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Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on December 04, 2005, 07:16:18 pm
Below you will find a list of ports that are "normally" allocated to the application listed with them.  The hopes of this list is to provide users that are victims of ISP port shaping some choices that might help them to better use and enjoy WinMX.  I make no guarantees to these as they have to be tested by users on the ISPs that are doing the filtering, throttling, and blocking.

If you have any of the services listed beside the ports in use on your computer they will most likely conflict causing you to receive an error message.  If this happens you will need to try a different port for WinMX.

The ports are listed with the protocol they use normally.  Both meaning they are suitable for either TCP or UDP use with WinMX.  This does NOT mean that you can set them up in a router, dsl modem, or firewall as BOTH.  In most cases WinMX will only work correctly if you assign a separate port for each in your router, dsl modem, and firewalls.  The description of BOTH below simply means you may assign it for either for WinMX to use, not both at the same time.

That said keep in mind that you will have to change these in your router, dsl modem, firewall, and anywhere else you had to set specific ports for WinMX for them to work correctly, as with any ports.  If you need help with this visit the Tutorials section and choose the relevant pages to guide you.

1024 BOTH - Netmeeting
1503 TCP - Netmeeting
407 BOTH - Remote Control
1417-1420 TCP - Remote Control
427 BOTH - Service Location Protocol, used by Mac
548 BOTH - Apple Talk Filing Protocol
631 BOTH - Internet Printing Protocol
799 TCP - Remotely Possible Control IT
1352 TCP - Lotus Notes
1490, 6670, 25793 TCP - VocalTec Internet Phone        22555 UDP - VocalTec Internet Phone
1533 TCP - Virtual Places
1720 BOTH - H.323 host call
1723 TCP,BOTH - PPTP/virtual private network (VPN)
1921 TCP -  Netopia netOctopus    
1917 BOTH - Netopia netOctopus
3031 UDP - Program Linking, Remote Apple Events
3283 UDP - Apple Network Assistant
3389 BOTH - Remote Desktop Web Connection
3659 BOTH - Mac OS X Server Password Server
4747 UDP - secure phone
4899 BOTH - remote control
5000-5001 TCP - Yahoo Voice Chat
5000-5010 UDP - Yahoo Voice Chat
5100 TCP - Mac OS X camera and scanner sharing
5353 BOTH -   Mac OS: About Multicast DNS.
5631 TCP - remote control
5632 UDP - remote control
5800+, 5900+ TCP - VNC
5988 TCP - Apple Remote Desktop 2.0 or later
9100 BOTH - PDL datastream

**If you have other ports you think would be good for folks to try please feel free to post them here also.
Keep in mind that if many users are on the same ports ISP will often adjust the software they use to disrupt your WinMX, in this case simply find some new ports.  This is also the reason for this list, if we can spread this out with successful ports then, they are not as likely to be able to shape traffic on these ports.

Also remember that one user on an ISP may have luck with a set of ports that other users on that same ISP found didnt work for them.  Be sure if you dont have luck with some to keep trying.

Hope this helps yall
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Bearded Blunder on December 05, 2005, 02:03:39 am
I surveyed the Roomlist the other day to see what TCP ports were in use by room hosts (converting last 4 digits of hash from hex back to decimal).

I must confess to some surprise at just how much diversity I found, I'm tempted to post the result, but the list runs to approcimately 300 entries.. & I fear it may be a little long.

I mention this because if someone has a room open on a port, there must be circumstances where it works.
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: willscotn on January 05, 2006, 06:44:59 am
16698 tcp/16257 udp use here
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: KM on January 05, 2006, 07:28:39 am
in the vast majority of cases you can use any port number that you like up to 65535, in those cases most people would leave the default 6699, some would change to anything else... in some cases you can use almost any port except a select few (like 6699) so those would change to a random port and have it work, and in a very few cases you are limited to only selected ports, so then you'll have a list of perhaps a hundred ports that work to pick from

if only there was even more diversity :-)
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Josh on January 21, 2006, 05:29:46 am
How come it cant go over 65535 anyways?
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: c2R on January 21, 2006, 08:09:56 am
Quote from: Josh
How come it cant go over 65535 anyways?

Because in hex it is the last 4 digit number, i.e. FFFF  

If it was 65536, it would be 10000 in hex which is 5 digits.

Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: KM on January 21, 2006, 04:32:52 pm
the reason being because the structure of TCP/UDP packets uses 2 bytes for a port number, 2 bytes being limited to 65536 possible values (0-65535 - port 0 being invalid)
Title: Thank's But........
Post by: TGooD1 on January 21, 2006, 11:36:22 pm
What About those of us On A Voip router situation? I know Some of the TCP and UDP ports work - but some of the other's will not ie. dont play well with the Voip Router as A whole :(
Title: Re: Thank's But........
Post by: Bearded Blunder on January 22, 2006, 01:49:33 pm
Quote from: TGooD1
What About those of us On A Voip router situation? I know Some of the TCP and UDP ports work - but some of the other's will not ie. dont play well with the Voip Router as A whole :(

Then this is the thread to post the ones you know DO play nice, to help others..
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Stevi on January 22, 2006, 04:20:30 pm
I use TCP - 58202  / UDP - 61202  here and my winmx works great.
Title: wifi router FREEBOX FRANCE
Post by: Paris0367 on January 25, 2006, 07:10:15 pm
Hi there !anyone knows on which port can i share my files (up & down) loading as i am now behind a wifi router (France, my provider is FREEBOX).
All help is welcome, thank you in advance.
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on January 25, 2006, 08:49:27 pm

Have a look here for instructions on forwarding the correct ports to allow your uploads and downloads to work.

Follow that, and let me know if you have any questions...
Title: Cox Cable
Post by: RipTorn on January 27, 2006, 06:13:58 pm
Does anyone know if Cox Cable is blocking uploads?
They don't connect even with the firewall off.
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on January 27, 2006, 06:36:13 pm
Yes in some areas they are blocking or filtering ports for WinMX.

First you make sure that the correct ports are set in any routers or dsl modems, if they are or you dont have these then the next thing is the XP firewall, ZoneAlarm and Norton they need to be allowed in those.  If these are all matching then its possible your in one of the areas they are doing this..

Change to some of the ports listed above or others that other customers in your area have used if you know any.. change them in all of the above and in WinMX then start Winmx back up..

Let me know if you need any thing...
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: innerpeace on February 02, 2006, 03:13:11 am
Just a couple quick questions.  I have posted a couple times about my isp bandwidth throttling me and I found out a bit more from them.  I have a 3mb cable connection and my isp installed a QOS (quality of service) enforcer that throttles packets using TCP windowing.  They are limiting p2p to 6mb total in my 2 county area  :( .  Will it do me any good changing  ports?  And also, just a simple question.  If I run pop-up blockers, will I recieve messages from ul/dl users in WinMx?  Thanks again and keep up the great work.  The forums look busy and thats good! ! !
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on February 02, 2006, 03:52:51 pm
I am not as familiar with the QOS systems, I will try to find some time to look into them more, however its my understanding that many of these.. not all.. only look on certain ports for these.. this would then say that yes its possible to change ports and get around it.

Some folks have reported they have tried all the ports with no luck.. my response to that is 'How in the heck have you tried all 65 thousand ports  :shock:

So the point is the list here are some that they either shouldnt or wouldnt bother with, I am sure there are many other possibilities also.. Changing ports cant hurt you, and it may help yes.

Pop Up blockers will have no effect on messages from ul/dlers on MX.  If you want to block them you go to Settings > Incoming Msgs & Privacy > set this to never recieve or how ever you would like.

If your gettings messages on pm from idiots complaining about your uploads to them, its always been my advice to rig up a 'lovely' Auto Responder some thing like this:
"Hi, not here right now.  If your sending this message to abuse me because my ISP is blocking my upload to you, please send them an email complaining at this addy:  I have called and complained and fixed my settings to be able to upload to you and they still block them."

Just an idea.. cause anyone reading this prolly already knows there is an issue with ISPs blocking, but the many out there that dont are just jerks if they send you messages that are rude.. like thats going to make you start them if you didnt already.. lol  :roll:
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: innerpeace on February 03, 2006, 02:16:01 am
Thanks MeHere.  I love the auto responder message. lol  That's a great idea.  I did Google QOS enforcers when I found out from my isp, and that "technology" is sickening!  I will keep trying different ports then and hope I get lucky.  If you do find out more specifics of the QOS, let me know.  I get the general idea of it, but how it relates to my transfers is another story  :? ...  Thanks
Title: can't stay connected
Post by: MaKeLiKeFaGaN on February 11, 2006, 04:27:00 am
hi.......I was having good luck using alternate ports...but I recenctly had to do a reinstall winmx.......seems to be working but it takes several minutes to connect to network ......but even when I can connect.......I time out and lose the connection every 10 or 15 minutes
It will reconnect but it never holds for very long making it impossible to finish ul or dl .............any ideal what could be causing this........I'm using
  xp services pact 2.....have firewall setup to allow winmx  and the tcp an upd settings seem to be o k for getting around ISP throddling the've always work in the past.......just not getting a solid connection to network
could the patch I dl not be working properly?.......
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on February 12, 2006, 09:15:06 am
Hi MakeLikeFagan

What version of MX you got?
What version of the Patch do you have?
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: MaKeLiKeFaGan on February 12, 2006, 10:19:43 pm
hi me here.......
i'm not quite sure which patch I have I just did a standard dl from the winmx group  page.......I do know that it's V 3.54 beta I guess it would be whatever patch  that is installed with that installation.....sorry I can't be more clear...........thanks
Title: funny thing
Post by: MakeLiKeFaGaN on February 16, 2006, 07:40:44 pm here.....although I'm having trouble's mostly with the peer network.....i still seem to be able to connect to severs and make some connections in opennap    (strange)...I didn't think that was possible.....still not the stable connection I would like but a little winmx is better than none at all........
Title: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on February 17, 2006, 03:10:35 am
HI Fagan

I am having the same troubles at times, the best version is the 3.54 for this, and having that patch from is best for protecting your self.

