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Author Topic: Australian News - Conroy Comes Out Of The Cupboard  (Read 623 times)

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Australian News - Conroy Comes Out Of The Cupboard
« on: December 22, 2008, 01:41:53 pm »
After many months of claiming his censorship plan was to protect minors Senator Conroy has come clean and stated they are looking at blocking p2p activty, as many believed they where planning in the first place.,28348,24833959-5014239,00.html

The Federal Government's controversial internet censorship scheme may extend to filter more online traffic than was first thought, Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy revealed today.
In a post on his department's blog, Senator Conroy today said technology that could filter data sent directly between computers would be tested as part of the upcoming live filtering trial.

"Technology that filters peer-to-peer and BitTorrent traffic does exist and it is anticipated that the effectiveness of this will be tested in the live pilot trial," Senator Conroy said. Peer-to-peer file-sharing technology is the most common way for computer users to share video, picture and music files over the internet.
It was previously thought the Government's filtering plan would be restricted to traffic on the "world wide web" – the channel through which users view websites like

Senator Conroy revealed the plan to trial peer-to-peer filtering technology in a reply to critical comments made on the Digital Economy Future Directions blog launched earlier this month.
The blog was launched to encourage public input on the future of Australia's digital economy, but has so far been saturated with comments attacking Senator Conroy over the Government's filtering plan.

What did we expect from a politician ? Honesty or integrity are not words they live by, instead of filtering web sites as he suggested originally Conroy is now planning an all out assualt on the habits of the entire Australian Internet fraternity , this must be resisted by all means for the attack on free speech it presents.

No one should have the power to control peoples communications to each other as his plan suggests, when we use the web we are not "shoppers" we take an active part in many things online and thus I think its clear who is pushing this agenda and why.

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Re: Australian News - Conroy Comes Out Of The Cupboard
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2008, 05:35:24 am »
I used to know Conroy years ago, when he was skinny and had an arty-type beard. He was a funny guy with a subtle sense of humour. He wasn't at all like this. I wonder what happened to him.

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