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Title: Copyright Industry Demands Canada Adopt Three Strikes Law
Post by: p2p rules on August 07, 2009, 07:46:22 pm
Copyright industry lawyer and lobbyist for the CMPDA (The Canadian arm of the MPAA) and the CRIA (The Canadian arm of the RIAA) wrote an op-ed saying that it’s “Time to end Canada’s pirate haven” while calling for a graduated response (which is effectively a three strikes law). This latest demand could very easily highlight a change in strategy for the copyright industry – which is confusing given the responses to the Canadian copyright consultation so far.

In this latest op-en, Barry Sookman, when discussing what he’d like to see in the copyright reform legislation, says, “The bill should also include a graduated response process to help stem infringements in peer-to-peer (p2p) networks. Studies show that over 70% of users will stop illegal file sharing when they receive a notice from an ISP about it, particularly when they also know that not stopping could have consequences.”

In other words, he’d like to see a three strikes law, then in the next sentence, basically proved why notice-and-notice is sufficient.
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