I am not surprised about the OpenNap, remember when MX went down we all could still use those because they are a direct connection to the server.  I suspect that the problem is like most folks the primaries are being bombarded with flooding both from RIAA connections and folks searching without using the -user filters, causing many disconnections, which will then cause you to disconnect also..

For this there is not alot we can do about it except to educate folks about how to protect themselves from the RIAA if they are on a pie/hosts file fix, and how to search and not get the fakes flooding the primary...
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: GThiz on May 22, 2006, 10:41:22 pm
I am a Rogers customer and have tried several of the port combinations listed above.

My downloads are TERRIBLE (less than 3 kb/sec every time), and my uploads are about 1kb/sec.

I am *FURIOUS* and want to beat the shit out of whoever did this at Rogers.

Someone please help me. I am using winmx version 3.54.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Bearded Blunder on May 23, 2006, 01:59:38 am
honestly your best bet is to find a different provider, take your money elswhere, & tell rogers WHY you're changing provider, if enough vote with their wallet, Rogers may take notice...
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Rayne305 on August 16, 2006, 06:38:26 pm
Help!  I just moved, and I have a Linksys Network ADAPTOR....
I see no place to make any changes to this damn adapter ....
I can download, but no one can connect to upload from me  :(
I am on XP home, svc pak2, have been online WinMx for 3 years straight, NEVER had this problem before.
All firewalls are off, always have been.....
All suggestions are welcome, thank you.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: SamSeeSam on August 16, 2006, 06:59:23 pm
I would not recommend keeping all the firewalls off. That can leave your computer very vulnerable to attacks. It is nice to have one. Can you forward ports on adaptors? I don;t think so but I am not sure. Can you please wait until someone else more knowledgeable comes along.... If you can, then you will need to forward to forward a UDP port.
Check the windows firewall, that does have a nasty habit of turning itself on form time to time....

Cheers :P
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Bearded Blunder on August 16, 2006, 09:48:06 pm
if you've just moved, the chances are high (guessing) your new internet connection is through a new modem, if so it may be worth looking for the modem at as many if not most new modems have routers built in
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Rayne305 on August 17, 2006, 12:23:48 am
Well.... I am using Linksys Wireless G adapter.... I hate to sound stupid, but what modem... I am now on wireless....I uninstalled, reinstalled, changed port numbers back and forth... now I can't even connect. I am going into withdrawal.

My son is upstairs using wireless also and he IS connected to WinMx, thanks to me introducing him to it...could I not have enough bandwidth?  Do I have to toss his PC out the window so mine will work?

I am not using a router, just an adapter.... I am reading everything I can find.... :shock:
and THANK YOU ALL for trying to help....I am sooo addicted to this.

Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Bearded Blunder on August 17, 2006, 02:21:56 am
Your wireless adapter is almost certainly acting as a router even though it isn't called one, your best bet may be to visit the help chatroom & talk to us there Help_9F40E3D40D3D
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: nylly444 on August 17, 2006, 04:08:41 am
One thing you need to do regardless is making sure you're not using the same ports for WinMx on both computers.

BB is right though, your wireless adapter most likely acts as a router and will need portforwarding.
Have a look at it to find the exact model number and try searching for that on
Even a similar number might help you already as the interfaces to change things rarely differ much from model to model.

If you can't figure it out come back and post the model number here or come into the room where someone can help you with that.

(You can still join the chatroom without winmx being connected btw, just ignore the yellow blinking light, go to the chat section and enter the room id into the fiolter bar and hit join)
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: kizercountry on September 08, 2006, 11:33:21 pm
no one at all is being able to upload from me. can i get someone to try to upload from me how? i just changed my ports and i called my dsl service to check my router and they said they do not block anything. my ports was set on 6699. i have now changed my ports to tcp - 58202 and udp - 61202 so maybe that might do something. i have all my firewalls turned off so that is not it.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: SamSeeSam on September 09, 2006, 03:17:13 am
Put the changed port numbers in Settings> TCP connections
Make sure the numbers match
Also I will not recommend keeping the firewalls offf. Firewalls are a necessary thing when downloading things from the internet..

