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Author Topic: Review of Web Privacy Efforts in 2014 - EFF  (Read 831 times)

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Review of Web Privacy Efforts in 2014 - EFF
« on: January 08, 2015, 02:33:46 pm »
Another interesting read  :)

Browsers tend to believe what CAs tell them, and a compromised, malicious, or negligent CA could help your ISP, or a government, trick you into using an insecure connection. But by far the riskiest way to use encryption is not to use it at all. Government snoops were so excited that unencrypted communications were the default that they built massive infrastructure to tap the Internet backbones, to search through everyone's communications, and to instantly recognize individual devices and accounts. In 2015, we can change that default and start telling people that unencrypted connections are unsafe.

There's lots of exciting work going on in this area, and lots of ways to contribute technically. Our own project has a network protocol (being discussed at IETF), a client application, and an early version of the production server implementation for people to experiment with. There are also exciting ideas for improving the security of the system as a whole ..

It make sense to protect both your privacy and intellectual property from those licenced criminals who hide and operate under their representative govts coat-tails and steal data with impunity, the fight back against such organisations needs to continue to ensure that they focus their efforts squarely on catching terrorists instead of gaining economic advantage and passing private data to other organisations illegally, the net is not a safe place for private information yet and until it is all should be wary of the current poor security tools and of trusting companies who are bound by law to say nothing when they are ordered to hand over the masters keys protecting your privacy without a court order, this is not democracy its cyber terrorism, say no to this abuse and regain control of your data.

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