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Film Festival Phone Gestapo
« on: July 21, 2005, 11:15:43 am »
This is clearly stepping over the line of your rights folks.

MOBILE phones are to be temporarily confiscated during performances at this year's Edinburgh Film Festival in a crackdown on movie piracy.
Guests at many festival screenings, including world and international premieres, will be asked to hand over their phones for the duration of the film.
The extra security, which has been likened to checking a bag or coat before going into the theatre, is to be run by professional agencies who have provided the same service for major premieres in London.
The companies are being hired and paid for by film distributors anxious to keep their best films away from the pirates.

but wait folks,

The concerns have been raised because of next-generation mobile phone cameras, which can take film clips of almost three minutes, as well as still pictures.

This is the most stupid example of a knee jerk reaction, as well as feeding on your own propaganda.

Are there film productions really under threat from folks with a grainy less than 3 minutes picture ?
perhaps what they really fear is the public noticing that only 2 and a half minutes of the film is worth watching.  :wink:

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