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Topic Summary

Posted by: Me Here
« on: January 30, 2007, 09:10:45 pm »

Posted by: nylly444
« on: January 30, 2007, 07:49:56 pm »


*looks at it sceptically*
gee, thanks...

*puts it with all the others....*

Posted by: Max™
« on: January 30, 2007, 07:10:40 pm »

*passes another gold star to Nylly*
Posted by: nylly444
« on: January 30, 2007, 06:57:59 pm »

Posted by: WendyM
« on: January 30, 2007, 06:40:26 pm »

Me Here - thanks so much - I found the chat room, full of very nice and patient people who helped me with the file I needed, it's downloading now - from Nylly as you suggested - what great help they were.

Can't thank you enough for the great advice!
Posted by: Me Here
« on: January 30, 2007, 04:28:14 pm »

Thats great Wendy.. if you need any help finding that TV-Series Room just let us know.. Im sure Nylly could help you there  :wink:
Posted by: WendyM
« on: January 30, 2007, 04:26:18 pm »

To Me Here - thanks for your message, I tried to reply in the PM screen and it won't let me for some reason, so suffice it to say thanks for your response - very helpful.

Posted by: Me Here
« on: January 30, 2007, 02:54:29 pm »

Hi Wendy

I would like to let you know that I have edited some of the content of your post and will be sending a Private Message here on the site reguarding that and your issues.

Posted by: Max™
« on: January 30, 2007, 02:40:34 pm »

Hi Wendy,
we are glad you have been trouble free for the last 18 months, but now the problem pops up, i don't think there is anything wrong with your set-up, its probably one of those things where a file or a user is very popular because of their files,

if a user has a few uploads & downloads this will slow down your download speed as we only have limited bandwidth, also people go off-line or disconnect for different reasons,

as for the nobody showing in a search que, but when you try you find you are 260+ in a que that isnt there, this is because some people have a hacked .dat file allowing them to have 0 of 0 avalable but still show 6 of 6 available in the search,
this means you have to que up and hope the user will start you off, 9 out of 10 wont start people off they leave them stuck in a que for hours, but they will try downloading off other people like yourself.

when you join a que, always check the whois as this will show the actual available upload slots, if u see (0 of 0 available) you know it is pointless joining a que,
also if i am in a que of say 90 and the whois shows they let one person load at a time and most of their files are movies or large files, it stands to reason that i would be in that que for many hours.

its a sad fact that there isnt alot we can do, all i can say is search for new sources more frequent, try to join the smallest ques when you see 3 or 4 of the same files, and check the whois, also theres a "ping on-screen results" and "ping all results" buttons on the search window, the higher the ping count the better the download strength.

i hope this helps a little, if not, you can slap me
Posted by: WendyM
« on: January 30, 2007, 01:51:31 pm »

I have been using WinMX for a while, I think about a year and a half.  I am a very basic user, all I have ever done is search for what I want and download it.  I leave all my downloaded files in my shared directory, and I seem to provide a fair number of uploads.  From reading a bit of this forum, and the tutorials on this site, it's clear there is much more complexity to the program than I am using, but frankly, I don't understand a lot of the language or how to do many of these things.  That said, I think WinMX is a completely wonderful thing, and it has been the source of much enjoyment for my household over the last 18 months.

However, for the first time, I find I simply don't know what to do next.  I have been trying to download a few files of a  show .  I have a few, and I'm trying to fill in the holes with WinMX.  I started this on Jan 6, and I downloaded several files, gradually between then and last Friday, the 28th.  I only put two or three on the list at a time.  But, I have been having a terrible time with one file.  It went on the download list almost at the beginning, and fairly quickly I downloaded about 40% of the file.  But then it stopped.  I have downloaded tiny little pieces since then, but am still only at about 41%.  I have got several other files in their entirety since then, so my downloading seems OK, but this one file seems to just be impossible.  It looks the same in the list when I search as all the other files, but I get in a few queues and am number 2, or 5, or 6, or 10, and then I wait and wait, and then all of a sudden I am number 284 and there is only one queue showing.  Or even worse, no queues at all, and when they appear again, I seem to be way back at the bottom of the list again.  I have tried other versions of this file, but they seem worse, I never even end up in a queue at all.

If anyone has any ideas of things I might be doing wrong, I would love to hear from you.  I tried to provide the relvant info, but if I need to give you more info, please just let me know.  Thanks very much!

*EDIT* - some content removed for protection - MH
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