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Author Topic: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means  (Read 8662 times)

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Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« on: November 14, 2006, 01:44:48 am »
It seems folks that vladd the self titled head of mxpie has gone barking mad and will attempt to attack this site and the winmxgroup site to "teach us a lesson"

Following on from a statement he made earlier regarding how he would rather winmx closed,

09:26:01 PM) Vladd44: i have no desire to close winmx
(09:26:02 PM) Vladd44: or see it closed
(09:26:09 PM) Vladd44: well, actually i do

he has now made the most telling statement of the entire year, he is claiming to be ready to launch legal attacks on this and other winmx support sites as part of his childish vendetta that has been mentioned before.

2006/11/14 00:05:24 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> not much tho - just more red tape, more paperwork, more etc...
2006/11/14 00:05:46 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> and naturally more rubber-stamping
2006/11/14 00:05:47 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> parties usually have to appear in court at some point
2006/11/14 00:05:55 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> yep
2006/11/14 00:06:01 <sheep >  rof lmao
2006/11/14 00:06:05 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> if the server was in the usa..
2006/11/14 00:06:09 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> km could have to come here
2006/11/14 00:06:24 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> his server was in ireland last i heard
2006/11/14 00:06:24 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> the crime would have been comitted against a pc in the states
2006/11/14 00:06:32 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> and the attacks come from dll users
2006/11/14 00:06:34 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> no, v's
2006/11/14 00:06:38 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> ah
2006/11/14 00:06:46 <Vladd44_> not only can i go after the host server, i can go after who has bought the domain
2006/11/14 00:06:47 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> yeah, v's server
2006/11/14 00:06:49 <Vladd44_> which happens to be godaddy
2006/11/14 00:06:53 <Consuming_MP3s_Daily> im lost, whats happening?
2006/11/14 00:06:58 <Vladd44_> and they are reasonably generous
2006/11/14 00:07:04 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> lol
2006/11/14 00:07:05 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> nice
2006/11/14 00:07:05 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lol
2006/11/14 00:07:06 <Vladd44_> generous to complaints that is
2006/11/14 00:07:06 <> Complaints can be directed to . Hold your breath and wait for an answer
2006/11/14 00:07:06 <> 
2006/11/14 00:07:19 <Vladd44_> and they are in the usa
2006/11/14 00:07:45 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> more satisfying than getting him grounded?
2006/11/14 00:07:52 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> rofl
2006/11/14 00:07:53 <Vladd44_> lol
2006/11/14 00:07:56 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> :D
2006/11/14 00:07:56 <sheep >  rof lmao
2006/11/14 00:08:10 <Vladd44_> i would rather own than get him grounded
2006/11/14 00:08:10 <Vladd44_> :D
2006/11/14 00:08:17 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> lol
2006/11/14 00:08:24 <Vladd44_> after all, is an asset
2006/11/14 00:08:34 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> you getting quicksilver too?
2006/11/14 00:08:35 <Vladd44_> so is
2006/11/14 00:08:35 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> I'd rather become vice president and go "duck hunting" with him..
2006/11/14 00:08:36 <> 
2006/11/14 00:08:36 <> Elmer Fudgepacker: be very very quiet .... i'm out hunting!!!
2006/11/14 00:08:36 <> 
2006/11/14 00:08:36 <> Elmer Fudgepacker: ....and i aint hunting rabbits neither!!! lol ... ;)
2006/11/14 00:08:38 <Vladd44_> and
2006/11/14 00:08:49 <Consuming_MP3s_Daily> heh
2006/11/14 00:08:58 <Vladd44_> i wouldnt mind redirecting them all to gay porn sites
2006/11/14 00:09:03 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> lol
2006/11/14 00:09:11 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> hell yeah
2006/11/14 00:09:11 <Consuming_MP3s_Daily> heh
2006/11/14 00:09:25 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> and I can set up my goatse wifi honeypot to redirect to there
2006/11/14 00:09:28 <Vladd44_> lol
2006/11/14 00:09:35 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> :D
2006/11/14 00:09:50 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> welcome to adulthood, km
2006/11/14 00:09:53 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lmfao
2006/11/14 00:09:55 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> amen
2006/11/14 00:10:10 <Vladd44_> truth is, i dont need to win in court to win
2006/11/14 00:10:18 <Vladd44_> all i need to be able to do is outspend him
2006/11/14 00:10:33 <TSC[01]; app > make him give in
2006/11/14 00:10:35 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> true
2006/11/14 00:10:35 <Vladd44_> simply make it not cost effective for him to continue
2006/11/14 00:10:40 <TSC[01]; app > riaa style
2006/11/14 00:11:08 <Vladd44_> i am sure my pockets are deeper than his
2006/11/14 00:11:15 <Vladd44_> i guess we will find out
2006/11/14 00:11:17 <Vladd44_> bbiab
2006/11/14 00:11:27 <Consuming_MP3s_Daily> gtg... not that anyone really cares... but anyway.. g'later
2006/11/14 00:11:33 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> bye
2006/11/14 00:11:33 ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ thinks this will be another year he won't get a v44 coffee mug
2006/11/14 00:11:39 Consuming_MP3s_Daily007_51218 has left
2006/11/14 00:11:43 <TSC[01]; app > lol
2006/11/14 00:12:07 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> I bet km would buy a case or two of those mugs, v
2006/11/14 00:12:13 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> just to smash
2006/11/14 00:12:21 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> let's work on case #3
2006/11/14 00:12:26 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> I'll take one.
2006/11/14 00:12:28 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> :)
2006/11/14 00:13:10 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> message should be :  i've been in v44 %ip% years and all i got was %port% regs calendars
2006/11/14 00:13:11 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> but since I don't drink coffee, I'll use it for whiskey or somethin'
2006/11/14 00:13:13 <TSC[01]; app > might get your mug yet
2006/11/14 00:13:17 <¤LVHC¤SabLe> when will and be online again ?
2006/11/14 00:13:21 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lol muppy
2006/11/14 00:13:57 <TSC[01]; app > we can sell v44 mugs to raise cash to make sure v can outspend km
2006/11/14 00:14:39 <Bong> i've been in v44 %ip% years and all i got was %port% regs calendars
2006/11/14 00:14:40 <HOST> Channel Welcome Message Has Been Set!
2006/11/14 00:14:44 <¤LVHC¤SabLe> how about v44 t-shirts for doing the same with sabre ?
2006/11/14 00:14:59 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> where u going to sell from?  any site you put it on would be ddos-ed
2006/11/14 00:15:08 <¤LVHC¤SabLe> thats right lol
2006/11/14 00:15:08 <TSC[01]; app > cafepress
2006/11/14 00:15:14 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> as long as he doesn't start sellin' stuff like this one website I was introduced to the other day..
2006/11/14 00:15:20 <¤LVHC¤SabLe> you think wmw would ddos ebay ?
2006/11/14 00:15:25 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> lol
2006/11/14 00:15:28 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> omg
2006/11/14 00:15:31 <¤LVHC¤SabLe> i wanna see that lol
2006/11/14 00:15:35 <ÐÊ/¥\ëñ']['ÊÐ/¥\uþþë']['> yes! put it on ebay!
2006/11/14 00:15:38 <TSC[01]; app >
2006/11/14 00:16:21 <LVHCSabLe> whole ebay down...worldwide because v44 mugs lol
2006/11/14 00:16:31 <ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lol
2006/11/14 00:16:33 ¤/¥\~\/~]Ф-LittleDeer216_61792 has left
2006/11/14 00:16:41 <¤LVHC¤SabLe> we should try that
2006/11/14 00:17:10 ?t???.&.Pi? is playin Pink Floyd - Leaning to Fly
2006/11/14 00:17:41 <LVHCSabLe> - we  + they
2006/11/14 00:17:58 <TSC[01];app> why do i get the feeling km would buy up all the mugs himself?
2006/11/14 00:18:04 <LVHCSabLe> lol

