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Title: Metis
Post by: GhostShip on May 07, 2005, 05:40:59 pm
Metis is a long running bot project by Bender at Mx control and is xml script based , which makes it quiet powerful ,but also not as user friendly as the simpler to use MxControl bot
You can get a copy of Metis here (currently 2.60)

And the sourcecode is available too

Theres also a large selection of trivia packs that are ready to use with Metis

for the technicaly minded theres a whole section of code snippets to use here

We hope to be adding some tutorials soon so any volunteers to write or help me write one would be very much appreciated.

And a Big Thanx goes to Bender for his excellent creation  8)
Title: Metis
Post by: Bender on May 08, 2005, 11:31:42 am
For people having problems with Metis 2.6:

Metis 2.7 test for RoboMX 2.0.
Title: Metis
Post by: JohnDragonMan on May 09, 2005, 12:08:16 pm
i would like to make a metis bot, is there any plugins i have to use?
and how do make a bot script i hear its hard to make. well i have seen some and it looks hard
Title: Metis
Post by: GhostShip on May 09, 2005, 06:25:21 pm
No plugins needed John just get the Metis bot installed and you,ll see its based on RoboMx.
The post above shows you the address on Benders site to get scripts to use with it, and there are example files inside the Metis folder in program files.
Title: Metis
Post by: Karet on June 06, 2005, 04:36:16 pm
John, Metis is pretty simple, especially if you know just the VERY EASIEST things of programming, not difficult at all  :D


I do have a question about Metis. (Actually more than 1 )

1.  How do I get the PM's to work with Metis? ( I can have sum1 send my bot a PM, but I never actually SEE the PM )

2. As well when I get get #1 figured out, I would like to use that feature for two things... 1. To have the bot be PM'ed a password and admin the sender if the password is correct ( I have seen a code for this but haven't gotten it to work due to #1) OR 2. To have the PM sent to the bot be redirected to me ( As well I have seen a code for this but haven't gotten it to work due to #1 ) OR 3. to have the PM redirected to me, but have the bot still be able to admin the sender if the passowrd is correct.  ANY IDEAS?

3. Another feature of PM's with Metis that I would like to fool with, is the auto PM <OnEnter>  I've seen rooms with this ( I came in and instantly got PM'ed by the bot by a wonderful little greeting :D )  I've tried asking them rooms but everytime I try, the host is not around ( or bot owner ) and no one else knows how  :cry:

Any help will be appreciated!  Thanks :D
Title: Metis
Post by: Karet on June 07, 2005, 01:47:57 pm
OK, I have figured out how to get the bot to PM someone upon entering, but I still don't know how to see a PM sent TO the bot...

For anyone else who wants to know the code for the OnEnter PM:

(I don't think it's going to come out the way I want it to tho  :cry: )

<out type="pm" extdata="%RAWNAME%">YOURMESSAGE (Rules, Greeting, etc.</out>
Title: Metis
Post by: £ºgî¢ on June 18, 2005, 06:41:50 pm
Surley you could display messages to the bot like this:
Title: Metis
Post by: tatertot on June 27, 2005, 01:52:07 am
simple on pm add admin command:
<OnPM type="script"mode="thread">
<in>example pass</in>
<out delay="100">/forcelogin %NAME% password</out>

<OnPM type="script"mode="thread">
<in>example pass</in>
<out delay="100">#admincmd addadmin %RAWNAME%</out>

hope this helps  :)
Title: Metis
Post by: Galactic Overlord on June 27, 2005, 04:51:34 am
But also remember this....
WinMX PMs do not always work so if you are using them for Auto-Admin expect failures in logins many times.
 Give yourself a backup way to login your admins....else you may end up without any....
Title: Metis
Post by: KM on June 27, 2005, 01:34:19 pm
Quote from: Galactic Overlord
But also remember this....
WinMX PMs do not always work so if you are using them for Auto-Admin expect failures in logins many times.
 Give yourself a backup way to login your admins....else you may end up without any....

at the very least it would be a good idea to have a second bot in case the first one drops out :-D
Title: Metis
Post by: tatertot on June 27, 2005, 03:22:55 pm
if the first fails, you could always make a <OnOpmsg> command
you wont be able to see it ofcourse but the bot will and ull still get yer admin ;)  


