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Author Topic: Google Plans to add crypto to data centre traffic  (Read 1069 times)

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Google Plans to add crypto to data centre traffic
« on: September 10, 2013, 01:16:31 am »

It doesn't seem that there is any way to avoid the snoopers. Even trying to keep your data outside the US doesn't help as they have agreements with a number of nations.

The ongoing revelations about NSA snoopery have prompted The Chocolate Factory to accelerate its effort to encrypt user data at every possible point.

Mountain View had already announced that its Google Cloud Storage platform was adding server-side encryption to reassure users. User data uploaded to the service is now being encrypted using AES-128 in RAM before being written to disk.

Now, according to the Washington Post, Google is also planning to encrypt data travelling between all of its data centres. The company's security engineering VP Eric Grosse described encryption as “an arms race” and told the newspaper government agencies are “among the most skilled players in this game”.

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Re: Google Plans to add crypto to data centre traffic
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2013, 07:59:28 pm »
Google have known about this for years, remember this ..

The offshore location also raises interesting questions about jurisdiction, and which laws would govern the handling of any consumer data managed from the floating data centers. U.S. territorial waters typically extend 12 nautical miles, but other nations’ claims range from 3 miles (Singapore) to 200 miles .

And this happening before that to alert those like myself who watch for underhand activity

On May 22, 2006, it was revealed by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh and Wired magazine that the program involved the NSA setting up splitters to the routing cores of many telecoms companies and to major Internet traffic hubs. These provided a direct connection via an alleged "black room" known as Room 641A. This room allows most U.S. telecoms communications and Internet traffic to be redirected to the NSA. The NSA used them to eavesdrop and order police investigations of tens of thousands of ordinary Americans without judicial warrants.

According to a security consultant who worked on the program, "What the companies are doing is worse than turning over records ... they’re providing total access to all the data," and a former senior intelligence official said, "This is not about getting a cardboard box of monthly phone bills in alphabetical order ... the N.S.A. is getting real-time actionable intelligence."

When the authorities feel they cant be honest with their populations somethings badly wrong in society, its not like foreign agents dont know about such things going on.

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