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Title: leechhammer 1.2 and wine/linux
Post by: dabud on April 02, 2010, 02:44:09 am
opensuse 11.0 & 11.2      KDE 4.3.5            Wine 1.0

I was unhappy with the way mxmonitor was working in linux  [misses too many people with zero shared], so I thought I would try Leechammer.
I checked it out at WineHQ and although it was not listed there I went ahead and tried installing it through wine, amyway.  It did install and start.  [I have a log file with errors of the install listed]  When Leechhammer is running, it plays havoc with the winmx screen at times [makes screen jump around and flash], but it does pickup the zero files shared and boot them.  Just don't try and type anything or open a file manager, etc. when it is hammering. [It bounces you out] .  Also, for some reason, it clears my completed uploads [which I like to view, so I can see what is being uploaded.  Another thing is the print on the Leechhammer screen is very tiny.
I would like to know if anyone is successfully using Leechhammer in linux and what they did to correct these problems?

Failing help for above, is there any other leech kicker program that can be run in linux, that would work better [smoother] than mxmonitor or leechhammer.
Thank You
Title: Re: leechhammer 1.2 and wine/linux
Post by: Savage Blades on April 02, 2010, 04:34:44 am
that sounds like leechammer (screen isues etc)
MxMoni can be set to ignore users with zero files shared (min files 1)
you could set mxmoni to (min upload 1)
that will ignore anyone with (0of0) hack and all the other users that
1. either share junk ( 500 jpgs only) etc
2. All the users which have never bothered to open ports for winmx ( and there are 1000s and 1000s of these users !!)
They may even have 10 users in queue with (3 of 3) etc... but no-one will ever get a file from them.. (their ports are shut)
I have spent years messaging these users... offering help to open ports, fix upload etc
Only to find they ignore me for messaging them or just never get responses from... even after seeing same users in queue day after day, and trying again
only 2% ever accept the offer for help..
(now the only draw back of setting mxmoni to ignore users with zero upload is.. that sometimes it will ignore a user which has just come online
so to give these users a chance I click the green circle in mxmoni to clear winmx's ignore list when I am around