Cheers :P
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: ulchi on September 25, 2006, 01:34:09 am
i'm in seattle using comcast.
can you advise me as to best port settings
i can download but no one can upload from me.
i have tried all tuts/gone to winmx chatroom for tech help/
read all post and tried all various port settings
nothing works,,no one can download from me
any other suggestions?
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: SamSeeSam on September 25, 2006, 04:04:07 am
Check if ports are forwarded and if winmx is allowed in the firewall.... the internal IP sould be the same as when you forwarded the ports
I don't know if comsat is P2P friendly or not..... If not, then there's little that can be done... :(

Cheers :P
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: psycliist on November 17, 2006, 02:13:39 am
With all respect to all the whizzguys and girls out there... since the patches came i have nothing but serious troubles with MX. Apart of 2 user on MX there is NO way I can dl anything with a speed better then 2ks. And yes, I have changed port, prim/sec, reinstalled windows WITHOUT firewall, NOTHING matters, apart of the two users I am not able to use MX. Been to the mx help channel in MX, same shit there... always the same questions and no answers. Those 2 users I have dl's from 20 k/s which is fine... but anyone else is either impossible or a speed less then 2 ks. I dont ask anymore any advice as I have been "instructed" over and over again. Have the latest patch running (the multi) but as usual... It can not be my ISP as then I would not be able to get anything from anyone. However... those two damn people... Ah well.. it doesnt matter... MX doesnt work for me since January. I guess it will never work for me. So I use it nowadays only for chat...
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: SamSeeSam on November 17, 2006, 05:06:20 am
It can not be my ISP as then I would not be able to get anything from anyone.

It can be your ISP. DO your speeds always remain at a constant value? I mean like you are throttling them?
If yes, then it will be your ISP.
They either block winmx or throttle it....

Cheers :P
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on November 17, 2006, 10:47:25 am
Hi psycliist,

Thanks for posting your thoughts here.  I am curious do you happen to know what ISP those two use?  Since the inception of the packet reading software most ISPs use now a days that do throttle or shape, port changes almost never work, and its difficult for us or anyone to say 100% that it is or isnt your ISP.  We have had a few folks that have found that transfers from other users on the same ISP have no trouble and just wondering what your thoughts on that idea are.

Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: boiler on February 09, 2007, 09:25:49 am
Seems like more and more people are having their ULs blocked or at least shaped by ISPs using packet shaping.  Comcast, Cox, and Charter for sure are packet shaping high volume users.  Not sure what their criteria is, but they seem to be different in different areas.   If you can't UL your going to end up on everyones Ignore list sooner or later.  Changing ports won't help.
Changing ISPs  may help, but probably only for awhile.

Some other P2P apps obfuscate the packets so the ISPs software doesn't recognize it.  I think we need something like that to keep WinMX alive and well.  
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: KM on February 09, 2007, 01:04:17 pm
lol, the only p2p network to attempt that was bittorrent... which btw is still being throttled just the same as before
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: J a M e S on February 09, 2007, 09:26:40 pm
port 3 works... like km said.. most work but ones like 21 23 80 and others dont.. ive had winmx and rooms on all sorts of strange ports..  lp;
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: J a M e S on February 09, 2007, 09:30:08 pm
eh... didnt see the other 2 pages..  hahaha totallly random o.o
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: warrlock2000 on February 09, 2007, 10:46:03 pm

Well, I've been a WinMX user for about 5 years, and first off, it's good to see it come back.

I recently moved and had to switch ISP's, and my U/L speed is less than 1 K/s, with Rogers (the crooks)...I called them, and they DID confirm that they throttle the bandwidth for P2P file sharing. I let them know that where I moved from (Hamilton, Ontario) my ISP there (MountainCable) was a dream as for the speed that it let times hitting 500-600 K/s...yet here near Toronto it is the shits...

I'll be looking to dump Rogers' services in the very near future, much the same way I rid myself of Bell/ Sympatico services for taking my hard-earned $$ and not providing what I pay them for...Bell would try to lure you back with cheaper rates (after you dump the bastards) and Rogers' seems to think they can promise one thing, but limit you where they feel like (paying for 5 Mb/s, can't even get 1 K/s).

One of the main reasons I use the internet is to download entertainment (music, videos) and yet I have a slower speed than dial-up days...

I believe ALL users of Rogers Cable/ Internet services here in Canada should let Rogers know that when you take someones money, you should at least provide what you promise...nothing in their service agreement saying they'll limit what they say you'll get...some companies get charged for doing this, and I'm not sure why they are exempt...fraud in my mind.

I've tried changing the ports for UDP and TCP, and it just makes it worse. With the software that they use, they'll figure out which ever settings you use, eventually.

Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: J a M e S on February 09, 2007, 10:53:49 pm

yeah those ports work well on winmx, thanks warlock  :shock:
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on February 09, 2007, 11:36:21 pm
James I think you still havent read this thread.. its not just about ports and as Warrlock is pointing out.. there are NO port changes that are known to work now with most throttling companies.. Although, I do still recommend you give some a try.. its not doing it.

When this all started they used technology that worked based on default ports and so of course changing those worked until they found the new ones.. however, they have since moved to software that recongnizes p2p traffic by packets sent and unfortunately at this time WinMX is easy target for this it seems..

If your hinting that Warrlocks post isnt relevant it most certainly is.

