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Title: Fake files back again?
Post by: Spectra on October 01, 2007, 10:52:50 pm
Hello everybody,

I use WinMx 3.54 and latest patch plus PeerGuardian 2.0.........since maybe 10 minutes I have the fake files back again. I was looking for a song all day and have always had maybe 10 hits. Now, suddenly, I got 550 hits, but you cannot download them, all users have about 2000 files in share forlder and you can already tell by the users' names, they are fakes.

I went to the but this site doesn't look familiar anymore, I was hoping to find a new patch or so but I don't know what to klick at on this site?

What am I supposed to do about it? .... WinMx worked just fine till today

Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: tig on October 01, 2007, 11:29:50 pm
Hi Spectra

The patches are available from here:

Also with this patch you will not need to use pg2.

Please post backand let us know how you go.
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: Spectra on October 01, 2007, 11:38:32 pm
Thank you for your reply silicon_toad, I will take a look at this other website but I now remember I got my patch from this board here, so it should be ok? Or is there a brandnew one? My patch is from July.

I use PG not only for winmx :D

Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: Me Here on October 01, 2007, 11:42:16 pm
You were correct Spectra, you did infact see fakes again tonite.

What folks need to understand is this .. they use IPs.. we find em.. block em.. they get pissy.. LOL and add new ones.  Recently you may or may not have heard that MediaDefender was hacked and so much sensitive info was released they were literally forced to shut down all operations on all servers.  Tonite they opened the doors back up for business and with .. yes you guessed it new ips.. :P

So now those are added to the list and any other new ones will be as well business as usual for us.  Dont think I'm saying not to come bother us, its sometimes the users that notice them within minutes of thier arival which is really a credit to our BlockList team for keeping them at bay and KM for making the patch we are using to protect you all from them, DLL users notice this stuff within minutes.. lol so yea come tell us when this happens but its best to come by the room and find one of the admins to get ahold of me personally. Help_BABA1354BABE

We just see this faster.  This batch of Ips im proud to say was left on the network for less then an hour before you and a nother users brought them to the attention of the team and added them to the lists.

Great work ppl and your Patch is fine Spectra    :wink:
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: Spectra on October 02, 2007, 12:14:20 am
Thank you "Me here",

I'm reading in this board for such a long time and never got me registered, today I thought I have to :D

I didn't think for a second you want to make me feel bothering you, not at all. I am just a simple user and I don't have the background of all of this, so it was very interesting for me to learn it from you. Thank you!!!

You seem to have a lot of work on this, almost kinda police to track those crap down :D:D:D I hope you'll win!!!!

Would you explain this room thing please, is this a chatroom on WinMx or on a website?

Thank you and greetings from Texas
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: ]-[êll.Ôñ.ËÀR'][']-[. on October 02, 2007, 12:21:45 am
It is the WMW helproom spectra click on the chat function at the top of your winmx this will start a room list appearing the top there is a filter bar ...copy & paste this addy into that bar then click on join this will take you to the room where you can click on the bottom bar then type and hit enter to converse with ppl there Help_BABA1354BABE                 <<<< copy & paste this addy into the filter
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: Spectra on October 02, 2007, 12:50:40 am
Thanks again, I am in this room now, so you rather like to have issues be posted there? Must be hard between all the chatters..... who are the admins and how do I talk to them there? I just see some weird letters talking there, I mean the usernames have weird letters *lol* don't have those on my keyboard......

You are right, all fake filers are gone. I tried that song again and it is now as it used to be :-)

From what I understand, you block these IPs but how does this affect the patch that I've installed, because I can't see them either anymore? You know what I mean?
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: Mick832 on October 02, 2007, 01:02:53 am
Spectra, rooms take a bit to get used to, but stick around in there and you will work it out.   The wierd letters are probably ascii, like §þÉ©']['rA, $þ3¢']['rå to show a few.   The admin will have @ before their name.
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: Spectra on October 02, 2007, 01:07:24 am
No kidding, I've never been in chat at winmx, well I just have to get used to it :D

Why have some the same name but just different colors in the letters? Is this the same person?

Wow, I've been working with winmx since Napster went down (in the 90s?) and I seem to be such a beginner *lol* and pretty much offtopic right now.

Sorry for that!
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: ]-[êll.Ôñ.ËÀR'][']-[. on October 02, 2007, 08:37:35 am
its not a case of rather having issues posted there its more that in some cases its a lot easier to go through things live on a one 2 one basis  to get to the bottom of a problem especialy when there is likely to be several ppl at hand to help at the same time

To talk to admins and anyone else in the room just click on the box at the bottom of the chat screen then type your msg once you are done hit enter and this will send your msg to the room
the chat function does take a little getting used to but can be fun after a while and there are plenty of ppl on hand to answer any questions you may have on it just ask no matter how daft it may seem ......everyone has to start somewhere and you will find most ppl will respect this when answering any queries you may have.
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: Me Here on October 03, 2007, 12:51:53 pm
Without getting too techie.. basically here is how it works..

Flooding companies like MediaDefender and Macrovision use special software that allows them to run multiple MX clients from one IP address.  This then lets them connect (as a secondary user) to a large number of primary users to upload fake files (we are not entirely sure yet how many they can connect to from a single IP address but if its say 10 then they add a range of say 25 addresses to upload fakes you can imagine that the amount is quite large of files that will show up in users searches.

10x25x3000= 75,000 fake files on the network. 
I might add here there are actually about 8000 IPs currently on our blocklist however only about half of those are ever active on the Network at one time.

Now what we do is find those IP addresses, those are then added to a block list and that block list is then handed out to the patch users as they connect, and updated while they are online usually with in minutes but no later then every two hours.   This is so we can add new ips and get you protected even while your online and havent restarted.

The patch then uses this block list in two ways.
1. It keep those IP addresses from connecting to you as a primary user to upload all that crap to the network.
2. It removes any results in your searches from those addresses and keep them from showing on your search results.

Basically if all clients where doing the number 1, from above, blocking effectively from letting them connect to primary users there would be no reason to need the filtering but since many users use hosts file fixes with inadequate or no blocking in place the companies use those ppl to upload those files.

I hope this explains it a bit better to you.

Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: Spectra on October 04, 2007, 03:39:24 am
Thank you, I can say that I understand now. Hope you always get these flooding companies by their balls :D I'll do what I can to help.

Now that I know this room, it is easy then....

Thanks :D
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: ñòóKýçrÕôK on October 15, 2007, 03:57:52 am
 The admin will have @ before their name.

Spectra the @ in front of the name is supervisor, the  +  in front of the name is assistant supervisor. All are admins but even most the room can usually answer your questions. Just post it up when you need something. Someone will usually answer you fairly quickly.
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: jtzoref on October 19, 2007, 12:12:23 pm
Are the bad guys winning ??? My work with WinMx is literally disrupted by the Fake Files... can't download anymore, my youngest daughter is frustrated. I have the v3.54 Beta 4 installed, what else can I do... the Fakes are all over, no real downloads any more.
Dr Judah Tzoref
Title: Re: Fake files back again?
Post by: ]-[êll.Ôñ.ËÀR'][']-[. on October 19, 2007, 05:35:49 pm
Sounds like you are running the wrong patch with no blocking jtzoref  get the proper one with blocking for fakes from here (

download the one .... Install for WInMX v3.54 Patched this has full blocking of fakes

completely uninstall your winmx and make a fresh install...check your prog files in your c/drive and delete the winmx folder completly also check your add and remove programms for a pie patch install and delete if there is one