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Topic Summary

Posted by: heidi1174
« on: May 19, 2018, 06:53:48 pm »

hello... im so glad to see this.. but i have no clue which ones i need.. im on windows 10. can you help at all please x
Posted by: Forested665
« on: March 18, 2009, 04:00:16 pm »

if these addresses arent vital to your internet connection you can block them, if theyre using their DNS servers you can specify new ones before you firewall them. And if your on linux you can ignore ICMP requests (im not sure if theres a way to do it on windows). Find a website ,like google for instance, open a command prompt type
tracert <address>
replacing <address> with and search the output for those addresses if they dont show up then they are not switches or hubs in use by your connection. if they show up i wouldnt suggest blocking them.
Posted by: schmidty169
« on: March 18, 2009, 03:08:07 am »

All of a sudden every upload is dropping like flies. I check my logs and guess what?
Source IP    Host Name      Event Information    UDP Port Scan    UDP Port Scan 62159 (various port #'s)
Posted by: Xman01
« on: October 13, 2008, 11:34:16 pm »

Yah looks like that is what is hapening I changed ports several times and get the same results. Thought it was me but then I noticed that I was getting ul from DSL users as well as Cable users some connect and get great dl speeds while others connect and then drop down until they time trading with a good group and theycant get or stay connected...
Posted by: Me Here
« on: October 13, 2008, 11:19:45 pm »

Sounds like they may be Xman01, Many DSL and Cable companies world wide do throttle :/

Not alot to tell you about it if thats the case, obv your ports are fine and your settings if the others work ok.
Posted by: Xman01
« on: October 13, 2008, 08:23:44 pm »

Help..ok I dont think I am being throttled but others are????   I can dl from others just fine..I can only get certain ppl to ul from me..I am finding that I can start and connect ppl w/ t1 t3+ unknown some dsl but have others that connect w/ dsl and cable and they connect and then speeds drop like a rock until they time out...
« on: September 21, 2008, 09:08:42 pm »

    Thanks for your advice. First of all, I have been using these settings for several years. My uploads were always fine, no problems where that is concerned, but just recently in the past several months my searches and downloads time out or the speed basically dropps to 0. I didn't  have any commas entered in any of my values, just my post. Sorry about that. Anyway, I did take your advice and at first when I disconnected from all servers and let all of my uploads finish, then  I forwarded all of the ports to the necessary values and verified that everything matched up. I could not get any seaches or any chatrooms, but all of my uploads were fine. Then I did , what I guess, I should have done in the firist place and completey shut down Winmx Completely and rebooted my PC. Upon, a restart the same thing starting happening again. So, I modified my dynamic IP address to a Static Ip and now everything seems to be working A okay. I can pull up about 1200 chatrooms and my searches seem back to normal. Btw, my speed/Bandwidth was never an issue as I test it daily at, which is the one of the best and free site there is out there for testing your BW. I have been a fulltime user of Winmx for about 10 years and really appreciate your assistance. Thanks for taking the time and helping out a stranger.
Posted by: Me Here
« on: September 14, 2008, 11:50:09 pm »

Ok well to be honest this sounds more like throttling but you have to bear one thing in mind about this, most ISPs in most parts of the world do some kind of throttling, so even if its not Your ISP doing it it can still affect you when trying to get files from those users.

One thing that strikes me about your post,
under Exceptions- I have Winmx1 tcp=16,699 and Winmx1 udp=16,257
The obvious thing to mention here is 'DONT' use any commas when you input the actual numbers into firewalls or routers, but you also said this:
In Winmx, I have the following settings:  TCP=5051; UDP= 10,000.
This will never work and if its actually how you have it set up I cant see how any of your uploads would ever start.

So you've posted in the WinMX Friendly ports area let me  give you some advise for ports to use

WinMX TCP = 52300
WinMX UDP = 53200

The trick is to be absolutely sure that you have the same numbers used in both your firewall, the router rules, and in WinMX > Settings > Incoming TCP and In/Out UDP.

The other thing I'd like for you to do while your adjusting things is to test your speeds with a script on site here, and follow its recommendations as to how to set an Outgoing Limit in WinMX.
This needs to be done with WinMX off and all web pages and other bandwidth using sites or programs closed, then reopen WinMX when its finished testing to adjust it as per the instructions.  Limiting your uploads to a certain speed can insure that not all of your speeds/bandwidth is taken that way and enough is allocated to your downloads.

