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Author Topic: US Colleges Beware - RIAA Bait & Switch Scheme Is Coming  (Read 491 times)

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US Colleges Beware - RIAA Bait & Switch Scheme Is Coming
« on: March 23, 2009, 12:50:43 pm »
Dont these "luddites" ever learn, the RIAA cartel group are now playing games to try to con colleges into signing up with their new unhelpful and draconian corporate scheme.

Like all of the members of the Big 4 organised music gang, Warner Music is doing its damnedest to figure out ways to milk online music lovers, its latest effort being a little thing called Choruss. Under it, students would pay Warner $5 a month for their music downloads.

TechDirt’s Mike Masnick (right) was one of, if not the, first to criticise it, saying the Warner Music Choruss licensing scheme amounts to a Bait-And-Switch operation. Not so, said Jim Griffin, the man charged to put it together. Masnick’s story is “factually incorrect in every respect“.
But Griffin “refused to name a single factual mistake,” Masnick told p2pnet.

Now Recording Industry vs The People ’s Ray Beckerman has joined in.
Masnick said Choruss isn’t something students will be able to opt out of, he says, quoting Maswnick as explaining, “one of the problems with Choruss is that *users* won’t have a choice. That’s because it’s designed for universities and ISPs to sign up *on behalf* of all of their users. So, individuals won’t even get the chance to say no — which is part of the reason why there needs to be much more focus on what it’s trying to do.”

“So if your college, university, or ISP is being offered something called ‘Choruss,’ please — for the sake of all those who have suffered at the hands of Warner Bros. and its 3 coconspirators — urge them to say ‘No, thank you.’
“We do not want our colleges, universities, and ISPs to become business partners of some of the most unethical corporations on the planet.”

Its pretty easy to spot an RIAA scheme, firstly it will pound on about labels rights rather than any losses an artist may suffer or even how an artist will be paid, such matters are not of interest to the bean counters at the RIAA, all they seek to do is enforce their members "rights" beyond the scope of those originally granted to copyright holders and hide behind their charity (not-for-profit) status, most folks are not aware they pay more tax than the RIAA ever does, have we really reached a point where the rights of a management group exceed the rights of both the creator and consumer ?

The future in my view will not be one with these "men-in-the-middle" who take 90% of the profit that an artist brings in and pay it to themselves handsomely while most artists are held at virtual gunpoint for their royalty checks, anyone making a stink is likely to find out just how helpful the RIAA can be in defending its corporate members interests and no artist should forget it if they wish to sell their creative works in the current rigged market.

"Tow our line or take a hike", that is the essence of the RIAA Cartels motto.

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