I join you in asking folks that use Rogers, Shaw, Cox, Cablevision, Tiscalli, Pipex, and any other scum charge for service then lie cheat and steal compaines to let them know your the paying customer and thier issues with bandwidth use need to be addressed in other ways or they are not going to have to worry about it, because they will have no customers that really use the internet.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: J a M e S on February 10, 2007, 11:06:52 am
Topic: WinMx Friendly Ports?  (Read 5597 times)

Sorry i missread :shock:
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: BudCarFan on February 14, 2007, 02:14:32 am
I have Charter for my ISP. I cant find any ports that will allow any Ul's & Dl's...(if they do connect they are slower than slow).Am I totally screwed here? Is my only way to ul & dl to switch ISP's? Is anyone else on Charter and do they have the same problems???  HELLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on February 14, 2007, 02:56:42 am
Hi BudCarFan.. sorry to say.. im a Gordan fan.. but that aside.. i totally hate to tell you that yes about your only hope here is to change ISPs..

The reason I say this is as mentioned in other posts on this thread.. most (might as well say all, as I'm not aware of any atm port changes works on) are using packets to identify the p2p traffic and throttle you instead of just blocking or shaping traffic on default ports.  This means basically that all the port changes in the world cant get past the software they are using now to do this..  :(
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: KittyBass on February 24, 2007, 07:56:07 pm
It seems they´re cracking down on us here too. I also download torrent files. I just got connected about 3 weeks ago and the phone company has a type of net nanny installed into the network. It´s not on my computer at all. It filters out what sites it allows you to see and you have to ask it´s permission to unblock you. Now it´s blocking my access to these torrent sites. How long before they crack down on everything. Why don´t they bother the porn freaks instead?
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: j on March 29, 2007, 04:09:04 pm
when i go to port scanner why is it that every port for tcp is closed, but routed correctly?

Was working fine 2 days ago
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on March 29, 2007, 05:15:54 pm
hi J,

That sounds like more then likely you have had something cause your router to 'reassign' your Internal IP. its a common problem.  First thing to do is check that

Go to Start > Run > type in         cmd
Then say OK
Now in the black box type in            ipconfig
Then hit enter.

Now look to see what your IP Address is listed as.

Then go to the router configuration page and make sure your forwarded ports are set for that IP.

If this is all correct then try removing WinMX from any software or OS firewall rules and restart and try.

Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Amazing747 on April 09, 2007, 07:01:51 pm

I have a problem with dowloading.  Once a search is made and I want to restart an uncompleted file I have problems.  The file comes up yellow but when I right click or press the downlaod or mannually resart it hangs the whole of the WINMX program.  In the background search still continues and uploads still happen but I can't change to transfers from the search sections.  I can use the icon in the toolbar to exit etc but I can't download.  I have tried uninstalling but hasn't helped and I have tried reconfiguring ports but nothing changes.  HELP.

I run XP with DSL modem. i have the latest patches and run 3.54. It doesn't read patch operational in the top message box though.

Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on April 10, 2007, 08:57:04 am
Hi Amazing747

I was waiting for more information in the other thread you already posted this problem in.

This sounds like possibly fake files.. I cant be sure but a incomplete that you try to finish, if lets say it is a fake file.. would definatly lock up your winmx and possible cause it to crash even.

It would really help me to help you if you would provide us the information asked about your system.

Is your Update bar blank?
Where did you download the WinMX from to reinstall?
Do you have any anti spyware programs, or worm protection or things running when you install?

How much of this file is completed?
Do searches show results?  Does this only happen when incomplete files?

Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Amazing747 on April 10, 2007, 09:47:38 am

My update bar is blank.

I downloaded my reinstall from the WinMX World web site.

I run the AVG virus checker during the install.  Thats all though.

The incomplete file varies in amount downloaded.

The results show and the hang happen swith new file requests to download as well.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on April 10, 2007, 10:46:01 am
Ok Amazing,

Something is protecting your Hosts file not allowing the installer to place the correct information on it which is Patch Operational, This is what your patch should place in the hosts file (one entry for the update bar only). 

Possibly shut down your AVG just during instalation may solve this, however im not aware of AVG write protecting the hosts file.  Its usually anti spam or anti spyware things such as spybot Search & Destroy or similar that protect it.  In any case that entry wont effect your patch, it still works fine, its just harder to confirm that you 'ARE' indeed using the WinMX Group patch and that its in place and working.

Your problem however sounds more like a primary problem, so the next thing I'd like you to do for me is to switch your WinMX to secondary and then retry the searches for new files or incompletes and tell me what happens.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: SnowyKatt on May 09, 2007, 05:53:00 pm
Hi, I have recently changed to a different isp provider and frankly I have had a better chance at downloading now with the same speed then I ever did before with Rogers, the sad thing about Rogers is again they tell you it isn't them under any means WHICH I find to be a bunch of crock! what's worse is they told me to reset my modem, ok done that now like 500 times tell me something I don't know, then they told me to reconfigure my computer  :shock:.. alright now lets be honest you can only do so much to the computer itself before you actually crash it or kill it all together completely!!!  :?