Friends of vladd please note that I intend to enter Glens own statement in any legal action, that his actions constitute frivolous litigation and should be dismissed out of hand, his own words condemn him.

I hope this concludes the debacle, its now fully clear vladd has finished himself as far as winmx is concerned, goodbye vladd, your site had been good until the smell of money took, rest assured you wont receive a single cent from anyone here, as all the cash goes towards funding this ad free site for the folks, poor guy :o

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2006, 03:03:28 am »
What a Disgrace :(  -  we have always known that V'ladd really wanted nothing to really do withmx other then chat functions, and of course the making money from adds on his website. creating problems so he can push any who ask for help onto his website. The Real Question is:
How far is He willing to go? spending his own money to bring winmx down? or just an attempt to have a go at KM? that whole conversation is ridiculous..... Pitiful even.. and if vladd does attempt to take winmx down count me in for any donations to help run and servers to keep it up for the people that use the WinMX application.. :)
another useful/useless piece of text.....;)


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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2006, 03:43:15 am »
according to him he thinks he's going to email godaddy and they are going to give him all of my domain names for some reason... lmfao

i think he is a little confused as to how the legal system works as well

first someone pays money to file a case (that would be vladd paying money)
then the defendent turns up and asks "what's the evidence" (that's be me, note the lack of any costs there)
then the idiot gets told off by the judge and told to go home
then the idiot does it again (paying money again)
then the judge asks what the fuck the idiot is smoking and sends him home
then the idiot tries to pay them some more money and they tell him to go the hell away and stop wasting their time of they will arrest him

...with minor variations in some cases (for example the idiot is sometimes known by other names such as moron or tosser)

or course the big question would be, what is he going to accuse me of? he does know that he needs to make some sort of claim of some crime having been committed before he can make threats, right?

