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WinMx World News / WinMX Independence Anniversary - Happy 13th Year
« Last post by GhostShip on September 23, 2018, 08:10:08 pm »
As always another year of network operation has passed successfully, this makes it a full 13 years since the network was restored by the users for their own independent use following the disasterous and unexpected shutdown of WinMX Technologies (aka Frontcode Technologies) during 2005.

I personally have seen many thousands of folks arrive, leave and often return to speak to old friends over the years, I'm sure many of you have the exact same experience, especially the room hosts or their admins and mods whom are often the most busiest folks of all dishing out help and advice and going the extra mile to act as goodwill ambassadors not just for their room but for the network in general.

We have seen a stabilisation of the number of rooms during the last few years and thats all down to folks holding firm during darker times, thankfully we are looking to the future from a better relative position for the year ahead and with the cessation of any stupidity we can perhaps reach the 14th anniversary without any further mention of such things,  there are currently no emergencies, no attacks and only minor aspects of  third party data mining bots to focus our attention on, this is of course beneficial for the open source project but on the other side of the coin we could do with some more help on the site here to bring some topics, tutorials and  tools up to date to ensure we remain a place for folks to check when something is required, this of course benefits the entire community and allows all of us to show off our knowledge and share it with others, that sharing is another key ingredient in the p2p glue that holds this network together so lets all be proud that we have maintained the network by simply being part of it and keeping a friendly greeting ready for new faces as well as keeping the faith during the many years we saw so many folks dissappear from our ranks due to network disruption, if you have been using WinMX  since the client was simply for the opennap network then you have been here longer than myself  and I salute you  :-D

We at WinMxWorld are still committed to the support of the WPN and activities that support that aim for the coming year and look forward to finalising new materials and pages of content for you, if you are impatient and want something done a tad faster drop us a line and we will see if we can jump the matter or topic to the front of the que, thats our commitment for the year ahead folks, your commitment remains as always down to you  however we look forward to posts, feedback and any help or news that you want to share with the rest of the networks users, this is after all a forum and not a blog.

On a more solemn note, each year a few of our number pass on and leave a gap thats hard to fill and in such times the best thing we can do is to chat about the person and share a few tales of their exploits and fun sayings, death is something we will all have to deal with in our lifetimes and I am sure being remebered with a smile for some quirky chat room behaviour beats a wall of depressing silence, our friends only really disappear when we forget them.

Our thanks go out once again to the site staff and the network support team whom silently keep the peer caches operating without fanfare & also the folks whom take the time to share their time and knowledge for the benefit of us all, thank you also forum visitor for being here with us to celebrate another milestone.

Take care folks and enjoy another year of fun 8) 8) 8)
WinMX Client / Re: The original WinMx developer is building a New Network
« Last post by GhostShip on September 21, 2018, 09:24:52 pm »
As we are on the topic and I know folks enjoy some trivia it may be that KH is simply directing the work as I remember an ad "tixati" placed for a coder a while ago, this corresponds to some data I was able to extract from the program itself that has another name embedded in it. I'll leave it to you good folks to find that out for yourself  :P
WinMx World News / Re: Is The UK Facing A "Big Brother " Freedom Crackdown ?
« Last post by GhostShip on September 21, 2018, 09:10:41 pm »
A clear divorce of expectation from reality I agree Stripes  :yes:
WinMx World News / Re: Is The UK Facing A "Big Brother " Freedom Crackdown ?
« Last post by White Stripes on September 21, 2018, 05:53:05 am »
*  forcing websites to remove illegal hate speech within a specific time period or face penalties.
this one alone is not going to be possible... the uk will need to filter the internet...
WinMx World News / Is The UK Facing A "Big Brother " Freedom Crackdown ?
« Last post by GhostShip on September 20, 2018, 10:49:12 pm »
Just when you think things cannot get worse  :ugly:

The UK government is considering "all options", including a regulator, as part of new legislation governing the internet.
It has previously said it will publish a White Paper in the coming months, laying out its proposals

 *  digital literacy programmes in schools
 *  greater transparency around online advertising
 *  forcing websites to remove illegal hate speech within a specific time period or face penalties. A similar law is in force in Germany
 *  making social networks verify the age of their users
 *  punishing social networks that failed to remove terror content or child abuse images
 *  restricting advertisements online for food and soft drink products that were high in salt, fat or sugar

It seems that the whole focus is on selected negative aspects of the online world, we often see such "extremist" talk from the govt when its desperate to get a new law passed, the ploy is the same each time, toss in some news soundbites about danger to children or terrorism and nearly all involved will feel powerless to vote against the proposal for fear of being singled out.

We need the UK's MP's to park their fears and do the decent thing in defending the productive online space that is still being data mined by the self same authorities for intelligence, when they effectively shut down free speech just how are they going to find the child attackers and terrorists ?  Cake and eat it anyone ?
WinMX Client / Re: The original WinMx developer is building a New Network
« Last post by White Stripes on September 18, 2018, 03:53:43 am » redirects to right now... used to redirect to a winmx a like made by the same guy...
WinMX Client / Re: The original WinMx developer is building a New Network
« Last post by wonderer on September 17, 2018, 10:50:19 am »
running V3.53 of WinMx I found using the online help (yellow question mark) directing to which page not surprisingly does not exists, but you would almost say there is some relation :)
WinMx World News / Re: EU Copyright Changes On The Way
« Last post by GhostShip on September 16, 2018, 11:12:21 pm »
I still have concerns about that side of things, remember the nice gifts "donated" to Peter Mandelsson, holidays etc to assist him in siding with the rights holders lobby ?

When we are "soverreign" how will we call such corrupt practices to book ?
Nice To Meet You! / Re: MXHosts Section set up
« Last post by GhostShip on September 16, 2018, 11:03:08 pm »
Perhaps so Bearded, whats forgotten by many is that in the online world its trivial to turn from friend to foe over a misunderstanding or loss of trust, such events are easier to resolve in face to face fashion as you have 2 extra layers of feedback in the form of vocal intonations and facial expressions, such helpful tools to guiding oneself down tthe path ahead are lost online and we rely on typed words that may impart a meaning not intended or go too far in making a point.

I do like to fall back on the actual record of the past rather than claims made by certain folks that have proved groundless, no one runs the WPN, there are no adverts here, no one have seized power over the network and no one has been silenced, all of the above are old claims put forward by folks no longer in the community but as always none of them are true.

I pont out these things simply to show that nothing has changed much, we are always stronger together and weaker when faced with endless divisions, I have had to trust many folks over the years and nearly all of them have remained trustworthy and of good repute in their efforts to serve the community, for that I thank them and I am sure they have many friends whom still remember the good help they have received, in one or two cases events have turned sour and friends walk away with a bad taste in their mouths but looking back at the bigger picture reveals the true path of the continuing efforts here, the goals are still the same and the community can still freely choose where it goes to interact, that may not be here but we are still here to assist those whom require something more than a scripted response.

The future is what we ourselves make it, that is the essence of the way ahead.
WinMx World News / Re: EU Copyright Changes On The Way
« Last post by Bearded Blunder on September 16, 2018, 10:27:52 pm »
Speaking as a UK resident.  Maybe we'll end up out of the EU with no deal.. at which point we'll actually be a sovereign nation again and able to make our own rules.. one can hope....
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