Then they tell me that they don't put blocks or filters ON their modems because don't you know that isn't how Rogers is so now we're all back to square one again trying to figure out why our downloads and uploads just plain suck! ...  :x

I ended up calling them up and told them "look it.. it ain't me.. it ain't my computer and it sure as hell not anything else having to do with me.. it's you.. your the ones causing me this aggrivation I fork out over $100 a month for good speed and I get crap speed whats the problem here" .. only for them to sit there on the other end and go "uh uh uh umm well I don't.. I I I .. well I uh uh umm"  :lol: OK we heard this line before right ppl?? .. so needless to say for anyone who has rogers internet .. piece of advice from someone who had them for 4 yrs.... GET RID OF THEM!!! sooner the better!  :)

They got told along the effects to stick their isp, modem, service and everything else in between with their precious lil ol blocks and filters up their ying yang and turn it around a severe 480 degree angle then thrust it elsewhere...  :lol:

Why I stayed with them so long god knows but honestly ppl your better off just to change your isp provider to someone more reliable.. I got the same speed for LESS the cost .. instead of paying out that huge $100 a month I now pay out $45 a month.  :D

Just rogers has a lot of problems with their internet and I'll be honest with you all I am never going back to them again, too much money for crappy speed isn't my thing.. I have completed my father's 11 cd's in a matter of 6 hrs. with my new isp provider then I did with rogers which took 2 - 3 days!! UGH!! talk about lame eh?  :lol:

So yeah anymore problems with the internet like downloading and uploading change your isp ...believe you me you'll be much better off without rogers and paying a whopping bill for such crappy speed.  8)

Anyone Living in the Toronto, Ontario area change to Spectrum Global .. they are better... for first and last months is believe it or not $95 then anytime after that ... $45 .. muahahah!! good deal eh?.. half the price then rogers! WOOT and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my speed!  :lol: :D

Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: fraulein1987 on July 15, 2007, 01:56:40 am
I use TCP - 58202  / UDP - 61202  here and my winmx works great.

When it comes to knowing what TCP means or does, I have no clue.  All I know is that my winmx wasn't connecting and I down loaded the patch, uninstalled the winmx and installed it again.  So reading through this topic I came across this one I quoted and used the numbers in the port(?) and HOORAY winmx is connected. 

I love winmx and hated having it not work, I refuse to use limewire. Winmx never gave me problems until I couldn't connect. 

So it is working now because I changed the numbers to what this poster said. and it works, so I say thank you
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Post by: Micromecca on July 15, 2007, 11:44:21 am
1st time I've read this thread (i think  :lol:) and thought I'd make a few comments, there arn't any WinMX 'friendly' ports as such, in fact anything would work, I think the main problem people have is when they are behind a NAT router with more than one computer, port forwarding can become slightly confusing for some.
each WinMX client needs its own set of ports, different computers on your local network, or different instances of WinMX for that matter cannot use the same ports, the client needs to bind itself to the ports assigned and once they have been bound to one instance of MX, they are then unavailable for the other to use, hopefully this small reference will help people experiencing this sort of problem in future.

This is simply a suggestion and in no way how WinMx 'has' to be set

Lets use a really common private range -

Router IP :
PC1:    WinMX Ports: TCP: 26699 / UDP: 26257
PC2:    WinMX Ports: TCP: 36699 / UDP: 36257
PC3:    WinMX Ports: TCP: 46699 / UDP: 46257

By adding the last digit of the IP address to the beggining of the standard WinMX Ports this should help you remember exactly which computer is using which ports

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Post by: charlie101 on September 18, 2007, 03:36:59 am
I have a Westell Modem and I forgot how to set it so there can be uploads and downloads on WinMX I know that TCP is6699 and UPDis 6257 but what should I set the Global port range at. could some explain to me again how to set up the Modem.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on September 18, 2007, 03:41:11 am
When you set this in the Westell you should set it to the range like so

Global range for TCP 6699 - 6699
Base Port  6699

Same for your UDP set to 6257 - 6257
Base 6257
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: charlie101 on September 18, 2007, 03:47:10 am
What Base host port do I need
Thanks Charlie
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on September 18, 2007, 11:51:20 pm
you use the same port in all boxes Charlie

base host port and global range all need to match..
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: tylefouryou on October 13, 2007, 02:10:13 am
Just wondering if anyone is experiencing unusually slow download and upload speeds. The last 2 days I dont think the uploaders have been able to get of 5mbps from me on a single song transfer; moreover when I myself am downloading from another its been lucky to achieve that 5 as well.
So california area and verizon is provider for dsl service. BTW ports have been forwarded- just wonderin where the hell the speed went?
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Post by: aazay46 on April 02, 2008, 05:06:15 pm
i used to run winmx with a primary connection with default ports 6699 for tcp and 6257 for udp. then my hard disk crashed and on reinstalling winmx would not connect. i downloaded the multi patch from this site and tried again. now when i search it does not throw up many files as it did earlier.almost as though its being screened.  i have not yet installled firewalls on the new disk so why is this hapenning.i have tried changing ports and the primary to secondary but the result is the same.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on April 02, 2008, 07:38:50 pm
hi Aasay46,

First of all I suggest you have a read on the other thread you've posted on because there has been a few answers there.,5582.0.html

Now that said we need to clarify a few things here

One question is do you get any results on search even if its just a few?