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2006, 06:24:49 am »
Oh no oh no, vladd the money machine speaking again. He's mad that WMW and WMG have outclassed his help site and patch even after trying to deny that we even existed, now that he knows his tricks don't work, he's going to try more dirty tricks.
Vladd, it's normal that you get a JOB if you are going to make money. You don't make money from OTHERS' work, others work for their money, you work for yours. If you are going to file a case, what are you going to tell them in the court? Maybe telling lies in your own forum isn't illegal - but telling lies in the court is... "I want KM cut off because... I don't like him". If you are going to email godaddy about KM's domain names, what are you going to tell them? I believe telling them lies could be illegal too, but I'm not sure about that. "could you please transfer KM's domain names to me? thanks."
Vladd, I remember that you once were a well respected and important person to the WinMX community. You had a popular website, and a lot of supporters and followers who believed in you. When the caches went down, you blew it all for yourself. You can blame it on anyone you want, but that's just the truth, you put yourself in that position. You aren't in the position that you once were on MX. Even your old supporters and followers like MXpie have have turned their back to you, or maybe it was you who turned your back to them...
I hope you see that sometimes you can't put the blame on everyone else, but need to admit that you yourself made a big mistake.
You can't always be right, and you can't always be the most popular one. The nature is like once people come to power, they abuse it, and lose the power. That's what you did.


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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #4 on: November 14, 2006, 08:14:17 am »
I closed the rooms i was hosting for over a year cause vladd wouldnt and/or couldnt tell KAY to STFU....too bad....and all i got in responce from vladd about my departure was... " thanks for the warning " ...... makes me wonder who really runs that room.

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #5 on: November 14, 2006, 08:35:53 am »
Hi Cheify, it does seem rather worrying he has lost focus of what winmx is about, I have myself tried to help him resolve his claims of site problems but he would never come across with any logs etc that would help me see how any attacks where occurring (if at all ) since that time I have been rather wary of any more fantastic claims, this latest one is a disappointment to me and many others, to us winmx has always been something we have enjoyed taking care of, pre and post shutdown.

Whatever the future for winmx, vladd is no longer likely to be taking an active role, its not possible to make excuses for his anti-winmx words and actions, a sad but inevitable day.

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2006, 11:11:08 am »

Are Vladd's pockets deeper because he does not pay his child support for his children from his 1st marriage ?  And non payers are classed as Felon's, and Felon's are arrested in a court of law are they not ?  so what court will he appear in to persue this case against KM and QS ??  Is this also why he does not stay in one State to long ?  50k in child support is a huge amount, will it be enough to help his lost cause ?

Cheify you are better of away from him, he does not keep friends once they pass their usefullness.

Vladd never was about saving WinMX, he was only ever about saving his reputation and his income from his pay sites.............

And now he cant have it his way anymore, he is getting pissed off like a kid in the playground.............

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #7 on: November 14, 2006, 01:32:52 pm »
I myself am really sick of this crap coming from that side of the damn fence.. which i might add was built by them, no wait.. was built by Vladd himself and has kept many good folks apart for long enough now.

I don't know what his problem is but hes the king of public perceptions or was, ever since I have known him hes had a beef with KM over crap he was just as guilty of if not more-so because of his wanting to hide from his part in it. 

I have seen a lot of mindless banter in the last year.. hell most the time I'm right in the middle of it because of our positions here to protect and serve this community best we can. 
That may sound corny to many folks that don't know me well, but anyone that does knows that this community has been a second home and provided me with friendships that cant be replaced and I have good reasons for my wanting the longevity to continue. I don't usually post in such threads although i respect the rights of folks that need a place to 'sound off' as it were, because that has been taken away from them by places like vladd44,com.  So the fact I am even posting here says this digs deep.

