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Author Topic: HADOPI Receives 25,000 Infringement Reports per Day  (Read 484 times)

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HADOPI Receives 25,000 Infringement Reports per Day
« on: October 25, 2010, 04:13:22 pm »

When the French govt created the HADOPI to be at the head of the three-strikes anti-piracy system it didn’t probably suspect how busy its agency would be.

According to Billboard, HADOPI receives 25,000 music related copyright infringements each and every day.

How HADOPI will change the fate of digital sales in France is still a big question mark (although we are among those who think this is far from being the right solution to optimize sales). French labels trade body director general David El Sayegh, says it is too early for an estimation in this respect.

The French ‘three strikes’ model allows copyright owners to track online infringements and report the related IP addresses to HADOPI. The agency can then order the ISP to reveal the identity of the end users suspected of illegal file sharing and ultimately follow with a warning message by email via the ISP.

While HADOPI initially expected a torrent of complaints to be reported on their hotline after the ‘three strikes’ warnings started to flood, it seems that the well known rebellious nature of French people was rather tamed so far. Should this spell ‘resignation’?

Keeping this daily rate of reported infringements in mind, a few questions need answering. Who is checking that the facts in these cases are correct? Certainly there will be no court in France that can process that number of cases daily. Taking this to it's logical conclusion, how long will ISP's want to lose customers at anything like that daily rate once disconnections are insisted on. Future developments should be interesting to say the least.  :gum:   

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