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Title: Winmx on iphone/ipod
Post by: Forested665 on March 22, 2009, 08:12:35 pm
ok so this is a strange idea i know and for those who wish a simple(still unethical) solution read option 1.
if you want a similar idea using x11 that comes a bit closer to putting the actual program on it read option 2.
and finally (for a practical use) for users who have the guts to try it read option 3.


A)Install VNC (simple enough)
B)find one of the many VNC veiwers for the iphone.
C) login and tada.


This involves taking control of an X11 server and hopefully when developement is finished on the Putty modules (i beleive SSH is finished and may work if you wish to execute an entire session instead of a window)
you will be able to forward the entire application windows to your iphone or ipod.
until then so far we have remote control (using the touch keypad and cursor).
what use does this serve? well you can lay in bed and never reach for the laptop or its just a nifty tool to take control of your pc when someone else is on it.
A) follow this guide:

Now for the one of relevance that the admins are prolly looking for.


A)using the x11 files from option 2 ( this means install them)
B) you will need to obtain the SDK developement stuff (unless you can find a way to get to a shell inside the iphone/ipod i have yet to come across an article on this)
C) we need to compile wine (possibly even darwine) for the iphone/ipod
D) using some source of media transfer the binaries you have compiled into the iphone/ipod
E) using a storage device (other then the iphone/ipod's local hdd/flash) load the winmx installer and the nescesarry DLL's (from nylly's post on running under newer versions)
F) hopefully you compiled the wine tools GUI as well as wine because we need it.
G) install winmx
H) open wine tools and set up as per usual
I) for 3G network users (iphone non wifi only) set winmx to passive (unable to receive)

Title: Re: Winmx on iphone/ipod
Post by: Rock001 on May 14, 2013, 01:52:20 pm
Since i dont have an iPhone i Can't experiment with this. Though i suppose i could research something along the lines of PlayOnMac for iPhone.