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Unspinning the spin
« on: April 19, 2009, 08:03:21 pm »

No trade organisation has single-handedly done as much damage to itself, the causes it espouses, and the companies it represents, than the RIAA - the Recording Industry Association of America. The RIAA is internationally infamous. It’s fronted, essentially, by ex-politico Mitch Bainwol and lawyer Cary Sherman, both of whom have become millionaires acting on the direction of lawyers principally representing Vivendi Universal (France), Sony (Japan), EMI (Britain), and Warner Music (US), and no doubt making their own contributions toward the common corporate good. The RIAA, formerly an innocuous organisation very few people had heard of, now represents everything unwholesome and bad about the corporate music industry, and nothing good. It’s used the mainstream media to turn a simple commercial concept, copyright infringement, into a major crime on the level of rape and murder, made a total mockery of the US civil court system, accused thousands of completely innocent American men, women and children of being criminals and thieves, and publicised mp3 file sharing, a relatively obscure geeky phenomenon until the RIAA came along, into an activity everyone in the world has now heard of. It’s also, incredibly, manipulated the Barack Obama administration into appointing high-level RIAA henchmen into controlling positions within the US Department of Justice.

Adolph Hitler

As reality adjustment specialists and sophists supreme, the people instructing the RIAA, and those acting on their orders, are using techniques developed by Adolph Hitler propaganda expert Joseph Goebbels to convince the world that black is white, and that corporate interests serving only a tiny handful of investors and shareholders, come before all others. The Pirate Bay is the poster child for websites such as isoHunt, MiniNova, Demonoid, all of which offer exactly the same service as Google, et al. Users enter a search query and get a response. Then they act on it. Or they don’t. TPB, and the other sites, have angered Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony Music, and Time Warner, Viacom, Fox, Sony, NBC Universal and Disney, by opening channels of communication and distribution they don’t, and can’t, control, and under the major movie studio and record label concept of commercial enterprise in which they dominate everything under the sun, this can’t be allowed. So Hollywood, with the Big 4 immediately behind, is trying to sue The Pirate Bay out of existence, with similar sites lined up for similar treatment. It’s wack-a-mole. The cartels can’t win. But it looks good in the media, significant elements of whom they control directly or indirectly and once upon a time, that was enough because there were no other universally accessible sources of information. However, with the advent of the Net blogs, chat, IM, texting, and so on, information is now free, literally as well as metaphorically. The corporations have used a Swedish court to present the entirely false picture that the days of TPB are over. And that message is being repeated not only in the mainstream, lamescream media, but on sites which should know better.

It is NOT over. Not by a long shot.

I couldn't agree more.

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