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Author Topic: nylly "loses" it  (Read 2323 times)

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nylly "loses" it
« on: June 15, 2011, 05:17:38 pm »
Dear Users...

Allright people - I did lose it..... my patience that is.

After being a member here for almost 6 years surely it's allowed to lose my patience every now and then?

Last night I was at a point where I really wanted to throw in the towel so to speak.
I was - and still am - really fed up with all the abuse that has been thrown at us admins personally.

Some people have complained that all the nice people have left WMW - why do you think they've left?
Usually it's the nice people that take things like the constant abuse to heart the most - ever think about that?

Some people are like vultures, circling above, waiting for any weak points to attack.
As vultures only go after the dead they've gotta wait for a while yet in my case though cause I'm still very much alive and won't go down without a fight!

I will certainly think long and hard about how much of my time I will give to winmx in the future though.
It seems all the good people tend to have jobs and a real life and thus less time to take care of winmx.

Now maybe winmx may be dying - but I for one don't want to have it go out and be remembered as the network that was taken down by so-called "users".
So-called because I don't think someone whose whole purpose in life seems to be to take down WinMXWorld and winmx itself is only a means to that effect for them.
It took me a while to realise that I would've been working right into their hands by leaving too.

So let me state this once and for all:

I totally agree with what WinMxWorld is and what it stands for and I will try to contribute as much as I can.

That doesn't mean I think there haven't been made any mistakes or anything - but I do believe that whatever has been done was in the sincere intention to help ALL the users.

I see that as the main difference to those trying to take us down:
They only want to destroy everything we've worked for because of some personal vendetta against some members of wmw.
What they don't get - and probably even can't get because it's a foreign concept to them - is that we are a community.
That's a group of people working together to try and achieve something.

I have't seen any of those complaining about us do soemthing to actually help with the current situation.
We get demands to get rid of one person and everything will be allright. ...Will it?

How can some personal dislike (or hate?) measure up to keeping thousands of users from enjoying their favorite file sharing program?

Some blame us for not giving in to whatever demands have been made - did it ever occur to you that this is only possible for one simple reason:

Because we actually care what happens to the users?

If we didn't care and were as evil and bad as people like to make us out to be - wouldn't we just give in and say fuck it all?
Surely it would be much easier - till the next demand would be made and the next attack would be started at least....

I don't have a problem if someone doesn't like WMW and decides to go somewere else and use another patch - fine by me as long as they enjoy winmx
and try to do their share of protecting the network by using a patch that blocks known offenders and helps protecting the whole network.
There will always be discussions about who those are and what offense is worthe of being blocked - fine.
If there'd be a group willing to join in the winmx community consisting of Pie and wmw and run their own caches and blocklist - fine as well as far as I'm concerned.
I do NOT see any efforts in that regard though - all I see is a will to destroy WinMxWolrd - even if it means taking down the whole network with it.

It seems nobody is willing to see that we, too are humans wtih strengths and weaknesses - even if right now all we're getting for our efforts to keep this network alive and kicking is abuse and downtalking.

It hurts, let me tell you - it hurts a lot. The trick is to stand back up and fight though.
How and when is another matter but I will not join those who can only hate and destroy and instead I'll try to help the community the best way I can, even if I may not be available in the help room for a long time now thanks to some vultures...

I will seek out my many friends on winmx and try to actually have some fun with the people I like - most users coming to abuse our help room don't fall into that category though so I won't be around much in there - or on here for that matter.

I've always been a person who likes to stay in the background and do their thing undisturbed from the public eye and that's what I'll continue doing the best I can.


PS: I will lock this thread to prevent all the discussing and hate that will otherwise be sent our way again, take this as just me, stating my mind out in the open for once.
      Feel free to discuss all the things I got wrong in your opinion elsewhere, I'm sick to dead of having to read those things.
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