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Uk Copyright Claims Fiasco
« on: March 21, 2012, 10:17:53 am »
This looks like something of interest to folks in the UK.

Building on the solid work of the Hargreaves Report on copyright, the UK government took a surprisingly sensible attitude in its proposed implementation of most of Hargreaves' suggestions. The consultation period for those proposals ends shortly, and the panic among the copyright industries that the UK government might actually make copyright slightly less biased in their favor is evident.

Bar one report, there was no reliable evidence, despite the fact that the copyright industries have been claiming the contrary for years, and using those claims to push for harsher laws against online copyright infringement.

Most folks have been fuly aware of the media Cartels hyperbole and illicit gifts and donations reaching politicians to help sway their favour, however in the cold light of day the grant of an ever extending monopoly aids no one and stifles creativity. Respectable politicians do their own homework when alerted to a perceived issue, the rest are not fit for purpose and nor are laws passed by such leeches of the public purse.

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