<OnOpMessage type="normal">
<in>example pass</in>
<out delay="100">/forcelogin %NAME% password</out>

<OnOpMessage type="normal">
<in>example pass</in>
<out delay="100">#admincmd addadmin %NAME%</out>

this saves u from putting a whole nother bot in the room, for the first one tho, in my wcs room it seems metis adds some junk chars to the beggining of the %NAME% variable, this could be because how i have the name text format set up im not sure
Title: Metis
Post by: Galactic Overlord on June 27, 2005, 11:02:35 pm
Use %RAWNAME% instead and that will solve your problem...

guess I'll add a few WCS scripts here and let you reference from them...


<out>%RAWNAME% typed /help</out>

<command type="script">
<out>/notice Rules:</out>
<out>/notice (1) #c?#No Cam Ads! ...this includes No Cam in your Nicks! </out>
<out>/notice (2) #c?#No Trolling ! ...#c1#This is Not a #c8#Sex#c1# room!</out>
<out>/notice (3) #c?#No Spamming ! ...i.e.: Repeating same msg over &amp; over!</out>
<out>/notice (4) #c?#No Flaming !...Be polite and you’ll get more trades!</out>
<out>/notice (5) #c?#No A/S/L's in the Room! may only ask by PM </out>
<out>/notice (6) #c8#DO NOT PISS OFF THE ADMINS!</out>
<out>/notice #c6#Remember these things and you'll enjoy your times here....</out>

<command type="script" usergroup="admins">
<in>!mute %PARAM%</in>
<out>/setaccess %PARAM% </out>
<out>/notice #c57#***#c4#ADMIN NOTICE#c57#*** #c2#%PARAM% #c1#has been #c8#muted!</out>

<command type="script" usergroup="admins">
<in>!unmute %PARAM%</in>
<out>/setaccess %PARAM% AaCm</out>
<out>/notice #c57#***#c4#ADMIN NOTICE#c57#*** #c2#%PARAM% #c1#has had their voice restored!</out>

<command type="script" usergroup="!admins">
<out type="push" extdata="Rndroom">%RANDOMNUM[60]%</out>
<out>/message G.O.D. %Rndroom%</out>
<out>/me prays to G.O.D. that %NAME% will be sent to where %RAWNAME% can find "Incest"...</out>
<out>/notice #c8#{#c?#G.O.D.#c8#} #c57#(¯`·._.-#c8#> #c1# Your Prayers Have Been Answered! %RAWNAME% will find "Incest" in a new Realm!</out>
<out type="push" extdata="Room" condition="2" lvalue="%Rndroom%" rvalue="11">Incest Porn and Dirty Chat _62B814430415</out>
<out type="push" extdata="Room" condition="3" lvalue="%Rndroom%" rvalue="10">incest: king and queens domain_5E2BB0180003</out>
<out type="push" extdata="Room" condition="3" lvalue="%Rndroom%" rvalue="20">Incest-Girls/Boys/Moms/Dads/Family_BD34C1D11A2B</out>
<out type="push" extdata="Room" condition="3" lvalue="%Rndroom%" rvalue="30">INCEST CHAT.. PUSSY & DOGGY HOUSE_1EA8E6450457</out>
<out type="push" extdata="Room" condition="3" lvalue="%Rndroom%" rvalue="40">Incest Chat The Friendly Room_835B4254FFFF</out>
<out type="push" extdata="Room" condition="3" lvalue="%Rndroom%" rvalue="50">INCEST CHAT DD'S PLAYHOUSE_723E88181A2B</out>
<out>/exile %RAWNAME% $Room$</out>
<out type="pop" extdata="Room" />

<command type="script" usergroup="!admins">
<in>*KICK me I'm a Camming loser*</in>
<in>*KICK ME!</in>
<out>Ok .... Guardian will Kick %NAME%</out>
<out>/Kick %RAWNAME%</out>

<command type="script">
<in>press %PARAM%</in>
<out>/me typing %PARAM% shows that you are weaked minded and are easily controlled by %NAME%, Who btw is leaving now....</out>
<out>/kick %RAWNAME%</out>

