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Seagate Drives Alert
« on: December 21, 2008, 01:46:32 am »
Its being reported recently that some of the larger capacity drives manufactured by Seagate are suffering from a problem.

Reports that Seagate is having “random freeze” problems on its new 1.5 TB drives may be more serious than the company has admitted: 1 TB Seagate drives may be affected as well.

Seagate spokesman Mike Hall wrote:
Seagate is investigating an issue where a small number of Barracuda 7200.11 (1.5TB SATA) hard drives randomly pause or hang for up to several seconds during certain write operations. This does not result in data loss nor does it impact the reliability of the drive but is an inconvenience to the user that we are working to resolve with an upgradeable firmware.

Not great but OK if true. But then I got a note from a senior engineer at a cloud storage company:
What seagate doesn’t seem to be admitting is that their 7200.11 1.0 TB drives have that same problem also. 

First, check for firmware revisions that Seagate has admitted have problems: SD15, SD17, or SD18. If you don’t have them you should be OK

Lets hope none of you will be having any problems related to this issue but if you are then its clear that Seagate are wholly responsible and should thus be the initial point of any warranty claims.

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