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Author Topic: "OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page  (Read 1204 times)

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"OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page
« on: December 01, 2019, 08:16:13 am »
I have a few suggestions for managing the  "OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page
where should I raise this topic??

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Re: "OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 12:16:13 pm »
I think the simple answer is here will do nicely Paul  :D

I suspect you will mention that the majority of them are out of date and absolutely useless and I agree with you wholeheartedly, they would however serve to help developers for any future OpenNap client  and I have used them myself for this purpose simply because they where wsx files, newer ones work just as well as older ones for that purpose though so lets hear your thoughts on this and hopefully we can get something achieved  :)


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Re: "OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2019, 04:53:07 pm »
Yups, basicly dotz da case mon   :-)

I found these files to be Exact Duplicate Files
These duplicate files are also reflected in the md5 sums displayed on
the "OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page

28,913   PUBLIC 20050427 20050428 20050429 20050430(1)(1).wsx

these 2 are the same file as the above
28,913   PUBLIC 20050427 20050428 20050429 20050430(9)(2).wsx
28,913   PUBLIC 20050427 20050428 20050429 20050430(1)(1)(1).wsx


28,955   !!! [SIC] - [PART 5] PUBLIC 20050208 20050209 20050210 20050211 20050212 20050213 20050214(2).wsx

same as the above file
28,955   !!! [SIC] - [PART 5] PUBLIC 20050208 20050209 20050210 20050211 20050212 20050213 20050214(2)(1).wsx


31,149   !!! [SIC] - [PART 4] PUBLIC 20050208 20050209 20050210 20050211 20050212 20050213 20050214.wsx

same as the above file
31,149   !!! [SIC] - [PART 4] PUBLIC 20050206 20050207 20050208 20050209 20050210 20050211(1).wsx


32,767   MEGA PUBLIC 20031107 20031108 20031109 20031110 20031111 20031112 20031113.wsx

same as the above file
32,767   _Jackals Total server list_119 servers_PUBLIC 20021006 20021007 20021008 20021009(1).wsx


32,753   Server OpenNap PUBLIC 20030906 20030907 20030908 20030910(1).wsx

same as the above file
32,753   Server OpenNap PUBLIC 20030906 20030907 20030908 20030910(1)(1).wsx

Thats 6 files that could be deleted with ZERO data lost to anyone that tries these


this file is too large, winmx will not import it.

35,247   PUBLIC 20050513 20050514 20050515 20050516.wsx

There is no 'Oh there it is' reason that jumps out at first look to explain why its so large,
However - a quick editing session removing 17 corrupted lines and removing the
260 duplicate entries as well as the redundant port information reduced the files size
9,500 bytes making it very import-able now.


both of these have a LOT of JUNK inside the file, the actual working part is much smaller
bad psychology at work here to pad the file size out to the max that winmx can import.

31,840   [Jaggers] PUBLIC -OK- 20050428 20050429 20050430 20050501(2).wsx
32,766   [Jaggers] PUBLIC -OK- 20050214 20050215 20050216 20050217(2).wsx

this one has been renamed From a JAGGERS file to a more normal wsx file name with a
slightly different total file size. It too suffers from worthless File size BLOAT

32,019   PUBLIC 20050428 20050429 20050430 20050501.wsx


With All of these one should pay close attention the file name at the end of the
name to be sure you get the right ones should you choose to clean up the mess.


Now I reach the Conundrum point that prompted me to address you folks.

Most all these files are OLD, yes I know that is the point of the particular
page BUT (yes a big BUT) I will analyze the files for potential workers at
this time.
Experience (for me) suggests a massive amount of this data will be totally
out of date and no longer serves anyone by allowing them to circulate anymore
as well as suffering from a massive duplication of potential connections.
below I'll report my reasons for this argument.


