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Title: A Little Update
Post by: Josh on April 01, 2007, 04:01:15 am
I just wanted to let everyone know of what I have been doing the past few weeks. Although its only for Teen extreme teen (my room) now, I might be making it so anyone who uses wcs and wcs logger can have one for their room too.

But Heres a lot of information + pictures on it. -

Also, I have started on Room Filler 2.0. It should be finished by tomorrow night (Sunday Night) , and it will be faster, no limit to how many users you can join, and it doesn't use my website anymore! So no more user name limitations , super fast joining + much more.  Stay tuned for more news!

Also, I'M looking for suggestions for the new room filler. Any ideas? I'M open to just about anything.
Title: Re: A Little Update
Post by: Lagerlout666 on April 01, 2007, 04:11:10 am
This is interesting, any chance of adding a option of the save file bing php. Could have the logs in a small widow on my page showing the chat everytime the page refresh's???