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Author Topic: Dont Share These Files in the United Kingdom  (Read 556 times)

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Dont Share These Files in the United Kingdom
« on: September 30, 2010, 01:34:03 pm »
If you're still trying to wrap your head around the massive email leak from the ACS:Law website, you're among thousands of Britons in good company. The data is still trickling in, but it seems at least  5,000 Sky Broadband customers and nearly 500 BT customers are confronting the reality that their personally identifiable information was leaked online. It should be noted the total number could be much higher. This only includes the information neatly wrapped in Excel spreadsheets - and not the various other emails and other documents containing personal information.

Interestingly, ACS:Law isn't totally to blame for this data breach - the ISPs who sent the information are also culpable. How so? When these ISPs sent Crossley the information, they didn't bother to encrypt the data they sent either. Thanks to this carelessness, thousands of Britons must scramble to protect their identities by locking down their financial accounts. With their names, addresses and other personally identifiably information in the wild, the threat of identity theft is very real.

So you may wonder what titles are getting people in trouble in the United Kingdom. The question has been made markedly easier thanks to the data breach. ACS:Law works closely with producer MediaCAT, a German company in the pornography business. Here at Slyck, we've compiled a rather extensive list of titles that ACS:Law has been directed by its clients to monitor. We warn you, the titles are quite graphic on some, but arming yourself with the proper knowledge may prevent legal issues and cut off ACS:Law and MediaCAT's monetary stream.

Keep in mind, this isn't a complete list - there are some titles that ACS:Law pursued earlier in their campaign that are not longer sought after. While avoiding these titles could make life difficult for lawyers looking to turn alleged piracy into profit, discontent UK residents continue their protest.
Stay Away From These Titles
Pirates release ACS:Law 'megapack' of music, tell Andrew Crossley where to shove his letters

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