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Author Topic: Australians Rally To Oppose Net Censorship  (Read 433 times)

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Australians Rally To Oppose Net Censorship
« on: December 16, 2008, 05:00:48 pm »
This is the way ahead when politicians start to ignore the populace in favour of small vested interest groups  :)

The Electronic Frontiers Australia recently applauded the high turnout for protests against proposed censorship laws that would block access to websites deemed by the government as "inappropriate".

“The forthcoming protests by the Digital Liberty Coalition and the petition by GetUp! show the depth of community disagreement with the government on this issue”, said EFA spokesperson Danny Yee.
The proposed censorship system would target web material that would be legal in other media. “Australians are unhappy with existing censorship of computer games and films. The last thing they want is even more stringent censorship of online content.”

A mandatory blacklist of 1,300 or 10,000 web pages would do almost nothing to protect children from inappropriate content. “Australians are prepared to take responsibility for protecting their own children from inappropriate content, using their own choice of filtering software as necessary. They recognize government involvement as ineffective and paternalistic.”

Its very much true we cannot defer our responsibilities as parents to others when the bottom line is we need to ensure our children are safe by guiding, teaching and putting measures into place to keep them safe from rogue sites and their content , this is not something any government can do however hopeful they are of doing so, the internet is just so big it would be an impossible expectation, as parents we need to do our bit but not at the expense of every other citizen in Australia or elsewhere, creating a nanny state is not the way ahead, there should be adult supervision up and until a child shows repeated responsible behavour as they grow up and learn the safe rules for themselves, turning our backs on our children is just as bad as turning our backs on our democracy and our freedoms as citizens.

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