What is he thinking?  If only I had a dollar for every time I've thought that in the last year and a half nearly... :S

Lets see.. if i had alienated all my friends on here, lied to them, coerced them even sometimes to my means, changed my story 500 times, made personal attacks on peoples character with no proof or reason even, blamed everyone  that didn't agree with me for being a 'KM Lover'.. saddled myself with the likes of Love aka Kayleigh, asked for donations for running WinMX help site, or taken credit for saving WinMX.... I am pretty sure that no one except some ostridges with their heads in the sand, would have any respect for anything I said from there on out. 

But this is the glorious Vladd, he can take his deep pockets and threaten to sue folks frivolously and get away with it cause he is the mighty Vladd.  He can lie to his closest colleagues in this venture and still expect them to be loyal and trust him, and if they don't he can shame them by making allegations and things about their character.  He can make up what ever stories he deems fit to his latest mental breaks, blame everyone else when it all goes astray or just Blame us and KM, continue to defend Kayliegh as a highly skilled helper cause the cyber is good, ask hard working folks to give him money for sitting on his ass doing nothing but running a room that as we can see he doesn't even run, oh, lets not forget that awesome help site where if you disagree with him its ok.. as long as its in the cesspool.. the entire site became a cesspool the day he put pay for WinMX ads on the site and didn't give a shit anymore because those bring in the most profit.  And of course last but not least he did save WinMX.. erm.. no one knows how.. but he did it all by himself.. just ask him.  What a piece of wank (said in my best Brit Accent)

So here we go again.. more false accusations... more threats.. more ridiculous statements from his remaining loyal subjects.  I'm so sick of it, I mean think about this.. if I had acted.. or anyone had acted this way then the list of possible suspects in an attack (I reiterate IF there is one) would be endless, but of course it has to be the Evil KM and Co.

WinMX used to be fun, the only thing we ever set out to do was make WinMX fun again and at every turn there is Vladd having some sort of tantrum based on his past beef with KM and nothing more.  Km has done everything Vladd wished to do and more.  Bug is not always the most gracious speaker in the house I will admit but he once said something that I think sums this up nicely..

Km has out smarted, out witted, and above all outclassed Vladd, and it seems to me he's pissing himself with anger over it..  His mighty Vladd days are over and like a athlete that just cant retire even tho its painfully obvious hes lost the plot hes still here making life miserable for anyone that isn't miserable with him.

My hope is this.. I hope more folks will see, as many have already, that Vladd cares about one thing.. himself.. his pride, his agenda, his bank account and if you cant help him with those then FU.  I hope to that people give this the credence it deserves, null, and move on doing what they do, hosting, chatting, downloading, and all round general MXing.  I hope folks will also see the difference between a fight for justice for one and a fight for justice for all.

But mostly I hope that Vladd sees this a an opportunity to move on to BitTorrent as he planned to do back last August before he saw the money making potential that WinMX downfall might provide him.

Oh, and btw.. welcome to the site Chiefy  :wink:


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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #8 on: November 14, 2006, 01:52:33 pm »
she is being serious - she even quoted bug :-S

stop being such a KM lover and admit the truth that everyone knows, vladd made the patch and the fake filter and of course the peer caches which he still continues to fund... surely everyone knows all that?

and if looking up the details of who the patch says it was made by, and who the servers claim to be run/funded by shows you anything other than vladd then it is clear that you are looking in a KM lover place and not looking at the truth

quick question: if i have so many lovers, how come i have time to make programs every now and then, or to post on here?

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #9 on: November 14, 2006, 01:54:36 pm »
and eat chocolate and drink know Vladd only wants your chocolate stash and your vodka don't you ?

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #10 on: November 14, 2006, 03:41:31 pm »
oh no. I knew it. The apocolypse has finally begun.

"And in the final days, all who do not bear the mark of the beast shall be frivolously sued. All shall wear the mark 'v44' on their forehead or in their right hand, lest they shall suffer the wrath of the whiney one, and be cast into the lake of bittorrents. And those who will not give their finances to half baked paypal schemes will have false accusations brought against them, and have no choice but to laugh hysterically at the attempted misuse of the legal system, some of which will actually bust a gut.

And when the laugher has passed, all those who have survived the 'time of the gut busting' will be subjected to horrible piercing sounds as the 'prince of paypal' dwells in his lair and screams for 7 years 'I hate KM! It's not fair! I want to be King!', and many shall yet laugh again."

See?! I knew it was coming! I tried to warn you all! According to the scriptures, the best thing we can all do, is:
Absolutely nothing.

So, if we wanna survive this very scary assault on us, we better stop worrying about it ASAP, and pretend it is nothing more than a stupid childish tantrum being thrown by an idiot with delusions of grandure.

I hope this valuable information helps all of you. It took hours of painstaking research to dig this up and even more to have it properly translated.

