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Title: WinAmp Player
Post by: Me Here on October 28, 2005, 09:40:23 pm
WinAmp is a media player that many WinMX users have installed and use frequently to play music and video files.  It is usually most associated with Audio so this discussion will be about those features and functions.

How do I get WinAmp 5?
Simply go to this page and choose the Free Player for download.  Then once downloaded just install.  Once this is done by default WinAmp will associate all media files unless you specify differently at the time of installation.
Winamp Free Player (

How do I associate file types with Winamp?
From the Options menu, select Preferences (or Ctrl+P using the keyboard). Select "File Types" under General Preferences. Select the desired file types you wish to associate.

What are Skins?
Winamp supports interchangeable user interfaces called "skins". Most skins are created by users like you. Users may publish their skins on

What are Winamp plug-ins?
Plug-ins are software extensions made by software developers to enhance Winamp player functionality. Like skins, plug-ins are published on from our developers for general users to use and enjoy. Through the use of plug-ins, Winamp may be extended to support new audio or video formats, extend the capabilities of the Winamp Library, render new types of audio visualizations, etc.

You may download plug-ins from by navigating to the "Plug-ins" tab or going to

This is the player that many WinMX Add-ons are based on including
MHAmp ( you to display in the chat channel the songs your listening to, other features include, system up time, away status display and more!!

WinAmp Plugin ( you tell everyone what music your listening to on your WinAmp player.

This is also the player used to tune into the WinMX Radio by opening your WinAmp and hit crtl + L and then add this url :
Then click ok ...

Now you have a great tool to use with many added features..
Title: WinAmp Player
Post by: TheMacDaddy on October 28, 2005, 09:56:09 pm
i would also like to add that it is possible to play winmx radio station in your windows media player

1. start windows media player and click on the arrow that points downwards on the top right of ur media player screen
2.highlight file option on    open url the new box paste   and click   ok and leave windows media player do the rest