<out>/opmsg %OLDRAWNAME% is now called %NEWRAWNAME%</out>

<OnPM type="script">
<out>Recieved PM from %RAWNAME%. Answering now via PM</out>
<out>/opmsg %RAWNAME% sent this in a PM to Guardian.... : %PARAM%</out>
<out type="pm" extdata="%RAWNAME%">Sorry but I am not allowed to communicate with the outside world... Because I am bot... I have no rights or files or sexual organs or fingers to type with... I only sent you those messages because G.O.D. told me to and I'm telling him what you said....</out>

There you go...alot of these are useable as they are ... a few you will want to modify to fit the room....
Title: Metis
Post by: Me Here on June 28, 2005, 12:59:46 am
Hey Galactic Overlord, its great to have your help here thanks ...

While I am here just posting a hello, welcome message.. (I am NOT soliciting..  :P ) innocently just minding my own buziness... noticing that you really seem to know your stuff bout the Metis bot..

So, did you know we really need someone who ...
noticing that you really seem to know your stuff bout the Metis bot..

can write a Metis tutorial for the site's tutorial section.. *hint* *cough*

and yes this means all yall that been frequenting this happy Metis thread to give help.. giggles

ermm.. yea.. welcome to our world...:wink:
Title: Metis
Post by: Galactic Overlord on June 28, 2005, 06:05:49 am
Looks for man toting Shotgun............Maririage? Who said anything about marriage?

Thanx for the vote there Me Here, but am too busy building bots for others and answering questions in the Chatrooms and forums I

As far as a Tutorial on Metis....Metis includes a very good help file that if the average person would sit and read then they too could learn to script a bot...
the Best advice I give ppl is what is in the first post ...go to Bender's site and read through the posts there and learn from the many questions asked there and look at the scripts posted there and try to follow the flow thru the script and if you can do that .THEN you will be able to create your own. I started with the simplest of scripts... the everyday single responce script nothing more than a IN and a OUT....and built from is the small successes that create greatness....

OK I'll get off the Soapbox for

As always I'll be popping in & out. (pun intended) so if someone has Question I can answer then I will do that much..
Title: Some more simple scripts for wcs/rcms
Post by: tatertot on June 28, 2005, 02:51:09 pm
heres a few more simple but useful/funny scripts or commands

<OnOpMessage type="script" condition="?" lvalue="%ROOMNAME%" rvalue="yourroomname"> 
<in>access level set to 5</in>
<out>#backname Room-Security #message %NAME% has had their voice stolen!</out>

<in case="0">#bitecmd redirect %PARAM%</in>
<in case="0">[Private] #bitecmd redirect %PARAM%</in>
<in case="0">[Admin] #bitecmd redirect %PARAM%</in>
<out delay="75">#Nickname Room-Security #message %PARAM% has been ejected to a nasty place!</out>

<in>[Private] !AdminMe</in>
<in>[Admin] !AdminMe</in>
<out>#backname Room-Security #message #frostcmd AddAdmin %NAME%</out>

<in>[Private] !GiveMeOp</in>
<in>[Admin] !GiveMeOp</in>
<out>/setuserlevel %NAME% 230</out>

<in case="0">#frostcmd removeadmin *yourname*</in>
<in case="0">#frostcmd removeadmin *yourname*</in>
<in case="0">#bitecmd redirect *yourname*</in>
<out delay="500">#backname Room-Security #message #frostcmd addadmin *yourname*</out>
<out delay="1000">#backname Room-Security #message not to bright are you %NAME% ?</out>
<out delay="2000">#backname Room-Security #message #bitecmd redirect %NAME%</out>
<out type="push" extdata="path">C:\Program Files\Metis 2.6\Logs\</out>
<out type="push" extdata="antikickfilename">anitkick</out>
<out type="file" mode="a" extdata="$path$$antikickfilename$.txt">\n$vRN$\n%IP%\n%HOSTNAME%\n tried to kick, ban or set your level on\n%LONGDATE%, %LOCALTIME%\nand got redirect for it haha!\n</out>