Many of these files suffered a crash or premature winmx close that altered
the opennap opennapconfig.dat file by corrupting the last bytes at the end
of the recovered data at some time before they ended up on your site.
Those errors got retained as users managed their wsx files and the corruption
ended up retained and passed along to other wsx files as they were shared.


I built a working file from all the collected .wsx files to purge and clean.
I found and removed 175 non ascii values, deleted 127 corrupted entries that
got garbaged when saved, removed 1800 padded spaces
that shouldn't have been at the line ends, 96 bad end of line notations, and
24,750 duplicated entries out of 29,250 across all the files.
Approximately a 77% reduction.
All before any testing to see if they are still out there.


Without any testing to see if the old hosts are still out there all the wsx files in the
 "OLD WSX FILES" sub directory boiled down to 5 wsx files, all like groups merged
appropreiately and plenty of room so they are easily imported.


These results haven't even been tested against my current crop of wsx files for
duplicates or those that still work.

Paul of Pauls Public  wsx files

I can suppy 5 replacement wsx files based upon these results that will still contain the potential
connection chances but with all the chaff removed. ergo No actual data loss but no opps moments
nor the duplications and leaving in those that are dead and gone.
Untested for 'is anyone out there'
As a whole my continued pursuits down this road (opennap) does show a large decrease in participation
as well as the rise of Private servers But not as many as there once was.
Recent update work hit 17 concurrent connections up from the 12 I was averaging several months ago.
I've always had the impressions the more the merrier.


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Re: "OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2019, 04:59:21 pm »
Paul, can I help you on this matter somewhat ?

It seems to me that you want us to hide/remove the older wsx files , this can of course happen, obviously they are listed in the Archive area of the site but I feel the power of your arguement on how they can waste users time etc by being a google search away for those looking for a valid file.

Is this what you wish done ?


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Re: "OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2019, 06:22:28 pm »
maybe at a bare minnymum eliminate the duplicates?

Possibly comtimplate some of the duplication to be eliminated and still have some files in the sub dir?
which I can do since I'm already practiced in reducing the chaff before actual testing happens to the files
I test for new/better results

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Re: "OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page
« Reply #5 on: December 01, 2019, 08:01:08 pm »
I think the root of the issue is not merely duplication but the fact they exist at all.

During the 2005 shutdown to ensure we didnt lose any users I asked a group of folks to help move users who couldnt connect to winmx to other networks "as groups" this was basically on a room by room basis to hold the folks together until we where able to restore operations, on that first day it was hectic and I had no idea how long the network would be down or whether it was even possible to restore the network, user groups where shifted to OpenNap, Tesla / Filetopia and told to hold tight,  Opennap servers where set up on a temporary basis by at least 2 well known community  members and chat rooms set up on those servers to operate as a backup for those that had fallen by the wayside, to facilitate the mass take up of these other networks all the old wsx files in folks shares where rounded up and put together to allow for folks to connect to "something", those then are the files that have ended up in the archive and I believe they have done their duty and need to retire  :yes:

I think the way ahead is we put up the most recent one and retire the others to the vault where they can be held for historical research but are not in public any further I think this is the best way ahead for both WinMx users and OpenNap folks.

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Re: "OLD WSX FILES" subdirectoy page
« Reply #6 on: December 01, 2019, 08:10:45 pm »
Hi Paul,

thanks for bringing all this up!
I have now cleaned out the duplicates and cleaned up some file names (removed the numbers in brackets at the end where not necessary).
That being said, I hesitate to remove anything.
These files are in the archive where we're trying to preserve stuff as it was after all.

How about we move the 5 files that are in the main directory to the old files too and you supply us with a current working file?
You could post it the forum and we'd put it in the archive instead of the 5 old files.
We could also put corrected files of those that are not working if you would supply them.

Do you have any other suggestion how we could arrange these to make it easier for people to find working ones - without having to remove old files?

We/re open to ideas :)


PS:  GS beat me to it, lol
I still propose we keep them in the archive but maybe with a text message up top stating these are not working anymore?

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