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Author Topic: Cloud security will turn cyber criminals professional  (Read 487 times)

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Cloud security will turn cyber criminals professional
« on: June 20, 2011, 08:13:41 am »

IN A REFRESHING CHANGE, Eugene Kaspersky pointed to a rosy future for consumer endpoint security due to the use of cloud technology, but it's not looking too good for the business world.

Pointing to the Kloud security network used by his company's own software, along with Symantec's Quorum, McAfee's Global Threat Intelligence and the Smart Protection Network from Trend Micro, the Kaspersky Lab CEO said he hopes that cloud security will become an industry standard.

"The top players in security already have this technology in their products," said Kaspersky. "And we're sure that the rest of the industry will join."

Security in cloud networks works by connecting customers to cloud servers. Fingerprints, or details of URLs and applications browsed by millions of users, are imported to the servers.

"Not all the data is imported," said Kaspersky. "Just the fingerprints, so private data is not being collected. Our legal department checked it. Twice." "If they recognise that some applications are suspicious, they tell machines around the world not to download them. It stops the downloading of new malicious software."

This means that if malware authors create something new and release it, security firms can offer protection within minutes. "The lifetime of the malware is much, much shorter," the Russian added. "Once we started the technology, we received very negative feedback from Russian cyber crime forums. They are not happy because they won't be profitable."

Kaspersky warned that cloud security is limited to stopping the most common threats. For example, some malware is combined and mixed together, which makes it more difficult to detect. "We can stop simple and medium-threat malware. It's not a silver bullet because it's not 100 per cent effective," he said. He added that this means only professional cyber criminals will stay in the business, as they are the only people capable of creating the more advanced type of threat.

He predicted that criminals will move to attacking corporate targets, as it is more difficult for businesses to put in place cloud security defences. "This is a different story," Kaspersky warned.

How many times have we been told how secure something is only to find that it isn't that secure later.  8)

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Re: Cloud security will turn cyber criminals professional
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2011, 08:39:53 am »
every time someone makes a new lock someone else makes a new pick..... DeCSS anyone?

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