<command type="script">
<in case="0">this room is boring</in>
<in case="0">yall are boring</in>
<in case="0">yall r boring</in>
<in case="0">this room is gay</in>
<in case="0">im bored</in>
<out delay="300">#backname Room-Security #message Then maybe this place will be more exciting %NAME%</out>
<out delay="400">#backname Room-Security #message #bitecmd printredirectroom</out>
<out delay="500">#backname Room-Security #message Enjoy the free ride!</out>
<out delay="600">#backname Room-Security #message #bitecmd redirect %NAME%</out>

//antikick  (for wcs hosts)
<OnOpMessage type="script" usergroup="!safelist" mode="thread" condition="?" lvalue="%ROOMNAME%" rvalue="TIMES">
<in>*/setaccess yourname*</in>
<in>*/forcelogin yourname*</in>
<in>*/kick yourname*</in>
<in>*/ban yourname*</in>
<in>*/kickban yourname*</in>
<in>*/exile yourname*</in>
//remove junk from start of rawname
<out type="push" extdata="vRN"><operator type="strright" lvalue="%RAWNAME%" rvalue="3"/></out>
// get new length of rawname
<out type="push" extdata="vLen"><operator type="strlen" lvalue="$vRN$"/></out>
//minus 1 from new length
<out type="push" extdata="vlLen"><operator type="-" lvalue="$vLen$" rvalue="1"/></out>
// strip trailing ">" from rawname
<out type="push" extdata="vRN"><operator type="strleft" lvalue="$vRN$" rvalue="$vlLen$"/></out>
// rawname in vRN is now ready to use
<out delay="1">not to bright are you $vRN$?</out>
<out delay="3">/kick $vRN$</out>
<out type="push" extdata="path">C:\Program Files\Metis 2.4\Logs\</out>
<out type="push" extdata="antikickfilename">anitkick</out>
<out type="file" mode="a" extdata="$path$$antikickfilename$.txt">\n$vRN$\n%IP%\n%HOSTNAME%\n tried to kick, ban or set your level on\n%LONGDATE%, %LOCALTIME%\nand got redirected for it haha!\n</out>

these scripts are edited for my room, ull have to make certain changes to get them working in yours, hope you enjoy ;)
Title: Metis
Post by: Me Here on June 30, 2005, 06:09:39 pm
LOL @ Galactic    :wink:

Definitely there was NO mention of Marriage..

Ok so no volunteers for give us a quick help page for the Metis... humm.. humm.. anyone.. ...

Title: Metis
Post by: Galactic Overlord on July 01, 2005, 03:50:14 am
Didn't  think so Me Here...just that post of yours sorta felt like a "Shotgun Wedding".... lol
Title: Metis
Post by: Me Here on July 01, 2005, 06:13:13 am
Well when the right people come around for a job.. hey Im no idiot.. lol

But no shotguns here, no pressure.. just glad to have ya round...

..and if anyone wants to throw something together just let us know..
Now back on Topic..

Title: Metis
Post by: °¹º-»ÐäZ«-º¹° on July 21, 2005, 02:21:57 am
Hi ive got a lil problem can some 1 please help me?

 Im hosting on MCS and running metis 2.6. I cant get the bot 2 boot when some 1 floods the room, can some 1 show me the code i need 2 use so i can sort this problem out?

 :cry:   :oops:   :cry:
Title: Metis
Post by: GhostShip on July 21, 2005, 04:40:39 pm
Hi Zeus is the bot admined ?
Its normal for most rooms to autokick folks spamming a room so I was a little suprised with this request  :)
I paid a visit to Mx Control and found you this great script from Zenar

//These names can flood 
<usergroup name="Safe" case="1">

<command type="script" usergroup="!Safe">
<out type="push" extdata="1210"><operator type="strlen" lvalue="%PARAMETER%"/></out>
//This script will activated if anyone made more than 300 characters.
<out type="push" extdata="1213">300</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1211" condition=">" lvalue="%USERVAR[1210]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1213]%">%RAWNAME%</out>
<out type="self" condition=">" lvalue="%USERVAR[1210]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1213]%">!AntiFlood</out>

