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Author Topic: Microsoft in music copyright blunder  (Read 848 times)

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Microsoft in music copyright blunder
« on: April 11, 2006, 09:26:54 am »

LAST WEEK when Vole’s marketing people were proudly showing off Xbox Live’s ability to share live content with their online mates to the hacks at Games Toaster, little did they know that they might be breaking the law.

Using the Volish technology it is possible for streamed music to come directly from the senders digital music player or PC, but heard by other 360 Live players.

Vole assured the hacks that it would not breach any copyright or broadcast law because the music could not be saved.

However Games Toaster was not so sure about that and rang up the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO).

A spokesman said that while he was not really in a position to give a legal opinion, not being a lawyer, it sounded a little dodgy to him.

He said it would probably be illegal as "playing music over the net between individuals is a public performance of the work and usage would have to be licensed. It would not be like playing music in your home".

We are sure the VoleBriefs will have it sorted out, if it needs to be sorted out, before the RIAA kicks down Bill Gate's door and takes his computer away for testing

Dear oh dear, what a mistake to make :D

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