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Author Topic: Spanish Folks Mount Protest Over Anti-P2P Lies  (Read 499 times)

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Spanish Folks Mount Protest Over Anti-P2P Lies
« on: January 01, 2009, 11:07:05 pm »
Three Cheers to those Epanol based P2P folks who made sure government propaganda was not allowed to pass without challenge, now its the turn of Spanish ISP's to turn on those spouting lies.

In November, the Spanish government launched a TV, radio and print media campaign called “Si eres legal, eres legal” (If you are legal, you’re legal) which strongly criticized citizens who used the Internet to download copyright works. This campaign has annoyed many people and groups, and the opposition isn’t staying silent.

A group of Spanish free-culture supporters demanded the withdrawal of the campaign and a public apology from the government. In protest, they arranged a demonstration on the doorstep of one of the leading political parties in Spain. After notifying the police, the groups - Compartir es Bueno (Sharing is good) and Hacktivistas (Hacktivists) - sat in front of the socialist party headquarters and shared copyright material.

Now, according to a report, it is the turn of Spain’s Madrid-based Association of Internet Users to make a formal complaint to the government
Writing to Culture Minister César Antonio de Molina, the Association of Internet Users said the campaign must cease, since it risks “the manipulation of public opinion to the benefit of private interests,” i.e, come down on the public in order to serve the recording industry.

The association asserts that the campaign “includes information that is untrue, and therefore is contrary to the constitutional principle of freedom of information, with regards to intellectual property and the protection of authors’ rights, according to current legislation.”

Excellent story here from TorrentFreak, it seems that if folks organise themselves properly unjust laws and corrupt politicians can be exposed, but many are still wondering why so many state media organisation are spreading the media Cartels propaganda when year upon year its found to be untruthful, misleading and in quite a few cases downright lies.

What happened to only truth being the weapon of the honourable.

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