<command type="script" users="*_BOT_SELF_TRIGGER_*">
<out type="script" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1212]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1211]%">/kickban %USERVAR[1211]%</out>
<out type="script" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1212]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1211]%">%USERVAR[1211]% was kicked because he flood.</out>
<out type="script" condition="!=" lvalue="%USERVAR[1212]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1211]%">Please %USERVAR[1211]%, do not flood again or you will be out of here.</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1212" condition="!=" lvalue="%USERVAR[1212]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1211]%">%USERVAR[1211]%</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1214">0</out>
<out type="self">!AFtimer</out>

<command type="script" mode="thread" users="*_BOT_SELF_TRIGGER_*">
//This script will wait 30 seconds to remove the name from the list. 0 to turn off.
<out type="push" extdata="1215">30</out>
<out type="break" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1215]%" rvalue="0"/>
<out type="sleep" extdata="1000"></out>
<out type="push" extdata="1212" condition=">" lvalue="%USERVAR[1214]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1215]%">Ok</out>
<out type="script" condition=">" lvalue="%USERVAR[1214]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1215]%">/opmsg %USERVAR[1211]% is removed from the list of Anti-Flood.</out>
<out type="break" condition=">" lvalue="%USERVAR[1214]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1215]%"/>
<out type="push" extdata="1214"><operator type="+" lvalue="%USERVAR[1214]%" rvalue="1"/></out>
<out type="goto" extdata="-5"/>

Heres a message that Zenar Wrote with the script

When someone types more than 300 characters, they will be warned and if it continues, they will be kicked and banned.
I've put also a Safe mode for your admins. Put their names in the usergroup and you will able to flood.

Cheers Zenar   8) ... and I hope that helps you Zeus
Title: Metis
Post by: °¹º-»ÐäZ«-º¹° on July 21, 2005, 07:18:57 pm
Thank u 4 helping me.

Yes i did admin the metis bot.

Sorry 2 sound very stupid but i copied n paisted that code in 2 the notpad 4 metis n replaced zenars name with mine. Then i brought a another bot in the room n flooded but it didnt get the boot!

Is there somethin im doin wrong or am i using the wrong tools 4 the job  :oops:
Title: Metis
Post by: GhostShip on July 21, 2005, 08:53:53 pm
Hmm I was just looking through the WCS tutorial, can you make sure none of your users are given any of these level settings,

N       Can use #NEWLINE# for multi-line text  
n       Can use /notice to send public notices  
F      Can flood   (allows more spamming, for sending lots of lines of text at once)

 and did the bot give a warning or just do nothing ?

Oh one more thing to try, ask one of the regulars to test it , that will allow us to rule out one more item. (remember to unban them if it works )
Thanx  in advance :)
Title: Metis
Post by: Galactic Overlord on July 21, 2005, 10:20:11 pm
Zeus you can try this script that I use for WCS...and it does work..

###Flood Control###
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no">

<command type="script" usergroup="!admins">
<out condition="==" lvalue=%TRIGGER% rvalue=%USERVAR[15]% type="push" extdata="16">%TRIGGER%</out>
<out type="push" extdata="15">%TRIGGER%</out>

<command type="script" usergroup="!admins">
<in condition="==" lvalue=%TRIGGER% rvalue=%USERVAR[16]%>*</in>
<out type="push" extdata="ip5">$ip4$</out>
<out type="push" extdata="ip4">$ip3$</out>
<out type="push" extdata="ip3">$ip2$</out>
<out type="push" extdata="ip2">$ip1$</out>
<out type="push" extdata="ip1">%IP%</out>
<out type="goto" extdata="12" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip5$ rvalue=$ip4$></out>
<out type="goto" extdata="11" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip5$ rvalue=$ip3$></out>
<out type="goto" extdata="10" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip5$ rvalue=$ip2$></out>
<out type="goto" extdata="9" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip5$ rvalue=$ip1$></out>
<out type="goto" extdata="8" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip1$ rvalue=$ip2$></out>
<out>/kick %RAWNAME% %IP%</out>
<out>/notice #c8#### #c2#Flood Control #c8#####c1# has kicked %RAWNAME% for flooding the room. #c8#Thank You!</out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip1"></out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip2"></out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip3"></out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip4"></out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip5"></out>
<out type="break"></out>


Now this script requires that the bot is Admined and able to see the IPs...
Also you will need a Usergroup named "admins" listing your Admins so they will be excluded from the kick...or you can erase the Usergroup="!admins" from the script and make it so it can kick anyone who floods the room...
Title: Metis
Post by: °¹º-»ÐäZ«-º¹° on July 21, 2005, 10:24:32 pm
Quote from: GhostShip
Hmm I was just looking through the WCS tutorial

Sorry fella im hosting on MCS not WCS

Quote from: GhostShip
did the bot give a warning or just do nothing ?

