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Author Topic: Verizon’s “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Measures Unveiled  (Read 693 times)

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Verizon’s “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Measures Unveiled
« on: January 13, 2013, 12:00:33 am »
When the IP-address of a Verizon customer is caught sharing copyrighted works on BitTorrent, the responsible account holder will first get two notification alerts. These inform the customer about the alleged copyright infringements and also explain how file-sharing software can be removed from their computer.

Alert 1 and 2

“Are delivered by email and automatic voicemail to the telephone number we have on file for you. Notify you that one or more copyright owners have reported that they believe your account has been involved in possible copyright infringement activity.”

“Provide a link to information on how to check to see if file sharing software is operating on your computer (and how to remove it) and tell you where to find information on obtaining content legally.”

If more infringements are found after the first two alerts then the account holder is moved on to the acknowledgment phase where “popups” appear on-screen. Customers will have to acknowledge that they received the new alert and will be instructed to watch a video about the consequences of online piracy.

Alert 3 and 4

“Redirect your browser to a special web page where you can review and acknowledge receiving the alerts. Provide a short video about copyright law and the consequences of copyright infringement.”

“Require you to click on an “acknowledgement” button before you will be able to freely browse the Internet. Clicking the acknowledgement button does not require you to admit that you or anyone else actually engaged in any infringing activity, only that you have received the alert.”

If the infringements continue after the fourth alert the subscriber will move on to the mitigation phase. Here, the customer can either ask for a review by the American Arbitration Association or undergo a temporary speed reduction to 256kbps.

Alert 5 and 6

“Redirect your browser to a special web page where you will be given several options. You can: Agree to an immediate temporary (2 or 3 day) reduction in the speed of your Internet access service to 256kbps (a little faster than typical dial-up speed); Agree to the same temporary (2 or 3 day) speed reduction but delay it for a period of 14 days; or Ask for a review of the validity of your alerts by the American Arbitration Association.”

If more infringements are found after the sixth alert “nothing” will happen. The user will receive no more alerts and can continue using his or her Internet connection at full speed.

However – and this is not mentioned by Verizon – the MPAA and RIAA may obtain the IP-addresses of such repeat infringers in order to take legal action against them. While the ISPs will not voluntarily share the name and address linked to the IP-address, they can obtain a subpoena to demand this information from the provider.

The potential for copyright holders to use the alert system as solid evidence gathering for lawsuits remains one of the most problematic aspects of the six-strikes scheme.

Finally, TorrentFreak also confirmed that the alerts outlined above will also apply to business customers. This means that coffee shops and other small businesses will have to be very careful over who they allow on their company networks. It could mean the end of free WiFi in many places.

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Re: Verizon’s “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Measures Unveiled
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2013, 06:32:35 pm »
Nothing too new here as I worked for both Time Warner and Verizon for the last 10 years and the policy was in place for a good part of that time.  Many ISP's went ahead with implementing various "alert popups" but what's interesting the first pop-up's appeared on the screens of the Customer Service Reps working for those companies and as far as I know (although retired the last couple of years I am in touch with friends active with from both companies today) as of today no first line Customer Service Reps have been trained on how to handle those types of calls.  I used to say in a round about way that I noticed this was your 2nd or 3rd strike so on and so forth but we had no scripting for those types of situations.  Management on the other hand knows what's going on but and I am not kidding when I say it would take an act of congress for them to get off their duffs and trace an IP address on any given date.  In a call center of 300 employees we had but a couple of actual TECHS that couldn't even tell you what IP address some of the work stations were set at in his own office.  In any event I had actually seen subpoena 's come across unsecured fax machines and put into a trash pile with the menu for pizza delivery on top of it.  Of course if they want too they can very easily...Time Warner very much UNLIKE Verizon does have a Tier 3 desk has the power to throttle speeds and re-direct users to a "walled garden" much like what was described above.  But the system that is in place to WARN users they are doing something they shouldn't needs to be improved drastically.

Re: Verizon’s “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Measures Unveiled
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2013, 09:04:21 pm »
It's all cost / benefit. There is little benefit to the ISP's but there is a cost to do these things.
I bet however they do have some nice glossy policies and an assigned/briefed/trained PR rep who deals with queries from the authorites.
That's a bit cheaper than training hundreds of staff and enforcing throttles.

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