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Author Topic: Internet Explorer and Zone Alarm Firewall Problems  (Read 634 times)

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Internet Explorer and Zone Alarm Firewall Problems
« on: October 20, 2008, 06:01:22 am »
In the last 4 or 5 days a family member and also a close friend have experienced problems connecting to websites. Apparently a recent windows update has caused problems (yet again) for some ZA users. Heres a bit more info on this.

For Microsoft Update Oct.14, 2008 - There was another update that may have adversely affected ZoneAlarm firewalls ( but of only a particular range of ZA versions) There were various symptoms ranging from: loss of internet, lost ZA system tray icon, email disruptions, lost ZA panels, etc.

"Hello all,

If you are running versions 6.5.645.000–7.0.482.000 of our products, you need to upgrade to 7.0.483.000 or later, including our new version 8.0 products.  {versions earlier than 6.5.645 may not be affected }

If you are using 7.0.483.000 or later (including any 8.x version), you will have no problems.  Build 7.0.483.000 first addressed the problem with the Microsoft update on July 8th that caused no internet access.  The recent Microsoft update on October 14 includes the same issue and requires the same fix.

Since users have generally already installed 7.0.483.000 in response to the July Microsoft update, our support centers have not yet reported any calls from customers with a problem with this new Microsoft patch.

This only affects XP systems (we don't support the server OS listed in the Microsoft bulletin).  If you ignored or turned off the update alerts and mechanisms in Windows and ZoneAlarm, and never installed the July Microsoft update or a more recent version of ZoneAlarm, you may run into this issue.

Best regards

Forum Moderator"   10-16-2008 05:41 PM

For the week of 10-14-08, there were two incidents this week that interfered with ZA firewalls- one from MS updates and the other AVG Anti-virus.
Click here > ... 879#M35879

Anybody experiencing these same problems, read the above info to rectify these issues.

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