Next I'd like you to make sure that your Auto Enter Que and Auto Find Sources limits are set properly.

Often users with larger files have longer queues and  this can cause you problems as WinMX is only set by default to enter into ones as short as 10 or less.  Setting this higher may mean you have to wait but at least your in line.

Again keep in mind here that files that start great and then peter down to 0.00 and then die this is a tale tell sign of ISP throttling, because your uploads dont do this, it leads me to believe that some of the users your finding for sources do infact have this problem, often will be left with a message 'Connection Reset By Peer' when infact its the ISP interferrance that is causing it and its no fault of yours or thiers, something to keep in mind.

Last you may want to go to a room and test downloads with someone that you are 'sure' has no limits or throttles and see what kinds of speeds you can get.  If you need a room to do this in there are usually folks around in the Help_BABA1354BABE

There you can go in and tell them you need to test download speeds on MX and if anyone is around that can help we will.

Let us know how you get along with all this...

« on: September 14, 2008, 02:45:38 pm »

Hi Winmx 'Special' Elf!

  Thanks for responding so quickly to my question. I have VOIP with Vonage, I am using a Motorolla router. Model number is VT2442.
  In the Windows Firewall, under Exceptions- I have Winmx1 tcp=16,699 and Winmx1 udp=16,257 and Vonage1 tcp=5,061 and Vonage2 udp=10,000. I have these same ports forwarded in the router. The default user and password is router, router.
   My uploads are fine-good speed. I only pull up 2-4 chatrooms, even though I rarely use them. My dowloads work for small files like songs, but on larger files,  I have to initiate them most of the time by browsing someone in my uploads with a tag in their Moniker of Mxm. Then my download starts and after several hours it is cancelled or times out. The speed basically drops to 0. On the otherhand, their upload is still going strong. I seem to do better with a Secondary connection, but really dislike it as I don't get very good results back on my searches. In Winmx, I have the following settings:  TCP=5051; UDP= 10,000. Also, I use SpySweeper and have allowed winmxm. I use Spybot-Search & Destroy and it is fine. I also use AVG and really don't see any conflicts with that either. I miss my good downloads. Thanks for any help that you may offer. You are too kind.
Posted by: Me Here
« on: September 14, 2008, 12:56:46 pm »

HI Silversujrfer,

Its difficult to tell from your post if your speeds are just slow on WinMX or if the transfers are not working at all for larger files.  Can you give us more info.

What rotuer (make and model) do you have?
In the windows firewall did you set ports up in that?
What happens to larger files that is causing you concern (be specific)?
How are your uploads they seem ok? or are speeds slow or do they not start (be specific here too)?
« on: September 13, 2008, 09:32:43 pm »

I have cable and use a router for my phone (Vonage). I use Winmx 3.54 beta 4. My OS is Windows XP and my ISP is Charter. Do you know any good working ports for the vonage router. For the past two weeks, I am been pretty unable to finish any downloads on larger files, but am able to get small files, like songs, etc.  I test my speed at and it seems okay, as far as my upload and download speed. Any recommendations. In the advanced section of the windows based firewall, I have verified that winmx is being allowed in the exceptions section.
Posted by: ice51
« on: July 24, 2008, 12:25:34 am »

you use the same port in all boxes Charlie

base host port and global range all need to match..
Posted by: natesuniverse
« on: June 30, 2008, 02:33:09 am »

Yeh I know it's doing it's job, Just though maybe winmx need those ports maybe for some odd reason but most everthing looking good right now. Only couple of timeouts.  So I'll just leave it alone.

Thx for getting back though. 
Posted by: Me Here
« on: June 30, 2008, 12:05:06 am »

well then your router is doing its job is all I'd take from that really, its meant to allow packets of TCP on a port you specify and allow udp on a port you specify (although udp can be more hap hazzard if your running primary, its not as specific of a protocol exchange) and to drop those that are on ports you didnt open so I would again just not worry about it too much for now.
Posted by: natesuniverse
« on: June 29, 2008, 11:40:41 pm »

My fault I didn't look at the log right the packets are coming from 6257 on the other persons machines and trying to reach mine on port 61028 ???
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