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Author Topic: Belated Merry Xmas To All & Happy New Years Wishes  (Read 8395 times)

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Re: Belated Merry Xmas To All & Happy New Years Wishes
« Reply #60 on: January 01, 2011, 02:31:16 am »
Ever heard of IRC? - Sounds like you just want a chatroom Ghostship.

This, from the same guy who said in his own room, just over a month ago..

23:34:58 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· who cares about WPN
23:35:12 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· find a better P2P protocol and add it in to ur chat client and call it MX2 lol


23:35:39 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· I got some motivation for u josh
23:35:47 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· u could have millions of users 
23:35:52 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· and u can put ads on ur website
23:35:55 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· and make like $400 a month
23:35:56 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· from it
23:35:58 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· lol
23:35:59 <®ÊN Ñíçk§t讫´][`§»> :O 
23:36:05 <®ÊN Ñíçk§t讫´][`§»> ew adds not going to ur site
23:36:12 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· nick stfu
23:36:12 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· lol
23:36:14 ····  ®ÊN  Pri  {5*}  ···· u want a client or not

This is how much this guy Pri, who hasn't stopped singing the praises of bittorrent since this thread began, cares about WinMx.

And as I said in his room, in repsonse to this drivel...

23:37:15 <  Knot4Prophet  ™> mx is in an enviable position of having no central authority for the RIAA to sue, and with the fall of Limewire and other p2p's, the viability of mx will only increase

Speed and classification aren't the only important factors for people downloading files on the internet using p2p programs.  Soulseek, Ares, Frostwire and other non-torrent p2p networks are still popular and viable, despite any alleged advantages of torrent programs.  The reason for this is that most people downloading files aren't addicted to television like Pri and some of his cronies may well be, and they don't much care about waiting a bit to get a file.

I know 'cause I'm one of 'em.  ;)

I applaud Quickz for his attempts to recruit some brainstormers to maintain and increase the long term viability of WinMx.  Multi-port downloading is a real selling point of WinMx, a service SoulSeek still doesn't deliver, despite its own ongoing success as a p2p client.  Also, the rich chat component to WinMx is as functional or more so, than any other p2p chat/irc rooms, and also WinMx affords the only totally unrestricted chat environment, again due to its lack of any central authority.

The fact that you have no choice but to immediately begin sharing a bits of a file on torrents, makes them unattractive to many.

But there are no magic bullets to launch WinMx back to the forefront of p2p file sharing.  A consistent presence on the internet, of WinMx's availability and viability, are of paramount importance to keeping WinMx alive.  A unified presentation across diverse WinMx groups & websites will help to keep WinMx a cohesive, and not self-destructive, force.  Working together for solutions and not bickering over whether WinMx is viable is the only way forward.

If you don't believe WinMx is viable, then get the fuck out.

Happy New Years.  :)

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

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Re: Belated Merry Xmas To All & Happy New Years Wishes
« Reply #61 on: January 01, 2011, 04:52:17 am »
The speed argument in favour of BT is pissing me off...
wanna see speed?
Go search out a popular pr0n file, start it and then 'Find Sources', man your queue will grow like crazy and you can have ur lovely smutty file in moments...
I have watched crap come down by torrents that took way longer, no not my file, not my torrent, but it still took him overnight.
Point is, Horses for Courses, and for certain ones of you,
                                                                                                WHERE IS YOUR LOYALTY???
What you think is important is rarely urgent
But what you think is Urgent is rarely important

Just remember that...

Offline GhostShip

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Re: Belated Merry Xmas To All & Happy New Years Wishes
« Reply #62 on: January 01, 2011, 09:56:23 am »
Josh aka Bieb aka Simba, I don't want to start the new year off by doing something I don't want to have to do, I ask you to apologise for calling me a liar or stay away from this site, I have written many technical  descriptions of how the network operates and filtering an IP is not the same as filtering a file, you cant pretend that filesharers fall into groups of all infringing ones or all non infringing ones and on an individual basis its not possible to filter a file entry, I repeat we cant filter files and Pri and your self are digging your self a pit to claim so.

I like both of you and I,m not malicious so before you force my hand I have a simple idea for us to move forward in a more positive manner, I ask you to post the technical method of how anyone could filter a file and I will reply based on why its not possible, if you cant do this then I think its only fair you apologise as we cant go forward as friends with open hostility, your both aware that if it was possible for someone to filter files there is the possibility of lawsuits for certain people and thus for me is a major claim you are both making and it needs to be dealt with in public and resolved.

I await your next post in the hope that you will both see that blocking an IP is not the same as blocking an individual file, there are many reasons why this statement is flawed but it fails even the simple plain english test an IP is not a file its an IP and can be changed in seconds and please remember that your whole premise of mentioning the blocklist to undertake this would mean such IP blocking would require someone to work unpaid for the rights holders (thus in a de facto way claiming authority over the network) and find IPs to block and overnight folks would edit the patch ini file and simply turn the blocklist off thus neutralising even that pretend hypothesis, has this not registered with you guys ?  

Please draw back from confrontation, there is no shame in being wrong as even I have made honest mistakes, the difference in where we go from here is in we can either learn from each other or choose not to, please think seriously about your next post and help me show you just why its not realistic to filter a file without changing the network, something the users would reject in any case.


Offline White Stripes

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Re: Belated Merry Xmas To All & Happy New Years Wishes
« Reply #63 on: January 01, 2011, 02:42:11 pm »
Quote from: bluey
  WHERE IS YOUR LOYALTY??? got trampled in the constant arguments, the foul words sent over PMs, the lack of oddball content, and the inability to run MX in the background on dialup...

ive found it better to have 'impersonal' file transfer software....

as for the 'hey you gotta check this out' factor ... magnet links can be sent over IRC, AIM and even SMS...

...thanks for all the fish...

Offline GhostShip

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Re: Belated Merry Xmas To All & Happy New Years Wishes
« Reply #64 on: January 01, 2011, 03:52:04 pm »
On the topic of bickering and fighting Stripes, I actually find it a big waste of my time to have to come here to put the case across for some things but lets be honest if I didn't who would ?

As you would be the first to agree if we allow folks to make false claims repeatedly we end up with many folks being mislead and zero in the way of peer review of facts, so while I agree 100% we don't need to be wasting such time the fact is someone has to and I,m the one who does it best I hope, I did start the topic here on a positive note and its been a shame its been hijacked by folks who think their negative opinion matters more than anyone else's but thems the breaks in running a forum I suppose.

Have a happy new year  :)

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