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WinMx World News / Re: Disconcerting Issue With New Network
« Last post by Pri on March 17, 2018, 12:41:19 pm »
I stopped hosting my room on Fopnu a while ago because the progress was slow and the update method annoying. I do see it as a promising future for all of us but not for a few years at best. And he may give up sooner than that if it doesn't grow a strong community.

We have to face facts that Fopnu isn't being built in a vacuum. Streaming sites both paid and illegal have taken up 90% of the users who would be the kinds of people usually interested in traditional P2P (like WinMX/Fopnu/Kazaa/Napster etc). And the remaining 10% is taken up by file lockers and Bittorrent.

This kind of P2P we're using is like 0.01-0.02% of use now so it's an extreme long shot that it will ever gain the numbers of users needed to keep a developer interested. I know for myself if I didn't have my room on WinMX I would have left the community a long time ago, that is my one and only anchor to the community and I certainly don't use the program to download any files and haven't done so for many years.
WinMx World News / Re: Disconcerting Issue With New Network
« Last post by GhostShip on March 17, 2018, 08:43:17 am »
I cannot dispute many of your complaints Stripes as they have the ring of truth to them but without volunteer staff to help I dont see any alternative to some of the things you have complained about.

We still own the ourmxworld domain its simply parked up, theres no one to run it  and the decision was taken that given we had not acheived the scale and speed of any open src releases it was just a waste of effort.

I agree we should be heading towards a fresh outlook and looking to deliver something that others can enjoin with however as I have made clear many times on the other forum site without actual developers to do work theres no moving ahead and we dont have those in abundance, we dont even have anyone to assist the developers when extra hands are required for testing, apathy lies at the root of many of the issues you have mentioned and the community seems unwilling to do anything to secure itself a future in real terms.

One point of note I will simply point out is that over at the other place you have no guarantees the guy isnt going to take off when the going gets tough, I took the liberty to enquire there about such matters but those posts get lost also, thats why I drew folks attention to this matter, we will tick along here and will make some strides ahead in due course its simple mathematics but as noted it wont be at any speed of relevance to those looking for the promised land, we will however all be able to take a part in what we have unlike many of the other networks that are closed src. 

PS: I was using Opennap the other day and the networks I was using do not appear on the gotnap site so dont be mislead into thinking theres nothing there as thats simply not the case.
WinMx World News / Re: Disconcerting Issue With New Network
« Last post by White Stripes on March 17, 2018, 12:40:59 am »
problem with this 'older' network however is the glut of 3rd party stuff needed to give it basic functionality that other networks (pick one) have built in... like rejoining channels when the chat server or primary connection has a brainfart...

native ports are also nice ... again pick your network... there is most likely a linux and/or mac port available... ...try running winmx on wine for a few months and tell me your experience...

winmx is an 'old friend' but if it were a car it would be that 1960s model that has no power steering or power brakes and A/C wasnt even an option... ...and like that old car it is a major pain to keep running (if i have to restore settings.dat again im going to scream) but it keeps you in contact with your other 'old car' loving friends... should also take a peek here; to see how even older networks are doing..

I wont be casting any judgements on those continuing to use the new network but I dont see any future for it given the lack of interest in the userbase,

i see no long term future for the 'old' one.. the 'new' one is in its infancy and has a developer that can take feature requests and make bug fixes instead of needing yet another .dll injection from a different developer/piece of software... the ourmxworld site is gone, the info on this site for the clone was last updated 2014, and the old hats are all old and tired and the young grew up into a profession that takes all time away from possible development of the clone... ...and lets not forget the clone was built for windows, not portability... it needs wine too...

and as far as seeming quiet? its completely silent.. no noise at all.. my tinnitus is a roaring gale in comparison... you post a 'all is well' message every now and again but... tbh ive lost faith in anything but the old client continuing to scoot along for as long as the userbase still has interest and windows and wine still support it... the clone wont be a thing before the 'new' network has the features the ppl on the 'old' one want...
WinMx World News / Disconcerting Issue With New Network
« Last post by GhostShip on March 16, 2018, 12:22:57 am »
I havent named the network since I dont wish to encourage folk's go there at this time, but you will all know the one I mean (I hope :lol:)

Like some of you I have been running tests and making usage of their new client &  forum but it seems if you wish to post anything un flattering the posts are "lost", even worse theres no one bothering to reply to you.

I know things are quiet here but each and every one of you know that your voice is heard here and for good or bad will be replied to and answers given to your questions, this is because without you all theres no network and in that respect your all important to me and each other, for this reason I will no longer bother with the new network and will soley concentrate on what should be going on here, after all whilst we may not always see eye to eye on some issues you all know where this sites heart is at and why we dont have buttons for donations etc.

There's still work going on here and I do recognise that it seems quiet on the public side of the fence but I have priorised that main work over entertaining anyone, I hope you all still agree this is the best usage of the limited time I can deliver to you all, I wont be casting any judgements on those continuing to use the new network but I dont see any future for it given the lack of interest in the userbase, that is a serious no-no in my book.
In the rush into the new world of "brexit" and "free trade" I suspect the UK turned a blind eye to such technology transfer, whilst it might play to the domestic market as a bumbling mistake and the product of poor quality govt departmental staff the truth is more along the lines of the UK wanting the Chinese on side for future trade and with the european door closing now would not seem to be the time to upset the applecart.

A Chinese firm's buyout of a British semiconductor company may have directly led to China developing railgun weaponry and electromagnetic aircraft carrier catapults for its navy, according to reports.

An anonymous source, identified as a former Dynex exec, told The Sunday Times that the acquisition of Dynex Semiconductor by Chinese railway firm Zhouzhou CRRC Times Electric in 2008 "could have helped the development" of the Chinese navy's new railguns.

Losing access to content already paid for is concerning. It's the reason I've not signed up for any streaming services at this point in time. I still get digital non-DRM copies of my music and store those in my own library.
I prefer plastic in the hand with the option to rip to an mp3 player for my own personal usage against vague promises of continuity of service,

something tells me that the type of music you listen to will always have a physical form.... the CD isnt going anywhere... hell even vinyl made a comeback...

the article said,
"The three majors live in a different world from us," says Mr McNay. "They have a different business structure, they have higher overheads. They're very much geared to finding the new Ed Sheeran.

ed sheeran? really? the sheerans of the world are going to be consumed by those who think their cell phone speakers sound "really good" and dont collect discs... ...the good music is still going to be pressed to CD and/or vinyl since its still purchased that way by its fans...
What truly concerns me with digital services isnt so much downloading where you can keep a copy locally but streaming where no local copy is produced, both systems are consumer limiting in terms of poor value for money versus the resale value of physical media and more importantly the unspoken aspect of digital companies going belly up and at a stroke denying you access to what you thought you had purchased via digital rights management.

This exact scenario we have witnessed at least 3 times since 2005 and I prefer plastic in the hand with the option to rip to an mp3 player for my own personal usage against vague promises of continuity of service, trust is and always will be lacking when it comes to dealing those whom monopolise and abuse their position whilst delivering little to the original artist bar the inflated studio bills and production costs.
problem with physical media of music, especially "pop" music, is you pay $20 (price of a movie or old used video game) for a disc with 16 tracks on it and only 4 of them are worth it... ...on the flip side of the coin id rather have to go through that trouble than use only a streaming service if i really wanted those 4 songs...

and for the albums that are good from beginning to end, well, physical isnt going to go away cos ppl will still collect those... there are aural masterpieces on disc that will never be on the radio let alone cycling around the 'top 40' charts...
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