Did nothin man  :(

I have tried testin it myself n no joy aslo got others 2 try it n we had no joy.

Will the server b stopping the bot or somethin?

Title: Metis
Post by: GhostShip on July 21, 2005, 11:51:08 pm
Humm, yes that could be a problem, and my apologies for misreading the server type Zeus.
Its our opinion that you should update to KingMacro's WCS program.  
MCS was a great server but had a lot of bugs in it, as your seeing now.

The WCS is a continuation of KM's work on the MCS.
I think you'll find there are many enhancements on WCS, its one of the most stable servers that you can use.

You can download it here:

Hope this helps you out   :D
Title: Metis
Post by: °¹º-»ÐäZ«-º¹° on July 22, 2005, 10:22:26 pm
Thanks ghost ship ill have a look in 2 WCS

Ive seen some rooms on winmx that say they r hosted on MCS but when u get in 2 the room its actualy runnin on WCS

Is this a special kinda server thats only limited 2 a few rooms or is it available 2 all?
Title: Metis
Post by: GhostShip on July 23, 2005, 03:55:32 am
The server is free to all, KM is a generous chap, all his programs for MX are free and some of the older ones where released with the source codes for folks to learn how to program with too  :)  

If you get the WCS server you can use our tutorial and Joshs tools to help you do some of the setup.
Then I,m sure you may wish to include Galactic Overlords generous script into your Metis, no need to struggle alone  :lol:
Title: Metis
Post by: KM on July 23, 2005, 11:51:49 am
in terms of the scripts not working... did you type /bot in to the bot first? because from a clients point of view i cant think that the client would treat WCS and MCS rooms any differently - although i havent checked. But the lack of anything at all happening would indicate that perhaps you hadn't typed in /bot, so the bot cant see the text.
Title: Metis in 2 rooms
Post by: Gooner on October 16, 2005, 05:09:10 pm
hi iwas wondering if anyone can guide me with how i can have metis run in 2 rooms but have different sets of commands for each room??
iv looked at the mxcontrol metis forum and know its there somewhere but sadly i cannot seem to find it again lol.
Please help if u can :)
oh sry if this isnt the right place to ask
Title: connecting
Post by: Anonymous on October 22, 2005, 02:40:48 pm
Can anyone help with the bot connecting since everything, it appears that the only fix they have is for if u are using the pie patch.  i personnally refuse to use that patch and was wondering if anyone got theirs fixed.  i am using 2.60

Title: Metis
Post by: Maxe on October 23, 2005, 12:40:10 am
Close metis or robomx then just put the .dll in the robomx or metis folder, restart and it should work. Does for me.
Title: Anti-Tag For Wsc
Post by: EmMa on October 31, 2005, 08:56:26 am
im looking for a script for metis 2.6 to auto kick a certain tag on entry, i did have one script made but lost it all when harddrive kicked the bucket lol any help would be great also after anti flood for wsc with no safe lists so to speak
Title: Metis
Post by: Anonymous on October 31, 2005, 12:37:01 pm
go to

have a look in the metis code vault for both :)
Title: Metis
Post by: [\/\//¥\\/\/]The Omega on October 31, 2005, 05:15:42 pm
My metis cant get into my room because the name is too long. Can I do something about this without changing my roomname?
Title: Metis
Post by: nylly444 on October 31, 2005, 08:12:47 pm
Yes, just leave out everything before the underscore in the roomname :P

The numbers are your coded ip:port, thats all metis needs to join your room.
Without the underscore it will tell you the room name isn't valid though ;)
Title: Metis
Post by: [\/\//¥\\/\/]The Omega on November 01, 2005, 01:59:54 am
awsome ty soo much
Title: Metis
Post by: Røçkåfë££ë® §kåñK on November 09, 2005, 07:23:43 am
Is it possible to EXCLUDE a usergroup from a command?

