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Title: Getty Images Face Copyright Court Following Infringement Claim
Post by: GhostShip on July 30, 2016, 12:27:56 pm
A role reversal it seems for the ever hungry Getty Images.

When Getty Images sent photographer Carol Highsmith a $120 settlement demand for using one of 'their' images without permission, things were about to get messy. The image in question was actually Highsmith's own work, displayed on her own website. Highsmith has now responded with a $1bn lawsuit.
Considering Getty’s holier-than-thou position when it comes to infringement, thousands will be cheering Highsmith on to victory.

When someone does something nice for the rest of humanity they expect to at least be recognised for what they have done if others make usage of their work, when a copyright infringement business takes that free gift and monetises it that's a sad day but then to try to tax the creator of the work I think we can all agree they need to up their game and check all of the images they claim to licence are in fact owned by those uploading them to flickr or other sites where Getty gathers its images from. Epic fail Getty  :lol: :lol: :lol: