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Title: Proxy Blocker for Metis
Post by: Pri on July 17, 2010, 02:54:48 am
Just thought I'd make a topic for this since the only one is in the hosts section tacked on to another thread.

Basically this script blocks proxies. It supports the downloading of Peer Guardian / Peer Block compatible blocklist files (which you can create yourself) it supports automatic blocking of TOR exit nodes and it also supports 'Live Proxy Blocking' where it uses a definition file (like an Antivirus) to determine if an IP entering your room is a part of a proxy server listing service.

It's quite accurate and can detect all public proxies. It supports live updates to improve its detection which it populates itself so you don't have to do anything beyond putting the script in your plugins folder and adding it to your metis MXC. It also supports Whitelisting in the latest version released today which means if you have users in your room that simply have to use a Proxy (for example Talk Talk internet subscribers) you can add designated Proxy Server IP's or there usernames to a whitelist file and then they will be allowed to access your room with a Proxy. You will still receive notifications when they use a Proxy in your room but they won't be kicked for it.

You can get it here:

Enjoy :)