If so how?????????
Title: Metis
Post by: Galactic Overlord on November 10, 2005, 12:09:48 am
to exclude a certian usergroup from using a script...type as so....

<command usergroup="!usergroupname">

the "!" is called  a logical not so anytime it is used it means "not"  ie: != .. not equal
Title: Metis
Post by: Røçkåfë££ë® §kåñK on November 10, 2005, 04:42:18 am
so could you set up a usergroup of peoples ip addresses that didnt activate a command?
Title: Metis
Post by: Røçkåfë££ë® §kåñK on November 10, 2005, 05:09:10 am
also how do you send a multiline pm response?

wot code is used to go to the next line?

#NEWLINE#  ???
/n   ???
Title: Metis
Post by: Galactic Overlord on November 10, 2005, 01:12:45 pm
Yes to IP usergroup and supposably /n is a carriage return  but it is a bug in the newer Metis it stopped working and Bender never fixed it....
Title: Metis
Post by: Røçkåfë££ë® §kåñK on November 10, 2005, 05:19:30 pm
so for the ip usergroup, how would u set up a command to operate if a users ip matched one in the usergroup?

Because surely <command usergroup="ips"> would check if peoples names match the numbers in the usergroup and not their ips
Title: Metis
Post by: Røçkåfë££ë® §kåñK on November 17, 2005, 01:26:09 am
would it be possible even?
Title: Metis
Post by: Galactic Overlord on November 17, 2005, 05:11:12 am
Yes it should work as a conditional statement ...

You would have to push the IP into a variable  then do a comparison....
look at DJ Bill's  automatic Admin script for his RCMS room ...he checks IP against a list....
Title: Metis
Post by: Røçkåfë££ë® §kåñK on November 18, 2005, 09:25:57 am
Ok, im not the cleverest guy on MX but i didnt understand it  :(

Mind walking me through the bits that are important??????
Title: Metis
Post by: Røçkåfë££ë® §kåñK on November 22, 2005, 11:03:54 am
Galatic Overload...
that is a very nice script, well written im sure, but 1 questions...

-  Where on earth is the relevant part i need because it has completely baffled me?  I see the end result i just don't understand the middle, about how u get it, and therefore which bit helps me!!!

thanks for your time and i hope u are able to clear this up

Title: Metis
Post by: Galactic Overlord on November 23, 2005, 05:37:05 am
LOL I understand your cornfusion.... Give me time look over his script also.

DJ writes great scripts but reading them is like working your way though a maze...
Title: Metis
Post by: Røçkåfë££ë® §kåñK on November 29, 2005, 01:38:51 pm
Your telling me!!!! lol theres more uservariables than people on mx and no commentary!!! helppppppppp

i can sorta understand bits here and there but im not genius like some of these programmers lol

much appreciated
Title: Metis
Post by: James420 on January 08, 2006, 04:51:21 am
You could just do multiple outs that do the same thing for each one but each one works on different IPs in the commands. That script that he wrote for the autoadmin is highly confusing. And I haven't even really looked at it much, plus I write confusing stuff myself. But most of his scripts has always confused me. But I believe there would be more then one way to do what you want done.
Title: Metis
Post by: were do i start on January 26, 2006, 12:00:36 am
were do i start to make a  config file ( if that is what it is called ) and were oh were do i put it to work in metis..  i all ready have a rebuilt room i just need to learn the bots and how to work them.  btw  my room is an FX server room ( not open yet. ) because i want the bots working frist.  Can someone please tell me how to get this stuff going?
Title: Metis
Post by: Gooner on January 26, 2006, 12:04:38 am
go here and have a read... u will find everything u  need :)
Title: Metis
Post by: Bearded Blunder on January 26, 2006, 03:52:17 am
start in the docs folder, there's examples & what's actually quite a good help file for metis.. there just aren't menu shortcuts to it.
Title: were do i start !
Post by: MR,TK on January 26, 2006, 04:06:36 pm
ok i am going to reformat ( again ) cos i think i got to much stuff on here and it maybe confusing me  so when i get back i hope someone will help me   1.  what to get frist.   2. were to put what i get seconed.   that will be good enough to start me off   ( i think. )  lol :?
Title: Metis
Post by: Stevi on January 26, 2006, 04:37:32 pm
Reformatting every time there is too much stuff on the system is bad for the hard drive. All you have to do is delete/uninstall things. Deleting/uninstalling and not reformating will help your hard drive live longer and function better.
Title: Metis
Post by: Anonymous on January 26, 2006, 05:56:30 pm
metis config file is the mxc file u put in metis plugin folder for version 2.70.6 or 2.6 addon folder
Title: Metis
Post by: MR,TK on January 26, 2006, 08:36:01 pm
ok i wont reformat ... i just wish GOD wernt so pissed off at me right now cos i know he knows what i wont and he can help me.. but for now i will do it the hard way and have me,  a bot for incoming private messages as people come into my room, a seconed bot for toys, like the bar, and other games...

