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Title: Vista and gaming compatibility issues
Post by: ñòóKýçrÕôK on May 22, 2008, 09:46:53 pm
As I'm sure some of you have seen there are probably a lot of your older XP games you'd like to play on Vista but Vista says there could be issues with installing them. So here's a little something you might want to try to see if those games will work anyway (Vista be damned). First place the cd in the cdrom. Next, open My Computer icon then right click your cdrom drive in My Computer that your game cd is in and click open. Look for the main setup exe and most but not all are called setup.exe or install.exe. Right click that exe and click properties. Click the compatibility tab. Then place a check in the little box where it says *Run this program in compatibility mode for:*. Then in the dropdown bar it offers choose Windows XP compatibility (I believe that's what it says anyway) and then click apply. Then run the installer and install the game. Bypass the compatibility check if you wish because really you aren't looking for Vista compatibility any longer.

When you are installing the game be sure and choose a destination where you wish to install it to. Vista uses some funky bastardised shortcut (as Merlin calls them) even during game installs which can cause the desktop shortcut to not know how to find the game (this has happened to me which is how I know). Once the game is installed, before you even try to play it go to the folder where you told Vista to install the game and right click the main exe for the game and change the compatibility in it exactly like you did the installer on the cdrom. Once you've done this you should be able to play this game. Now I can't say this works on all of them, just that it has worked on all of them that I have tried myself. Good luck and I hope this is helpfull.