Best Regards, and Be Good!
A cat will almost always blink when hit with a hammer.


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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #11 on: November 14, 2006, 06:08:49 pm »
You all are tools.  Long live bit Torrent!!

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #12 on: November 14, 2006, 07:41:35 pm »
Many here use bit torrent to supplement their diet of files with Fanboy, thats not whats being discussed here, please read through the topic and posts before posting  :?

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #13 on: November 15, 2006, 06:37:33 am »
I think fanboy is just impersonating vladd, vladd says "you're a tool" a lot. :P


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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #14 on: November 15, 2006, 09:12:58 am »
To Vladd......

 who's been evidently reading this cause he sent me another msn message then logs off when done so i cant respond directly to him.....

 do what ya think ya need to do...GLENN... u dont scare all!!! responce is ... WHAT EVERRRRRRR!!!


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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #15 on: November 15, 2006, 09:16:43 am »
and thank u   Me Here ... for the welcome ... creepella sent me the link when he found out i closed down after a year of ungratefully and inhospititable hosting!!

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #16 on: November 15, 2006, 09:21:06 am »
Did he threaten you Chiefy ?   isn't threatening someone via the internet illegal ?  if so you can report him to his ISP  or better yet SUE HIM !!!   good idea or No ?

Tommy Boy

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #17 on: November 15, 2006, 11:12:30 am »
 None of this should come as a suprise to any one of you. Vladd has used and turned his back on more people than could be listed here. You don't see any old faces in his room any more well what faces you see are those of people that have been banned by the old regulars of the room when it was ran much better than it is to day. As far as child support goes a quick google of Louisiana Department of Social Services under the Delinquent Payors Looking under the C's you will see one listed in Austin Texas for $62,288.73 Could this be Vladd? The last name matches what has been said to be his by many people on winmx. He has said many times he is form kenner Louisiana don't take this for a fact but it does match all info he has given over the last few years on mx in his room and the name comes from many users that have been at one time friends with vladd . He was unemployed when he left La, to move to Texas and a friend gave him a job there and soon left Texas to move to another state i guess it was easier to sale his co. and move out of state to get away from vladd. Deep pockets i guess when you don't work and have no money they can get very deep. Its widely known that Texas is one of the easiest states in the USA on child support so its on suprises that vladd moved there.

 I would think there are many screen caps of vladd's page with the pay pal donation link showing that vladd has promoted the use of winmx and has tried to make a profit off of it,as well as the pay for winmx ad's, so any action vladd may take this could show that is from being outed as a scammer and is motivated by greed.

 vladd has not hosted his chat room on mx for years he has had others do it for him so he could have some separation from mx so he could stay clear of the law.

 As far as his web site you can see by nobbys post he has tried to stay clear of hosting his own site one can only guess for the same reasons.

 This all is about Vladd has been found out to be a lamer people say he has done so much for mx but all i see is some one that has built his credibility on the back of others work and isnt smart enought to even protect his own web site and keep it up and running. How can a person that cant keep up a web site save winmx?

 At one time one of his best friends one he let mod his room ButcherBoys was caught and is now serving time for being a pedophile.

 While he trashes religion he hosted Loves Christian chat room when he wouldn't host his own chat room on mx. He has crashed many chat rooms on mx and has been banned from many for no other reason than he didn't like the host of the room. Has had his ISP cut off his service for spamming a person he didnt like. The list goes on and on and now you dont see any one defend him like they did at one time he has ran out of friends.

 All the old regulars of his room that worked hard to keep the room and site up and running have left him because of how he treats people.

 If you had a room of old regulars of his room on mx today it would be one of the largest rooms now.This should show people that vladd can not be trusted , if his mouth is open he is lieing.

 Now he wants to blame everyone for the fact that no one likes him or trusts him.All he has to do to find out who is the cause of all his problems is look in a mirror.

 His ex wives and 98% of winmx cant be wrong vladd is a liar and a user.
A courtroom should be the last place vladd would want to see with all he has to hide a JAIL CELL might be the last room he sees.

 All this info has come from vladd's own words in chat rooms and google search and a few of his friends he has used over the years. This is the
reputation that vladd's actions have giveing himself to the majority of winmx users.

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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #18 on: November 15, 2006, 01:57:00 pm »
i guess the end of v44 is near... he seems to be a real mess IRL as well as on the web... unbelievable...


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Re: Vladd Threatens To Close Winmx Network By Legal Means
« Reply #19 on: November 15, 2006, 05:34:51 pm »
the end is near?

i think you're a little bit behind the times, the end of vladd was a while back - been to his website recently? no, me neither

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