oh  btw  KM,  GOD dose share on winmx all the time and he is ONE SMART DUDE!!...  I just pissed him off 1 to many times....

And  GOD  as u know everything happens for a reason and i am going bald learning but i am getting there slow but sure!

btw,,  GOD  that person that was in your room the other day only knows your ip addy cos there is a site that list all the rooms with name and ip addy of people that host with there ip addy posted...

 i think it is ( i think.. )
Title: Metis
Post by: MR,TK on January 26, 2006, 08:46:47 pm
sorry that not the right addy but it is out there so when i find it again i will post it so everyone can see it so if u host a room on winmx sooner or later they will update that list and your ip addy will be on it  ( if you host a room )...
Title: Metis
Post by: MR,TK on January 27, 2006, 12:59:28 am
I GOT IT !!!  I GOT IT !!!!!!

                          I don't understand it but i got it now !!!!!!

                                               :D  :D  :D

                                          wish me luck...... :shock:
Title: Scripts & Tech Lessons.
Post by: Knight Rider on January 28, 2006, 03:30:26 am
I think we all can ask for help (advice) without naming  certain persons/friends coz the final result doesn´t depend on them, only on our own knowledge.

I don´t have a clue about hosting , but any help I can bring here.. will be happily given.   Cheers.
Title: Metis
Post by: MR,TK on January 28, 2006, 06:46:12 am
ok my bad   Sorry   plz forgive me !   I love and miss all my friends!


                                  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:
Title: Metis
Post by: GhostShip on January 28, 2006, 12:28:28 pm
I don´t have a clue about hosting , but any help I can bring here.. will be happily given. Cheers.

Indeed Knight Rider, the community is strong and will remain so while folks like yourself offer to help others.  :)
Title: No prob.
Post by: Knight Rider on January 28, 2006, 12:42:54 pm
As someday i told you .. EVOLUTION.
Sometimes life forces us to "close a chapter" and start another 1, maybe it is (was) your time... Good will & positive energy must be always present to follow you across the challenges that life put in your way.

Title: I forgot something.
Post by: Knight Rider on January 28, 2006, 12:52:22 pm
As GhostShip said (and thanks).... the community remains strong while we all stay helping us , each one has a "hard" point wich can be used to help the others.. no matters we all have many "weak" points. If everybody starts to share their "best" .. very soon we won´t have weak points.

Lets keep winmx alive ... it is the only community where everybody can find a home, other nets were only made to download files.... but winmx was made to be your 2nd home, so  keep it running 4ever !
Title: yes i agree
Post by: Anonymous on January 29, 2006, 08:30:36 am
and soon i will be able to help peope also....

  :D  cos i am learning fast and loving every mininte of it and soon my room will be open with bots...

 it will still need a few adjustments here and there but it will be open soon

  and i am working on a secret project  that will help WinMX even more ...

and i must give thanks to GOD  for if it were not for him i would not be doing all this learning.... :shock:
Title: last post
Post by: ,TK on January 29, 2006, 08:44:16 am
that last post was from me  sorry i forgot to login...

  all my love to all my friends on winMX..... :roll:  :D  :shock:  :wink:
Title: my room is open
Post by: MR,TK on January 31, 2006, 11:58:45 pm
and all my so called friends don't come there like they said they would,right smiley!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think i will take up a new hobby !!!!!!!