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Resell digital files?
« on: June 09, 2014, 01:21:21 am »

Maybe I'm missing something. If you want a book, you buy it, if you just want to read it you go to the library. If you want a movie, you buy the dvd, if you just want to watch it you hire it. Why are they trying to make a sale like a hire. You can't sell something you borrowed/hired. People have always been able to sell cd/dvd's they purchased and it wasn't an issue for the cartel, why is it such an issue now?

Honestly in the second hand e-copy marketplace, are people really going to be able to save much money over getting their files direct from itunes or googleplay or whatever source they use?

This week the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on the Judiciary’s Subcommittee Intellectual Property and the Internet held a hearing on the issue of “digital resales.”

In other words, whether consumers should be allowed to sell digital videos, music files and software they purchased previously.

Proponents of the rights to resell digital goods want the First Sale Doctrine to apply in the digital domain as well. However, this argument is meeting fierce resistance from the entertainment industries who see this right as a threat to their online business models.

For example, the record labels previously pointed out that MP3s are simply too good to resell, as they don’t deteriorate in quality.

Responding to the hearing in Washington, the MPAA also voiced its critique of the plans. According to the movie studios digital resales would hamper innovation, increase prices and decrease the availability of online film. In their view it would undo most of the innovation the Internet brought.

“Critics say the movie and television industry was slow to embrace the Internet. But ironically, now that online video is ubiquitous, some of these same critics are trying to reverse time and drag the creative community—along with audiences—back into the pre-Internet era,” MPAA’s Neil Fried notes.

The ability to resell movies bought on the Internet has the potential to create a huge secondary market. This would make it much cheaper for consumers to access media, and the MPAA believes therefore that content creators will be wary of making it available in the first place.

“A new government mandate requiring creators to allow reselling of licensed Internet content would undermine incentives to create, reduce consumer choices, and deter innovation,” Fried argues.

“Forcing creators to allow resale of Internet content they license would either require creators to substantially raise prices or discourage them from offering flexible, Internet-based models in the first place,” he adds.

The MPAA believes that those who want to own movies and resell them should stick to the offline world. The physical ownership model doesn’t translate to the online world, which is better off with a licensing scheme that restricts resales.

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Re: Resell digital files?
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2014, 01:46:33 am »
The RIAA and the MPAA are the true hamperers of innovation, their "copyright tax" based business model does nothing to stimulate cheaper products and a growth in the market place, they still live in the era of the pretend monopoly where they try to create artificial supply issues to inflate the prices of the products they distribute.

Did you all notice how the wormtongued representative now states how the customers should not be able to sell their "licenced digital content" , most folks believe they are paying for the content not licencing it, whats next a new tax on pay per play to yet further drag down the already black reputation of those using the broken monopolist copyright model ?

As for creators being put off of creating I haven't ever heard anything so ignorant, creative folks enjoy creating and they also enjoy getting a living from doing something they enjoy but the fact of the matter is simply this, they don't do it just for the money, that aspect of life is one focused on only by  the fat-cat middle man, or woman  and the more workless revenues they receive  the more a selfish greed overcomes their rational thoughts of being a useful member of the planet  :yes:


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