If your getting just a few then may i suggest a small test, I want you to do a search for the term 'gwen'
and tell me how many results you get on that.

Second thing we want to know is do you have XP installed, this has a built in firewall?
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: natesuniverse on June 29, 2008, 10:22:26 pm
Hi, I am running a primary with ports set up as 16699 and 16257.  My router is dropping packets trying to come in on port 6257, just wondering if that is causing upload issues for others as I noticed time outs at the same time???  Sometimes I get timeouts sometimes all is good.  Not really too worried about it but thought I'd throw it out there???


Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on June 29, 2008, 11:10:58 pm
It is quite possible that those are causing the time outs but that doesnt really mean its all down to your set up, because they are not the ports your using I can tell that its the other end's ports and have to wonder if something on thier end is causing the packet to get dropped.  In any case I wouldnt really worry about it if its just the odd few its happening with. 
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: natesuniverse on June 29, 2008, 11:40:41 pm
My fault I didn't look at the log right the packets are coming from 6257 on the other persons machines and trying to reach mine on port 61028 ???
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on June 30, 2008, 12:05:06 am
well then your router is doing its job is all I'd take from that really, its meant to allow packets of TCP on a port you specify and allow udp on a port you specify (although udp can be more hap hazzard if your running primary, its not as specific of a protocol exchange) and to drop those that are on ports you didnt open so I would again just not worry about it too much for now.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: natesuniverse on June 30, 2008, 02:33:09 am
Yeh I know it's doing it's job, Just though maybe winmx need those ports maybe for some odd reason but most everthing looking good right now. Only couple of timeouts.  So I'll just leave it alone.

Thx for getting back though. 
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: ice51 on July 24, 2008, 12:25:34 am
you use the same port in all boxes Charlie

base host port and global range all need to match..
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: SILVERSUJRFER on September 13, 2008, 09:32:43 pm
I have cable and use a router for my phone (Vonage). I use Winmx 3.54 beta 4. My OS is Windows XP and my ISP is Charter. Do you know any good working ports for the vonage router. For the past two weeks, I am been pretty unable to finish any downloads on larger files, but am able to get small files, like songs, etc.  I test my speed at and it seems okay, as far as my upload and download speed. Any recommendations. In the advanced section of the windows based firewall, I have verified that winmx is being allowed in the exceptions section.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on September 14, 2008, 12:56:46 pm
HI Silversujrfer,

Its difficult to tell from your post if your speeds are just slow on WinMX or if the transfers are not working at all for larger files.  Can you give us more info.

What rotuer (make and model) do you have?
In the windows firewall did you set ports up in that?
What happens to larger files that is causing you concern (be specific)?
How are your uploads they seem ok? or are speeds slow or do they not start (be specific here too)?
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: SILVERSUJRFER on September 14, 2008, 02:45:38 pm
Hi Winmx 'Special' Elf!

  Thanks for responding so quickly to my question. I have VOIP with Vonage, I am using a Motorolla router. Model number is VT2442.
  In the Windows Firewall, under Exceptions- I have Winmx1 tcp=16,699 and Winmx1 udp=16,257 and Vonage1 tcp=5,061 and Vonage2 udp=10,000. I have these same ports forwarded in the router. The default user and password is router, router.
   My uploads are fine-good speed. I only pull up 2-4 chatrooms, even though I rarely use them. My dowloads work for small files like songs, but on larger files,  I have to initiate them most of the time by browsing someone in my uploads with a tag in their Moniker of Mxm. Then my download starts and after several hours it is cancelled or times out. The speed basically drops to 0. On the otherhand, their upload is still going strong. I seem to do better with a Secondary connection, but really dislike it as I don't get very good results back on my searches. In Winmx, I have the following settings:  TCP=5051; UDP= 10,000. Also, I use SpySweeper and have allowed winmxm. I use Spybot-Search & Destroy and it is fine. I also use AVG and really don't see any conflicts with that either. I miss my good downloads. Thanks for any help that you may offer. You are too kind.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on September 14, 2008, 11:50:09 pm
Ok well to be honest this sounds more like throttling but you have to bear one thing in mind about this, most ISPs in most parts of the world do some kind of throttling, so even if its not Your ISP doing it it can still affect you when trying to get files from those users.

