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Author Topic: not really a new topic but as to my complaints about XP Vs 2003 server, I have v  (Read 12263 times)

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have you had a browse through the above site? i swear by it, every new install gets a clean out

Offline MinersLantern

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Oh yes. Black Viper is excellent advice.

My first thing I do whenever I redo a computer.

See above. I have decided to keep a fast secure computer, do anything but allow updates to happen.

All those things I read about and tried on XP were only minor improvements, some caused more problems than fixes.

What finally worked for me was to just wipeout the drive. Reinstall XP, install the software. Whatever you do, do NOT allow microsoft updates.

Now that same pc is perfectly stable and Im not about to going to update it to make it 'better' (and mega crashy again)

All my problems on that one used for DVR, happened after I let it update.

It is now firewalled from any outside connections, including microsoft. All it needs to know about is the LAN and the homemade antenna connected to its tuner card.

Offline MinersLantern

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I know that this isnt the XP Vs 2k3 thing, but is it not? Really? My 2k3 was super fast and stable too, then I screwed up and allowed updates. Now its just as crashy as XP. No way to fix it unless I just format drive C.

If I dont find a way before I become impatient, I will remove 2k3 and go back to 2k. Its less 'secure' unsupported..
who cares. Its also Very stable. Since it cannot be updated it will remain that way.

too any updates to roll back?

i haven't updated a windows computer for ages

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i use that on every fresh install... granted its the 2006 version i have but it works.... the updates dont affect anything since it cleans up after them.. and cleans the ~700 registry errors a fresh install of xp usually has...

Offline MinersLantern

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No not too many updates to rollback. I have learned a long time ago just how buggy rollback is. It is disabled.

I tend toward Clonezilla as the boot device, then image the drive, that is my idea of rollback. 

I dont have a totally clean (not updated ) image though. Just the one from a few months ago.

That would get rid of my latest idea of letting M$ rape me. But I wonder what else they messed up between the original install and the few hundred updates up to the point of the last duplicate of the entire drive.

It did get slower and slower as time went on.

I think a reason is the updates, kludgy 'repairs' to remove attack vectors.

99.9999999% of which do not apply to me, what software I have on this thing, and how I use it.

Microsoft tends to use a hammer when a little pair of nailclippers would do.

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Amazing that no-one seems to have the dramas you do, miners, mebbe Pri was right in another thread, Hardware Issues, like dud memory, or a fritzed CPU (You overclocking?)

There are tools available to test every single piece of hardware in a PC, suggest you look and test your system hardware
What you think is important is rarely urgent
But what you think is Urgent is rarely important

Just remember that...

WinMX World :: Forum  |  PC Aid Station  |  General PC Aid  |  not really a new topic but as to my complaints about XP Vs 2003 server, I have v

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