates past that point... leaves only win10 and its updates... sorta like mac going from mac classic to OSX...
WinMx World News / Re: On This Day Back in 2005 ...
« Last post by GhostShip on September 23, 2017, 07:55:28 am »
WinMx was designed to run on Win98 and has had a great run as far as I'm concened, doubtless something will change in the future to annoy older software users but the number of folks using windows 10 is the real relevance here, most windows users dont subscribe to the apple dictatorship model and are able to use their O/S of choice, be that on a real machine or a virtual one.

WinMx World News / Re: On This Day Back in 2005 ...
« Last post by White Stripes on September 22, 2017, 11:17:48 pm »
...interesting to note one cant run windows 3.1 era software on 64bit windows... i wonder how many revisions of windows 10 will pass us by before windows 95 era software no longer runs...
WinMx World News / On This Day Back in 2005 ...
« Last post by GhostShip on September 18, 2017, 11:35:11 pm »
Yes folks its that time of year again when we remember the moment the network passed from being operated by its creators and into the hands of the users themselves.

For some of you newbies today might be just another day but for the old hands still amongst you it was a day of sadness and upset as the entire network was in effect shut down following on from a legal threat by the RIAA that saw many other networks fold, unlike the other networks however the userbase of WinMx said "NO" with one mighty voice and set about re-inventing the tools necessary to run the network themselves, this was acheived in a record 3 days and nights around the clock work, today we the users are still here and still rightly proud of what was acheived.

Ours is a sucess story involving a group of special people, selfless people joined by friendship and trust demonstrating clearly to all that we the userbase will not be crushed or cowed by threats of intimidation, scare tactics or other lame efforts, instead we will band together as one to defeat any foe that tries to destroy our friendships or our community,

Today we celebrate our victory and affirm our commitment to the networks userbase that while they exist we will be here to support them as we have always been, have a great day folks and share the smile I have on my face after all these years  :-D :-D :-D

Heres a partial history lesson for those whom havent yet heard of all the fun we had back then
WinMx World News / Re: Adobe Flash will die by 2020, Adobe and browser makers say
« Last post by Bearded Blunder on September 05, 2017, 06:56:28 am »
Just my point.. you've got an extension to clear out the annoying video.. now if all they used was flash.. you just REMOVE the player.. no hunting extensions, and exactly how flash bypasses anything with no player installed is also moot.
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