One thing that strikes me about your post,
under Exceptions- I have Winmx1 tcp=16,699 and Winmx1 udp=16,257
The obvious thing to mention here is 'DONT' use any commas when you input the actual numbers into firewalls or routers, but you also said this:
In Winmx, I have the following settings:  TCP=5051; UDP= 10,000.
This will never work and if its actually how you have it set up I cant see how any of your uploads would ever start.

So you've posted in the WinMX Friendly ports area let me  give you some advise for ports to use

WinMX TCP = 52300
WinMX UDP = 53200

The trick is to be absolutely sure that you have the same numbers used in both your firewall, the router rules, and in WinMX > Settings > Incoming TCP and In/Out UDP.

The other thing I'd like for you to do while your adjusting things is to test your speeds with a script on site here, and follow its recommendations as to how to set an Outgoing Limit in WinMX.
This needs to be done with WinMX off and all web pages and other bandwidth using sites or programs closed, then reopen WinMX when its finished testing to adjust it as per the instructions.  Limiting your uploads to a certain speed can insure that not all of your speeds/bandwidth is taken that way and enough is allocated to your downloads.

Next I'd like you to make sure that your Auto Enter Que and Auto Find Sources limits are set properly.

Often users with larger files have longer queues and  this can cause you problems as WinMX is only set by default to enter into ones as short as 10 or less.  Setting this higher may mean you have to wait but at least your in line.

Again keep in mind here that files that start great and then peter down to 0.00 and then die this is a tale tell sign of ISP throttling, because your uploads dont do this, it leads me to believe that some of the users your finding for sources do infact have this problem, often will be left with a message 'Connection Reset By Peer' when infact its the ISP interferrance that is causing it and its no fault of yours or thiers, something to keep in mind.

Last you may want to go to a room and test downloads with someone that you are 'sure' has no limits or throttles and see what kinds of speeds you can get.  If you need a room to do this in there are usually folks around in the Help_BABA1354BABE

There you can go in and tell them you need to test download speeds on MX and if anyone is around that can help we will.

Let us know how you get along with all this...

Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: SILVERSUJRFER on September 21, 2008, 09:08:42 pm
    Thanks for your advice. First of all, I have been using these settings for several years. My uploads were always fine, no problems where that is concerned, but just recently in the past several months my searches and downloads time out or the speed basically dropps to 0. I didn't  have any commas entered in any of my values, just my post. Sorry about that. Anyway, I did take your advice and at first when I disconnected from all servers and let all of my uploads finish, then  I forwarded all of the ports to the necessary values and verified that everything matched up. I could not get any seaches or any chatrooms, but all of my uploads were fine. Then I did , what I guess, I should have done in the firist place and completey shut down Winmx Completely and rebooted my PC. Upon, a restart the same thing starting happening again. So, I modified my dynamic IP address to a Static Ip and now everything seems to be working A okay. I can pull up about 1200 chatrooms and my searches seem back to normal. Btw, my speed/Bandwidth was never an issue as I test it daily at, which is the one of the best and free site there is out there for testing your BW. I have been a fulltime user of Winmx for about 10 years and really appreciate your assistance. Thanks for taking the time and helping out a stranger.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Xman01 on October 13, 2008, 08:23:44 pm
Help..ok I dont think I am being throttled but others are????   I can dl from others just fine..I can only get certain ppl to ul from me..I am finding that I can start and connect ppl w/ t1 t3+ unknown some dsl but have others that connect w/ dsl and cable and they connect and then speeds drop like a rock until they time out...
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Me Here on October 13, 2008, 11:19:45 pm
Sounds like they may be Xman01, Many DSL and Cable companies world wide do throttle :/

Not alot to tell you about it if thats the case, obv your ports are fine and your settings if the others work ok.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Xman01 on October 13, 2008, 11:34:16 pm
Yah looks like that is what is hapening I changed ports several times and get the same results. Thought it was me but then I noticed that I was getting ul from DSL users as well as Cable users some connect and get great dl speeds while others connect and then drop down until they time trading with a good group and theycant get or stay connected...
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: schmidty169 on March 18, 2009, 03:08:07 am
All of a sudden every upload is dropping like flies. I check my logs and guess what?
Source IP    Host Name      Event Information    UDP Port Scan    UDP Port Scan 62159 (various port #'s)
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: Forested665 on March 18, 2009, 04:00:16 pm
if these addresses arent vital to your internet connection you can block them, if theyre using their DNS servers you can specify new ones before you firewall them. And if your on linux you can ignore ICMP requests (im not sure if theres a way to do it on windows). Find a website ,like google for instance, open a command prompt type
tracert <address>
replacing <address> with and search the output for those addresses if they dont show up then they are not switches or hubs in use by your connection. if they show up i wouldnt suggest blocking them.
Title: Re: WinMx Friendly Ports?
Post by: heidi1174 on May 19, 2018, 06:53:48 pm
hello... im so glad to see this.. but i have no clue which ones i need.. im on windows 10. can you help at all please x