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Author Topic: ‘Be afwaid! Be vewy, vewy afwaid!’  (Read 759 times)

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‘Be afwaid! Be vewy, vewy afwaid!’
« on: April 13, 2009, 04:38:34 am »

I work with a company called Perceptric that’s involved in collecting statistics on P2P in an attempt to disprove industry claims that P2P is damaging the content Industries livelihood. A number of times over the last few months, I’ve been on the verge of completing a report about P2P that we were going to release to the world. But every time I got close, a new fact would turn up that required additional questions to be researched and answered. And slowly, we discovered the content industry hasn’t been harmed by P2P at all. However we did come to another conclusion, and here it is - the culmination of five years of data collection/collation, and eight months of report writing. P2P file sharing adds a growing quantum percentile to the industries’ bottom line over the last 14 years, with a small dip in 2002.

So what’s really going on ? ACTA – the Number of the Beast

Magicians often employ distraction – watch the hand — to fool audiences. P2P is a distraction. We’ve already established the movie industry is seeing cinema attendance rise to numbers above pre-television introduction levels. We’ve demonstrated the movie industry is making more money today than it did a decade ago and, contrary to its IPFI, MPAA press statements, economists are aware Hollywood’s financial growth has consistently exceeded the real gross domestic product and consumer price index performance – year in year out since the introduction of the Internet. Be vewy, vewy afwaid. In other words, if P2P is the magician’s hand waving in the air, what’s the magician really doing with other hand? Warner Brothers’ Bugs Bunny is the cute little cartoon rabbit that’s credited with first uttering the phrase ‘Be afwaid, be vewy, vewy afwaid.’ He could have been referring to Warners’ future lobbying in combination with the Universal, Vivendi, EMI and the Republican Party to create an international entity so far outside the current legal system that it doesn’t need to ask the United Nations or any individual governments permission to do anything it wants.

Imagine an organisation that can dictate to the customs and excise of every country.

Imagine an organisation that can demand to look at every file on your laptop or telephone when you exit or enter a country.

Imagine an organisation that can mandate without search warrant that every packet in and out of your DSL internet connection can be monitored down to the byte level.

Imagine an organisation so powerful that all of its activities and decisions are decided under a cone of silence no corporation, individual or government can pierce.

Imagine an organisation that has its own Board of Governors Separate to the United Nations, separate to the World Trade Organisation and certainly not elected by any citizen of any country of the free world.

Imagine an organisation so powerful that it dictates rules to your government. Its here, and it’s now.

I could continue to give examples. But I won’t - please go and read the wikipedia entry for ACTA,  and make up your own mind. This thinking was the basis of facism. But the National Socialists of 1936 Germany had nothing on these guys. We should all be afwaid — vewy, vewy afwaid. The citizens of the world need to say No to ACTA. Now.

How have we have got to the point where the entertainment industry can have so much influence over goverments? ....... Because we let it happen !!!  :cry:

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Re: ‘Be afwaid! Be vewy, vewy afwaid!’
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2009, 11:43:24 am »
We took an interest. P2P increased our interest by bringing more of that content to us, and thus making us desire more.
Now it comes down to not supply and demand, but Demand, Demand, Supply, Lobby, Take away, Lobby, Lobby, Attemtpted murder.
 If your wondering "What the heck is this crack pot thinking?", heres my explanation.
People demand new movies, producers demand statistics of the people and privledges in the area they shoot them.
They supply us with movies, then they rub their statistics in our faces at potential profit loss due to P2P. Some unlucky fellow gets sued for everything he owns in a corrupt civil case. They recite the laws to the news threads and give oput a handful of warnings maybe even a scare tactic story for us to gossip and evolve into some crazy theory that has no truth. Then being the golden child in our governments eyes they, like any other outstanding politician has an influence over a body or two of the government whether it be parliment or the senate. Once they have acheived an influence they attempt to take TB, Demonoid, or some other network offline for good measure.
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