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Title: wine and graphics glitches
Post by: White Stripes on August 09, 2016, 02:54:05 am
winmx running primary in wine seems to spike the cpu randomly... not a problem till one notices the hiccups this causes the rest of the system such as 'stuttering' in graphics (compiz anyone?) or high demand tasks taking a short 'nap' from their normal operating speeds...

this can be fixed by changing the 'winmx main thread priority' under the 'miscellaneous' header in settings to 'idle' ... winmx will still operate (i have not seen any broken transfers) and the spikes will still occur, they just wont get in the way of the rest of the system..

unfortunately these spikes will get worse the longer winmx is left running so its a good idea to restart it when BC=6000 or so... since even at idle the glitches will start to creep back in the higher that number gets...