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Author Topic: Looking for a job? Try Google Music.  (Read 559 times)

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Looking for a job? Try Google Music.
« on: August 30, 2010, 06:57:27 am »

“Is there anything upon which Google has not cast a covetous eye?” – p2pnet asked yesterday on the news that Gargle is going after Skype.

Not much, that’s for sure.

By way of example, as we said recently, it also wants to replace the various corporate music ’services’ in a Googly way.

But that shouldn’t be too difficult. There aren’t any.

There’s Apple’s loss-leading (or barely-breaking-even) iTunes. But it isn’t really a music ’service’: it’s the online loader for its iPod, paid for by users.

Then there’s Crapster. Or, rather, there isn’t. And there are two or three more other nowhere self-serving corporate offerings.

To all intents and purposes, only the P2P networks an indie sites are truly serving the music-loving masses.

But Gargoyle plans to change that. As p2pnet pointed out recently, it already has a music site in China, and now it’s close to establishing one in the US, “with frightening implications for anyone who cares about online privacy and freedom”.

Picture this, we said: “Google in bed with Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony Music and the likes of their RIAA, BPI, IFPI, etc and so on. Think about it. The company already has uncontrollable lust for user data. Think about it again.”

Now Gurgle is “casting about for an executive to run its music service, which doesn’t actually exist yet”, says All Things Digital, going on

“Industry sources tell me Google has talked to several digital media executives about the job, but has yet to hire anyone.”

Could that be you?

Meanwhile, “what, exactly, is Google Music going to be?” the story asks, answering:

“Most music executives I talk to imagine that Google would eventually like to run a cloud-based streaming music service. But my hunch is that Google’s initial plan will be a less-ambitious download store, a la Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes … ”

Our picture shows Groople boss Eric ‘Mr Data’ Schmidt (centre) sharing a chuckle with Doug Morris, Universal Music Group CEO (left) and Sony Music chief  Rolf Schmidt-Holtz.

A more unsavoury trio it’s hard to imagine.

So there you go. If you are ruthless and enjoy screwing the public, it's just the job for you.  :gum:

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