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Offline Sophosaurus

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« on: September 30, 2006, 04:33:39 pm »
Well, first i have to make a confession due to the fact, that i'm Sophosaurus, which bears the meaning of being Sophosaurus indeed. Ahm... Yes.

I' using this Pseudo for more than six years now whenever or wherever i'm online. There even existed a Site connected as which is offline at the moment, where i wrote a mountain of essays on topics as politics, history and rare aspects related.

Chance is, you stumbled on this Pseudo somewhere in the net and as it's rather obvious to see, i prefer to confess that it's me, you stumbled on. There must be some 10K comments in some dozens of forums and there alos are some legends to find, because i tend to do things not everyone would do (i. e. i put up a site in the name of the human race once, defining GWB as a criminal to be sentenced to death by his countries justice and sent it per mail to the state departement and the white house). One's not only making friends this way but as long as i won't end in Guantanamo...

However, not here to talk about politics.

I'm at the age of 45...
[sighing (wait pls i have to dry my kb from this !"§$%&tears)]

I have been a lumberjack, gilling station attendant, salesman, commercial traveller, outside broker, executive consultant, industrial cleaner, database designer, freelancing application developer, it-trainer and i'm pretty sure, i have forgotten the most things i've done.

I'm a addicted to communication i think and i'm online daily for about 20 years now, starting with nerweorx that most people never heard about.

I mess around with hard- and software for more than three decades now and wonder when i will throw them all out the window and stop using such forever.

I'm rather curious and i'm unable to keep things as they are, usually fumbling and investigating until i'm completely exhausted just to restart until i can be sure to see to the ground of any ocean i ever encounter. The higher the mountain... I'm uncurable.

On WinMx i found some of the most intreresting people from all over the world, sometimes talking the whole night thru (isn't it funny to get even political informations from the other side of the world just because you found someone sharing the same fetish?)

Well, i hope this most anarchistic mesh won't ever vanish.
Highly Interested in keeping WinMx alive - that's me.

Updated by Stevi 05/27/2011: Outdated link. Site no longer exists.
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Re: Sophosaurus
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2006, 11:50:42 pm »
Hi Sophosaurus

Keeping Winmx alive is what we all want to do  :D
People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success. BY Norman Vincent Peale

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